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6 Best Beach Strollers

When you have a baby, you need all types of gear. A stroller is right at the top of the list. But, if you’re planning a trip to the beach, you’ll need a beach stroller that can handle the tough terrain.

Of course, you want to find the best beach stroller for your baby. Before you shop, read on to find out what to look for in a beach stroller, the different types of strollers out there, as well as the benefits of having a beach stroller. We’ll also take a look at some accessories you’ll want to have, and of course the best beach strollers on the market.

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What to Look for in the Best Beach Stroller

While everyone is going to choose a different beach stroller, there are basic things to look for in a beach stroller.

family on the beach with a stroller

3-Wheel Design

To navigate best through the sand, a stroller should have two wheels in the back and one in the front. If you’re stuck on the 4-wheel design, that type of stroller isn’t always best for the sand. One of the front wheels can get stuck or can sink in the sand easily. That’s not anything you want to deal with, is it? Yeah, we didn’t think so!

Locking Wheels

Sure, those swivel wheels are fun when you want to turn a corner, but they’re not much fun when you’re trying to get to that perfect spot on the beach. Swivel wheels can get stuck in the sand pretty easily. What does that mean? That means your baby is having a temper tantrum while you’re trying to navigate through like a ninja.

When the wheels lock, you can push through that sand like a bulldozer! When you’re looking for the best beach stroller, you definitely want one that has wheels that lock. You may be able to hit the stroller lottery if you find wheels that swivel and lock in place.

Large Air Filled Tires

It’s go big or go home…or really get stuck in the sand when it comes to the wheel size on your stroller. Small wheels can get stuck in the sand pretty easily. You want wheels that are large and filled with plenty of air to push through the sand. Without them, a day at the beach is anything but.

Large Canopy for Shelter

When you’re planning a day at the beach chances are the sun is going to be strong. You don’t want your baby to get a sunburn. Besides lathering them up with sunscreen, be sure the stroller you’re choosing has a large canopy. It will help protect their fragile skin.

The canopy will come in handy as you’re trying to set up your beach spot and don’t have the umbrella up yet. The canopy will provide that needed shelter.

Large Storage Space

They’re tiny, but they sure need a lot of gear, even at the beach. If your stroller has a large storage space, you’ll be able to fit all of their stuff, and maybe even some of yours. You’ll need to bring along diapers, towels, beach toys, sunblock, and a chance of clothes among other things.

Without the extra storage space, you’re going to be lugging around extra bags on top of the stroller. Who wants to do that? Yep, we didn’t think so.

Durability to Withstand the Sand

The sand and salt water can do a number on your stroller. When looking for the best beach stroller, look for a durable one. You’ll thank us later.

Check the Weight Capacity

Check the stroller weight capacity before you buy it. You’ll want to keep your baby’s weight in mind as well as how long you may want to use the stroller. Don’t forget that babies grow quickly. If you buy one that has a greater weight capacity, you should be able to get a couple of years use out of it.


You obviously want a stroller that’s large enough for your baby. But, you don’t want it to take up too much space in your home or car. Take the dimensions into account so you find a baby stroller that suits your purpose without taking up your entire trunk. One that folds easily and is relatively compact may be your best bet.

Stroller Weight

You’ll likely get a workout lugging your stroller around, but you also don’t want to throw out your back. Consider the stroller weight. Get something that you’ll be able to handle on your own in case you hit the beach with your baby solo.

Comfort & Safety

An uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby. An unhappy baby results in an unhappy parent. Check out the stroller’s comfort. Does it have enough padding? What type of material is the padding made out of? Check it out and feel confident that your baby will be happy sitting in the stroller.

Also, be sure the stroller has adjustable seat belts. This will keep your baby fastened as you’re moving around the sand. It may be a bumpy ride, so you want to make sure your baby is as safe as possible.

Different Types of Strollers

As you’re shopping for the best beach stroller, you’ll notice there are different types of strollers. While all strollers serve a purpose, some are not the best choice for a day at the beach.

Full-size stroller

The full-size stroller is very popular because it’s usually sturdier and more durable. It also usually comes with plenty of features. If you’re considering a full-size stroller for the beach, be sure to check out the wheels. You don’t want to get stuck with wheels that will leave you in the sand.

Umbrella stroller

This is the simplest stroller around and is good for a quick on-the-go stroll. It’s extremely lightweight (15 pounds or less usually) and folds up compactly. While these strollers are cute and portable, they’re not going to do much for you at the beach. They’re no match for the sand. You may want to stroll by this option when you’re looking for the best beach stroller.

Jogging Stroller

Many jogging strollers are used on the beach because they’re durable and have that 3-wheel set-up that we mentioned earlier. They tend to have wheels that swivel and lock, so it’s a win-win for the days at the beach. Plus, if you get one of these there’s no excuse not to go for a jog when you have your baby with you.


When you have more than one baby, a double-stroller can become your BFF. Double strollers come in two styles; tandem, where one child sits behind the other or side-by-side seating. These strollers are usually very durable. You’ll want to check the wheel situation to see if it will work well in the sand.

Benefits of a Beach Stroller

The big benefit of a beach stroller is that it can push through the sand. The best beach strollers have large wheels that are ideal for all types of terrain.

Another benefit of a beach stroller is that it has plenty of storage for your baby and beach gear. You shouldn’t have to look like a bag lady with a stroller in tow. You should be able to pack plenty of gear in your stroller.

Your baby beach stroller will also provide plenty of shade for your baby. This is important because the sun’s rays can be harmful. Since babies have delicate skin, they can burn much faster than adults.

baby with sand on feet at beach

Common Beach Stroller Accessories

You may not think that you need accessories on your beach stroller, but trust us, you’ll want them. They’ll make your life a little easier. We can all get on board with that! Here are a couple of things that you’ll want to look for as you shop for the best beach stroller.

Stroller Organizers

Having plenty of space for all the things you need while at the beach is going to be important. Whether it’s watcher for you, or your phone, treats, your wallet or any of the other things you normally carry, having a stroller organizer is super useful. We recommend the Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer with Cup Holders. It’s very highly rated and a great gift for any parents with young children. Especially if they love the beach!

Cup Holders

When you’re at the beach, you’ll want to stay hydrated. You don’t want your beverage to fall in the sand or for it to get in your baby’s hands. If you have a cup holder, you can keep it in a handy place so you can grab it when you need it.

Zippered Storage Space

While you may have a storage space at the bottom of your stroller, you’ll also want to have some zippered storage. This could be a good place to put your smartphone, wallet, or other valuables while you’re making a sandcastle with your kids.

Snack Tray

Although there’s a good chance that your baby will put sand in his mouth, you want him to be able to at least start with his snacks in a clean place. A snack tray lets your baby sit in the stroller with his snacks in front of him. Some strollers come with the tray while others offer it as an added accessory that can snap or click on. Either way, you’ll want to add this to your list.

Best Beach Strollers

Here’s a look at the best beach strollers for your baby:

  1. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller 
  2. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller
  3. Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System
  4. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger
  5. Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller
  6. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

#1. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller


This stroller checks all of the boxes of the stroller must-haves when it comes to finding the best baby stroller. It has the three-wheel design to help navigate through the sandy terrain. It also has a large adjustable canopy for the sun, which is great while you’re setting up the beach umbrella. The handlebar is also adjustable so parents can fit it to their liking. There is also storage space below for some beach gear for your baby.

The seat is plush and comfy, making for a great space for your baby to chill out on the beach. You can also take the fabric out of the stroller to wash it.

The stroller is lightweight (22 pounds) and can be folded using just one hand. It also folds fairly compactly, so it shouldn’t take up your entire trunk space.

We’re not going to lie, this stroller is a bit on the pricey side. But, it is sturdy and has many of the features that you should look for when shopping for the best beach stroller.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Folds compactly
  • Sturdy
  • Removable fabric for easy cleaning


  • Pricey

#2. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller


Here is another baby beach stroller that ranks high on our list because of all of its features. For starters, it has the 3-wheel design that we’ve been raving about. It’s also on the lighter side, at about 25 pounds and folds compactly.

The seat is padded and also reclines to make babies as comfy as possible. The seat is also extra-wide, so there should be plenty of space for your baby. Remember, if they’re comfy and happy, you’re happy. It also has large wheels to make it through the sandy beach and help you navigate best. Don’t forget that all-important canopy that we were talking about too. When it comes to cleaning, it is also easy to clean with soap and water, so that’s a plus!

This stroller ranks high on the durability scale with its aluminum frame and shock-absorbing suspension. The parent organizer is a nice touch in the accessory department as well as the tire pump and running leash. You can also use this stroller until your baby reaches 75 pounds, so you should be able to get a lot of use out of it. Price-wise, it is a little expensive. But, this is another stroller that gives you a lot for your money.


  • 3-wheel design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for baby
  • Canopy
  • Parent organizing accessory


  • A bit on the pricey side


#3. Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System


This stroller is on our list of best baby beach strollers because of all it has to offer for the price. Let’s start off with the fact that it is a travel system. That means you get the stroller as well as the car seat carrier.

The stroller is top-notch because it has those three large wheels for easy gliding over sand and other bumpy terrain. The front-wheel swivels and locks as well. Bonus! It folds relatively compactly too which is good if you don’t have a lot of trunk space, but still have a lot of gear.

The parent tray on top has not one, but two cup holders. There’s also that snack tray that we’ve been talking about too. There’s a five-point harness to keep your baby fastened well inside as he’s sitting in his padded seat.


  • Priced extremely well
  • Two cup holders
  • 3-wheel design
  • Front-wheel locks and swivels
  • Snack tray


  • Only recommended for babies up to 50 pounds

#4. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger


We know that some of you are taking more than one baby to the beach. If that’s you, then check out this double jogger stroller by Baby Trend. It still has those three wheels we’ve been talking about as well as a canopy that’s fit for two. The front wheel can lock or swivel and the construction of the frame is sturdy.

Although it is a double stroller, it’s still lightweight at 25 pounds. It also folds as compactly as a double stroller can. There are also two parent cup holders and a covered compartment to put keys and your phone. The price is reasonable when it comes to a double stroller.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Two parent cup holders and covered storage compartment
  • Front-wheel locks and swivels


  • Not much storage on the bottom

#5. Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller

Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller

This is another stroller you’ll want to check out when you’re looking for the best beach stroller. The front-wheel swivels and locks for easier maneuverability. The sun canopy is not only adjustable but is also removable.

It is lightweight at 22 pounds and is easy to fold up and store in your car and home. There’s an extra-large storage basket as well as two deep cup holders and a small storage area. There’s even a smartphone cradle in the storage area.

The steel frame makes it durable, so you can feel confident that your baby is in a safe stroller. There’s also a 5-point safety harness and a flip tray for baby’s snacks. For what this stroller offers, it is reasonably priced.


  • Front-wheel swivels and locks
  • Lightweight at 22 pounds
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Two deep cup holders


  • Weight capacity of only 33 pounds

#6. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

This stroller has all the bells and whistles but may turn some parents off because of its price. If the price doesn’t deter you, you can use this stroller up to when your baby is 75 pounds.

For babies, there is an ultra-padded compression seat with an infinite recline. There is a suspension system and air-filled tires that provide an ultra-smooth ride over sand or any other terrain. There is also an adjustable handlebar, making it easy for all parents to maneuver the stroller.

For parents, there are six storage pockets and an extra-large cargo basket. There’s plenty of space for baby geat and your gear as well. Put your cell phone in the pocket on the handlebar and you’ll be good to go.


  • Canopy
  • Six storage pockets
  • Extra-large cargo basket
  • Cell phone pocket on the handlebar


  • Expensive compare to other models

How to Best Clean Your Beach Stroller

Now that you know the best baby beach strollers, you need to know how to keep it clean.

If you’re taking your stroller to the beach, you’re going to want to clean it regularly. Besides the basic mess that all strollers come across, add the beach, and you have more of a mess! Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re cleaning your stroller after a day at the beach.


Many strollers have the option of taking the fabric out of the stroller to clean. After a day at the beach, the fabric may get stained with sunscreen or simply just smell like the beach. Either way, you’re going to want to clean it.

If you can take the fabric out, do so and put it in the washing machine. This will be the best and easiest way to get it clean. Run it through the gentle cycle. While you may want to throw it in the dryer to get it done quickly, it’s best to let the fabric air dry, preferably outside in the sun.

If you’re not able to take the fabric out of the stroller to clean it, you’re going to have to put aside some time to get the job done. You’re going to want to vacuum the fabric to get any loose crumbs or dirt.

Next, you may want to try white vinegar diluted in water as a cleaner. Try using one cap full of vinegar for every cup of water. You can also add lemon juice to lessen the strong smell of the vinegar.

You can also use warm water and soap if you don’t want to use the vinegar. Just be sure that soap is gentle because your baby’s skin will be on it. Use a rag and scrub the fabric with either cleaning solution you choose.


If you’re bringing your stroller to the beach frequently, you’ll want to clean the wheels because the sand and salt can damage the turning ability. You don’t want to submerge the entire wheel into water because you could damage the lubrication of the wheels. Instead, safely detach the wheels from the stroller frame. Then, using a damp cloth or stiff brush, clean the wheels with a mix of soapy water.

Stroller Frame

This is the easiest part of the stroller to clean. Just use soapy water and a cloth to wipe it down. Try to remove as many things as you can (fabric, trays, toys, etc.) before cleaning the frame. This will make it easier and will allow you to clean your frame thoroughly.

Cleaning all of your stroller parts will not only provide a sanitary environment for your baby but will also help you to make sure that your stroller is functioning properly and is safe. If you notice any loose parts or anything that doesn’t seem right when you’re cleaning, you can try to fix it or call the manufacturer. You want to be sure your stroller is as safe as can be for your baby.

Bottom Line on Beach Strollers

When it comes to finding the best baby beach stroller, we love the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller because it has everything many parents look for. There is the three-wheel design as well as an adjustable canopy for the sun. With the adjustable handlebar for parents and the storage space, it’s a win-win.

The seat is also extra-plush and comfy for your baby. The stroller is also extremely durable and can be used until your baby reaches 65 pounds. While the price is on the high side, it has many features that go a long way.

When it comes to finding the best beach stroller, consider everything so that you find the one that meets all of your needs. Remember, having a stroller that suits all of your needs when you’re at the beach will make your trip much more enjoyable for everyone.