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15 Best Baby Knee Pads for Crawling in 2024

When your baby begins crawling, it’s a fantastic time of discovery and exploration. But that extended time spent crawling around on a variety of different surfaces can really take its toll on their delicate skin.

One of the best inventions I found when my little one started crawling during the summer months was baby knee pads. We would spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer and his knees really took a beating on the decking and patio tiles.

Short On Time? Here Are Our Top 5 Choices

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The knee pads were amazing and I highly recommend them to any parent with a crawling baby. Here are our best picks for baby knee pads in 2020:

1. Baby Crawling Anti Slip Knee Pads

Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee, New Unisex Baby Toddlers Kneepads,Breathable Adjustable Elastic Unisex Infant Toddler Baby Kneepads Knee Elbow Pads Crawling Safety Protector, Leg Warmers 3Pairs


These literally do exactly what it says on the packet. They have a soft cushioning that will protect your baby’s knees from bumps and scrapes.

They also have a non-slip coating that will help your child get better traction while they explore their newfound freedom. 

These knee pads are suitable for babies aged 6-24 months and measure 4.7 x 3.5 inches. They are made with a high elastic content so that they are tight enough to stay put but not tight enough to cut into your baby’s leg.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in various colors


  • Lack of design – very basic
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2. Sevi Baby Professional Knee Pads

Sevi Baby Professional Knee Pads for Crawling - Ergonomic, Soft and Breathable Anti Slip Knee Protector - Adjustable Knee Warmer for Babies (Pink)


These knee pads have taken a different approach to their design than most others on the market. They are fully adjustable as they are fitted with two plastic hooks on the side.

They can easily be adjusted depending on the size of your baby’s legs. They are suitable for ages 6 – 14 months.

They are made from high-quality jersey fabric and have a thick cushion to prevent bumps and scrapes. The material is also breathable allowing your baby’s skin to stay dry and comfortable while they are going about their adventures.

Sevi Baby Knee Pads have an ‘anatomical design’ patent and also come with a lifetime quality guarantee. There is only one pair per pack and they come in various colors.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Plenty of padding
  • Good quality materials used throughout
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for babies with chunky legs
  • Some issues with the strapping system
  • Do not stay put
  • Quite bulky in comparison to other knee pads
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3. Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

Baby Knee Pads for Crawling (3 Pairs) - Adjustable Breathable Waterproof Safety Protector for Babies, Toddlers, Infants, Boys, Girls, Kids

These knee pads are made with 100% cotton and come with a soft cushion that appears to be stitched to the outside of the knee pad. As they have no elastic in them, I’m not sure that they will hold up while your baby is crawling.

They have plenty of padding in order to protect your baby’s knees from scrapes and bumps. The material is also breathable which means that it will allow your baby’s skin to breathe while they are exploring.

They come in a pack of 3 gender-neutral colors which makes them really good value for money.


  • Affordable
  • 3 pack
  • 100% cotton
  • A good amount of padding
  • Gender-neutral colors


  • Some issues with the fit – either too tight that they are turning leg purplish or too loose and they fall down 
  • Not very durable
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4. Ava & Kings Baby Knee Pads

Ava & Kings Baby Knee Pads for Crawling - Babies Stuffs Gift Ideas for Infants - Protect Elbows and Legs w/Breathable Warmer Cotton and Anti-Slip Elastic - Unisex for Boys & Girls - Set of 3


These Ava & Kings knee pads come as a pack of 3 with really cute gender-neutral designs of snails, dinosaurs, and turtles. They are made from a stretchy elastic & soft cotton and have 0.5 inches of pads on the knee area.

They are designed to keep baby warm when crawling on cold floors and to shield their skin from carpet burn as they transition from one floor surface to the next.

They measure 3.5 x 6 inches which means that they should be big enough for most baby’s. They are machine washable and are also safe to go in the dryer.


  • Affordable
  • 3 pack of knee pads
  • Good padding


  • Issues with the fit – keep falling down or twisting while your baby is crawling
  • Designs start to wear off with use
  • Not very durable
  • No grip which means they are not great for tiled or hardwood floors.
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5. Baby Knee Pads For Crawling

Baby Knee Pads for Crawling, Knee Pads for Baby Adjustable Protector for Toddler 3 Pairs


These knee pads come with a velcro fastening which makes them fully adjustable. They are designed for babies aged 6-12 months and come in blue, grey, and green.

They are made with breathable material in order to keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. The knee pad has a non-slip pattern on the knee to help your baby get traction on slippery floors. 

These knee pads come as a pack of three and have an approximate circumference of 3 inches around the center.


  • Stay in place well
  • Good value for money as a pack of three
  • Well-cushioned
  • Great on slippery floors


  • Issues with velcro causing a reaction
  • Straps cut into backs of little one’s legs
  • Only suitable for babies with smaller legs
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6. Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

Baby Knee Pads for Crawling (2 Pairs) I Protector for Toddler, Infant, Girl, Boy


These knee pads come with funky designs from sharks, snowflakes, and unicorns. They are suitable for ages 6 – 24 months and are one of the only knee pads that I have sent hat clearly show the dimensions.

These are adjustable and are suitable for a thigh width of 4 – 9 inches, and a calf width of 3.5 – 9 inches. 

They come as a two-pack which makes them great value for money. They are made with top of the range neoprene which is skin-friendly, allergy-free and protects your baby from bumps and bruises. They are machine washable so are super easy to keep clean.


  • Soft and adjustable
  • Nice designs
  • Durable
  • Not constricting at all


  • Material is slippery and does not allow for any traction
  • Not thick enough to offer any real protection.
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6. FunPlus  Baby Knee Pad

Funplus Baby Knee Pads For Crawling - Anti Slip Knee Pads For Babies Infant Toddler Boys And Girls - Adjustable Breathable - Cute Funny Quotes - 5 Pair Set - 6 to 18 Month

These come as a pack of 5 sets which is great value for money. They are suitable for ages 6 to 18 months. They have some funky designs with funny quotes on the knee of each pad.

These quotes are also made form a rubberized material which will double to provide a good grip on slippery floors.

The FunPlus knee pads are also curved to provide a good fit for little knees. They are made from combed cotton and spandex making them stretchable and breathable.


  • Funky designs
  • Good grip provided by the rubberized letters of the quotes


  • They do roll down
  • Not very padded 
  • Too tight for chunky thighs
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7. Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee Pad

Kerter Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee pads, Adjustable Unisex Baby Toddlers Kneepads Leg Warmers Boys Grils 2 Pairs., Purple+pink, Large


These knee pads are made from soft cotton fabric and a high elastic sponge. They are suitable for babies of all ages as they are fully adjustable with velcro fastening.

They stretch to move with your baby’s knee joint rather than being restrictive as some other designs are. They come in a pack of two either in purple and pink or all navy or all grey.


  • Anti-slip surface
  • Flexible 
  • Good padding


  • Issues with staying in place
  • Not suitable for baby’s with chunky legs
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8. ZukoCert Adjustable Knee Pads

ZukoCert Adjustable Baby/Toddler Knee Pads(4 pieces) Crawling Knee Pads (Unisex) Breathable Non-slip Kids Knee Pads (A)

These are great for providing protection from bumps and scratches while crawling. They are made from a soft cotton fabric with a highly elastic sponge for padding comfort.

They are breathable and absorb sweat to keep your baby’s legs dry and comfortable. these knee pads have a velcro fastening so they are adjustable to a certain point. 

They come in bright colors and have great animal designs on them. They also come as a pack of two making them good value for money.


  • Great designs
  • Adjustable
  • Thick sponge for padding


  • Some issues with slipping down
  • May not be suitable for small crawling babies due to its larger size.
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9. New Designs Baby Knee Pads

New Designs on These Baby/Toddler Knee Pads for Crawling, They are Adjustable and Gender Neutral


This 2 pack of knee pads come in fun designs that are gender-neutral. They are made with polyester fiber, cotton, and a sponge middle. They are also fully washable, lightweight, and fully adjustable. They also have a 3D mesh which makes them breathable.


  • Well made
  • Super soft fabric
  • Adjustable


  • Do not stay in place
  • Not very thick
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10. Baby Crawling Pants

Sevi Baby Crawling Pants, Padded Pants for Crawling, Protective Pants for Babies, (Made in Turkey) - Pink


These are leggings for babies with a few added features. They have padding both the backside and the knees to protect from bumps and bruises when crawling and learning to walk.

They are available in a standard size to fit a baby between 19-33 pounds. The knee pads are made of a soft light fabric with an anti-slip surface and the backside has a protective pad to protect your baby’s bum from hard surfaces.

They are machine washable at 40 degrees and can go in the dryer on low heat. They are light enough to be worn during the summer months as well as through the winter.


  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • No slipping of knee pads
  • Great anti-slip surface


  • One size fits all is not suitable for everyone
  • Legs do tend to ride up 
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11. Go Little One Go Bamboo Crawling Pants

Go Little One Go Anti-Slip Bamboo Baby Crawling Leggings Pants - Helps Learning to Crawl on Slippery Floors Easier and Safer (Charcoal Grey, One Size)

These crawling pants are made allergen-free bamboo giving you peace of mind to parents with little ones with sensitive skin. They will keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

They come in one size which should generally fit babies between 6-15 month range. The bamboo pants have strategically placed grips on the knees to help prevent slippage on tiles or hardwood floors.

They are fully machine washable and are designed to stay soft and durable again and again.


  • Made from bamboo which is great for sensitive skin
  • Super elastic and soft 
  • Anti-slip grips on the knee


  • Sizing issues as one size fits all is not great for babies
  • Poor quality fabric
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12. Baby Toddler Leg Warmers

6 PCS Baby Toddler Leg Warmers Knee Protector for Girls Boys Crawling Knee Pads in Various Styles

These are very much like traditional leg warmers but they would be pulled up over your baby’s knees. They are made from 95% cotton and 5% polyester and are suitable for babies 6-48 months.

They come as a pack 6 so are great value for money and completely gender-neutral. They can also double as arm warmers. They do not have any anti-slip surface added to them.


  • Cute and fun designs
  • Easy to put on
  • Variety of uses


  • Need to be washed on a delicate cycle
  • No additional padding on knees
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13. Baby Leg Warmers Knee Pads

Baby Leg Warmers Leggings Knee pads socks for Toddler (pack 10 pairs)

This is a bundle pack that contains 3 pairs of leg warmers and 5 pairs of socks, making them really great value for money.

They are suitable for ages 6 – 36 months and are approximately 12 inches long. They are fully machine washable and will offer the protection of knees and legs to baby’s learning to crawl.


  • Beautiful animal designs
  • Great multi pack offer


  • No anti-slip protection
  • No padding on knees to protect from bumps
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14. ZYNERY Baby Knee Pads

ZYNERY Baby Knee Pads for Crawling, Anti-Slip&Breathable Knee Pads Protector For Crawling and Safety Walking, Unisex Baby Toddlers KneepadsThis fruit-themed two-pack knee protectors offer protection from bumps and scrapes. They are made of combed cotton, with high elasticity providing a good fit. They are breathable and soft knee pads absorb any bumps.

They are fully machine washable and dryer safe for easy care. They are suitable for babies of any age and are approximately 5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide.


  • Nice designs
  • Two-pack is good value for money


  • No anti-slip protection
  • Some issues with fit
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15. Honganda Infant Baby Romper

Infant Baby Boy Girl Long Sleeve Romper Jumpsuit with Bottons Playsuit Outfit Clothes (6-9 Months, Dark Green)

This is an alternative to baby knee pads and although not designed with that purpose this romper would work quite well to protect your baby’s knees while they are crawling around.

They are available in sizes 0-18 months but they do advise that you order up one size. These rompers have patches on the knees which would offer some protection to little knees and be far easier for your baby to wear but they may not offer as much protection as traditional knee pads.

One good point in favor of these rompers is that they will keep your baby’s legs warm and comfortable while they crawl around on tile or hardwood floors.


  • No issues with being too tight on baby’s legs
  • Soft material 


  • The button fastening may be a deal-breaker for some parents
  • Sizing is too broad in order to fit correctly
  • poorly made 
  • Legs are too wide and the sleeves are too short
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Is Knee Protection Really Needed?

If you had asked me this question when my now 21-year-old was little, I would have said no it’s all part of learning to crawl and walk. Although, she never really crawled so maybe that is why.

But my boys who are 2 and 3 years old crawled for a long time before they walked and their poor little legs were bruised and battered from hard floors and outdoor patio and decking.

Your little one is going to spend a lot of time on their knees and their skin is delicate and will easily scrape or cut. If you have hard floors, they are really going to need this extra cushioning that the knee pads offered.

The padding not only helps to prevent the scrapes and bruises but it also takes the pressure off their joints from those falls.

kid crawling over a matted floor

You may say “but we have carpet throughout our house so we don’t need them.” Well, there is nothing worse than a carpet burn as you probably know so I would definitely not want my baby to suffer from one.

Knee pads can help to protect against these kinds of injuries especially when they are just starting crawling and often jolt or slip.

My Final Thought

Your baby is the most precious thing that you will ever have. If you can protect them from even the smallest amount of pain and discomfort, I think that 99.9% of parents would.

You may be called overprotective but that is what parents do after all. All the products listed above are going to provide your baby with great protection, some better than others.

My advice would be to follow your instincts as you know your baby better than anyone!

My personal favorite is Baby Crawling Anti Slip Knee Pads which I used with my own sons. They are super simple and do the job well.

I found that they were hard wearing and easy to wash as they got extremely dirty as you would expect.

I did love the range of options that are available to parents from adjustable knee pads to bamboo pants, to leggings with knee protectors built-in. Whichever option you go for, your baby’s knees will thank you!