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What Is The Average 3 Years Old Shoe Size?

Figuring out your toddler’s shoe size can be tough. You have to account for growth. Not to mention that not every child’s foot is the same size.

So it’s crucial to measure their feet! If you need help finding the perfect fit, read on. Here’s how to figure out your 3-years-old child’s shoe size on the first try.

Take Them To The Store To Get Fitted

Here’s an easy and quick way to get the best measurement. Take your tot to the department store to get fitted. Ask a salesperson to help you measure their feet. They’ll also let you try on various sizes in the store.

Ensure your child is walking around in the pair, as they may feel tighter once they stand up. You may have to do this every few months since kiddos grow out of their shoes quickly when they’re toddlers.

Measure Their Feet Yourself

However, if you’d instead rather measure their feet yourself, here’s how you can do just that! Start by measuring the length across their feet when they are standing upright.

Keep in mind, that length can vary between the right and left foot, so make sure you measure both so you can ensure a proper fit. When they’re standing, assure your child is leaning against a wall, so their weight is evenly distributed between the left and right foot.

Have them place a heel against the wall and measure the distance from their heel to their toe.

You can also try the paper method. For this, you will need:

  • a ruler
  • your child’s barefoot feet
  • a ribbon
  • a ruler

Have them stand on the paper and trace their feet. Help them keep still for those few seconds, as most three-year-olds are typically squirmy.

Then, measure the length of the outline you drew with the ruler. Next, wrap the ribbon around the widest part of their foot. Tie it in place to mark how wide their feet are.

Measure the radius of their foot using the ribbon and ruler. Remember to do both the left and right foot in case you get drastically different measurements.

Measure For Growth Too

No parent wants to think about their baby growing up. However, it’s crucial that you account for growth when selecting the proper shoe size for your three-year-old.

When buying their shoes, leave a 1 cm to 1.5 cm gap to accommodate their growing feet.

child wearing shoes

What About The Width?

Many parents question whether the width of their child’s foot is something they have to account for. For the most accurate fit, this indeed is something to consider. Use the ribbon method to find a pair that’s not too wide or too tight.

Use A Conversion Chart

After getting your child’s stats, you’ll need to plug these numbers into an online sizing calculator. You can also find a conversion chart online that can help you find your child’s perfect shoe size.

What Is The Average Shoe Size For A 3-Year-Old?

You should always measure your child’s feet before buying them a pair. You don’t want to risk your child developing blisters if their shoes are too small or too large!

Although, most children in this age category wear between a size 9 – 9.56. The typical average length for a three-year-old child is 6 and 1/4 – 6 and 3/8 inches.

What Kinds Of Shoes Will Need ToGet Measured For Your Toddler

Be prepared for anything by buying your child’s shoes for every occasion.

Rain Boots

Is there anything more adorable than your little one splashing in rain puddles? We don’t think so! Make sure they are wearing a snug (but not too snug) pair of rain boots when they go out to play in the rain.

Wearing boots that are too big will allow water to seep in, causing nasty and unwanted colds.

Winter Boots

No matter the climate of your hometown, a warm pair of winter boots is essential for any three-year-old child. They are great to have on hand in case the family ever goes skiing or snowboarding.

Make sure they are waterproof and lined on the inside for insulation purposes. Buy these with some wiggle room for growth, as most well-made boots are an investment piece in your child’s wardrobe.


On the flip side, your child will also need a pair of shoes that will keep them cool during those hot summer months. Velcro sandals are perfect for vacations on the beach, visits to theme parks, or simply the casual stroll around the park in your hometown.

Everyday Flats

Ballet flats are excellent for girls, whereas a pair of sneakers are perfect for little boys. You should have a comfy shoe in their closet they can wear to preschool, or to the playground.

Checking For The Proper Fit

Kids instinctively curl up their toes by reflex. Instead of placing a thumb in the front to check for a gap, put one hand on top of the shoe. Check for gaps in the back with your other hand to ensure a proper fit.

child holding her shoes

How Often To Measure Their Feet

Since children’s feet grow in spurts, it’s a good idea to do this measuring process every couple of months so you can tell when they are ready to size up!


Finding the perfect pair of shoes for your toddler is no easy task. The average shoe size for a 3-year-old child can vary, but with the right tips, you can find the perfect pair that is both comfortable and stylish for their developing feet.

Utilize these tips, whether you’re on the hunt for fuzzy boots to keep their feet cozy, or stylish sandals to help them beat the heat come summertime!