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25+ Best Mother Daughter Songs To Make You Smile

Daughters are the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. Some days you look at them and are reminded that they are the most precious things on Earth. Other days, you understand why some mom’s day drink.

There’s nothing that will put a smile back on your face and remind you how blessed you are like these beautiful mother-daughter songs. They’re also perfect for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. 

1. The Best Day by Taylor Swift

This song doesn’t specifically mention mothers or daughters, but it is about having the best day with someone. It’s perfect for those special days when you just want to dedicate a song to your daughter. 

2. My Wish by Rascal Flatts

This is a great song to dedicate to your daughter. It talks about how you wish that her life is all that she wants it to be, that her dreams stay big, and her worries stay small. It’s truly a song for parents to sing to their children. 

3. Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera

A beautiful song by one of the prettiest voices of our time. It is one for daughters to dedicate to their mothers. It’s a wonderful way to say thank you! The lyrics specifically say “thank you, for all that you’ve done, and still do.” The lyrics are about how the mother left an abusive relationship. I really related to this one, and, if you’ve ever been in this situation, you’ll quickly make this song your new anthem. It’s a song of strength.

“She was so young with such innocent eyes
She always dreamt of a fairytale life
And all the things your money can’t buy
She thought daddy was a wonderful guy
Then suddenly, things seemed to change
It was the moment she took on his name
He took his anger out on her face
She kept all of her pain locked away
Oh mother, we’re stronger
From all of the tears you have shed
Oh mother, don’t look back
Cause he’ll never hurt us again

So mother, I thank you
For all you’ve done and still do
You got me, I got you
Together we always pull through
We always pull through
We always pull through
Oh mother, oh mother, oh mother”

4. Mom by Meghan Trainor

When your daughter knows that you’ll love her forever, this is the song for her to dedicate. Her lyrics state “Her love’s til the end, she’s my best friend. Ain’t nobody got a mom like mine.”

5. Mother by Sugarland

“She stands here to help you, there’s nothing she won’t do.” When you know that your mother will do anything in the world to help you, this is the perfect mother-daughter song to dedicate.

6. In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride

One of the most popular songs for mothers to dedicate to their daughters, this remains a classic. It tells how she sees the person she wants to be when she looks into her daughter’s eyes. This beautiful song is guaranteed to warm your heart. 

7. Slipping Through My Fingers by ABBA

Mothers that love spending time with their daughters will enjoy this song. The lyrics are relatable and guaranteed to make you smile. You won’t be able to listen to this song without thinking of your daughter. 

8. Mother by Ashanti

If you’re not a fan of country music, Ashanti is the way to go. This beautiful artist has an impressive voice, and she sings with her soul in this classic mother-daughter song. She tells of how without her mother by her side, she would never survive. 

“You taught me strength and you gave me guidance
Whenever faith was lost, you were there to find it
And all because a mother’s love is unconditional
With all my heart and all my soul, I wanna let you know”

9. Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is still a wonderful artist, and this song remains one of the top songs for mothers and daughters. He sings of how pretty she is, and how she’s barely a minute old. This song was made for mothers to dedicate to their daughters. 

10. A Song For Mama by Boyz 2 Men

Those of you that still enjoy 90’s music will enjoy this one. Boyz 2 Men dedicated this song to a mom, making it perfect for mothers and daughters. Lyrics include lines about her teaching them everything. It’s truly a beautiful song. 

11. I Got You by Ciara

This song is going to be one of your favorite ones after you hear it. The beginning lyrics are: 

“Hush little baby don’t you cry
Momma’s gonna love you all your life
And if you ever need a friend
Momma’s right there till the very end
And if you’re feeling down or weak
Momma’s gonna give you all the strength you need
There’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do
For my little Future ’cause I love you”

The rest of the song will warm your heart as much as the first verse does. 

12. Look What You’ve Done by Drake

A song that truly speaks to single moms that have been through some stuff. It tells a story that continues to be unforgettable. If you’re not one for sentimental music but are looking for a mother-daughter song, check this one out. 

13. Hey Mama by Kanye West

A rap song that tells about how hard West had it growing up, and a shout to his mother. You can see that he appreciates everything she did and her never-ending support. 

“I wanna scream so loud for you
‘Cause I’m so proud of you
Let me tell you what I’m about to do
(Hey Mama)
I know I act a fool, but
I promise you I’m goin’ back to school
I appreciate what you allowed for me
I just want you to be proud of me
(Hey Mama)”

14. Blue by Beyonce

This is a beautiful song about being carried away by love. The slow song makes for the perfect dance on a wedding or to dedicate to your daughter. 

15. Mother’s Daughter by Miley Cyrus

An upbeat mother-daughter song that is perfect for a feisty daughter that gets her spirit from her mama! The lyrics do include a little bit of the F word, so keep that in mind before blaring it at your wedding. 

16. Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood

The ideal song for a daughter to dedicate to her mother on her wedding day. Lyrics are about how the mother taught the daughter everything, and now giving her away is not saying goodbye. She also tells about how she found an amazing man. 

Mama, you taught me to do the right thing
So now you have to let your baby fly
You’ve given me everything that I will need
To make it through this crazy thing called life
And I know you watched me grow up
And only want what’s best for me
And I think I found the answer to your prayers
And he is good, so good
He treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good

17. Sweetest Devotion by Adele

Sweetest Devotion does not specifically mention mothers or daughters, but it was too sweet not to include on the list. This beautiful song speaks of love, of how sweet it is, and how a person is her everything. It’s a beautiful song to dedicate to your daughter. 

18. I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera

Another gorgeous song that does not mention mothers and daughters. When I hear this song, it reminds me of adult relationships between mothers and daughters. It’s for when your daughter becomes your best friend. The lyrics are about how you always turn to that one person. 

19. Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel

This song doesn’t mention mothers and daughters, but it’s about loving someone the way that they are. That makes it a perfect addition to the list. Tell your daughter that you accept and love her by dedicating this song. 

20. Mother Like Mine by Band Perry

Mother Like Mine by Band Perry is the ideal song to dedicate to your mother on Mother’s Day. This song celebrates how amazing your mom truly is, and lets her know that she’s special. 

21. I’ll Be There by The Jackson 5

The Jackson Five sings this beautiful song perfectly. It’s not specifically about mothers or daughters, so either one could dedicate this song to the other. Instead, it’s about unselfish love. The lyrics center around always being there for both comfort and love. 

“I’ll be there to comfort you
Build my world of dreams around you
I’m so glad that I found you
I’ll be there with a love that’s strong
I’ll be your strength
I’ll keep holding on”

22. You’re My Best Friend by Queen

As your daughter grows up, she becomes more than just your daughter, she slowly becomes your best friend. If you’ve already reached that stage with your little one, this is the perfect song to make you smile through a rainy day. 

23. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw sings this song about a beautiful daughter, and her father letting her go. I know, it’s about fathers, but the lyrics are so beautiful! The song made me smile and think of my little ones, so I thought you might like it too. 

24. Song For The Baby by Kelis

A song from a mother for their little girl that applies to any age. If you love your daughter or need a song to express that, this is the one that you’ve been looking for. It is sweet enough to make you both smile, and might just bring a tear to your eye. 

25. Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman

If you’ve got a teenager, you’ll relate to this song the first time that you hear it. The lyrics are about a little girl growing up, and now she’s rolling her eyes at her mother. Most mothers can relate to this, and I think that we all wish our little girls would slow down a bit. 

In Conclusion

Finding the perfect mother-daughter song can be a challenge. If you’re searching for a particular day or special occasion, one of these is guaranteed to fit!