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Comotomo vs Tommee Tippee Baby Bottles- Which is Best?

Bottles are an important piece of kit that is essential if you are exclusively bottle-feeding or combination feeding. There are many different brands on the market that all state that they are the best. To be honest most bottles are very similar in design but they have some different features and it is these features that will help you make your choice. Comotomo Bottle vs Tommee Tippee are two brands available on the market, one is a newcomer and the other is a seasoned contributor. Check out their features below and which one I think is the best.

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The Main Differences between Comotomo Bottle vs Tommee Tippee


  • Comotomo only comes in two sizes 5oz and 8oz, while Tommee Tippee comes in three sizes 5oz, 9oz, and 11oz.
  • Comotomo bottle is made from a soft silicone which makes it easy for baby to squeeze while the Tommee Tippee are made of the more traditional solid material.



Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle

Comotomo bottles have been awarded the product design award for their innovative design. Their design has brought about the first big change in bottle design for many years.

These bottles are made from a safe silicone material that is 100% free from BPA,  PVC, and Phthalate. They are heat resistant which means that they can safely be used in boiling water and even the dishwasher. This silicone is meant to mimic human skin and as it is soft and squidgy your baby can use their hands to explore it. Exactly the same way as breastfed babies do.

Comotomo bottles have been designed for babies to easily latch on. The nipple is shaped and has a wide mound. Both of these features should make it easier for your baby to move from breast to bottle and back again.



  • The baby bottle material mimics human skin
  • Designed for easy latch and to avoid nipple confusion
  • Truly wide-neck design for easy cleaning
  • Dual anti-colic vent to prevent colic and fussiness
  • Bottles come in two sizes 5oz and 8oz
  • The bottles are heat resistant
  • Leakproof bottles
  • Different flow teats

Comotomo Pros

  • Super easy to clean due to the wide neck
  • Bottle material is soft and mimics human skin
  • Great for breastfed babies to transition
  • Less colic
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free

Comotomo Cons

  • Do not fit most bottle warmers
  • Teat is slippery when wet
  • The teat is too long for some babies
  • Hard to read measurement markings
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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Tommee Tippee is a well known brand in the baby market and has been producing bottles for many years. They have some fantastic features that truly benefit your baby. These features can also make a parents life much easier.

They have an award winning nipple design that is like a breast which means babies are far more likely to accept it. Especially those babies that are being combination fed. It also flexes just like Mom would.

All the Tommee Tippee closer to nature range are BPA free to put your mind at rest. They also come with an anti-colic valve which reduces excessive air-flow, so your little one is only swallowing milk and not air which causes colic and gassiness.

They are wide neck so cleaning is a breeze and they come with a 3 way easy hold system. As they have a compact shape this allows your baby to be fed in a more natural position and be closer to Mom or Dad. The bottle can be held in 3 ways : (1) cradled comfortably in the hand; (2) gripped in the same way as a traditional wide neck bottle; or (3) held at the base.





  • Wide range of sizes, colors, designs, and pack sizes available
  • BPA free
  • Breast like nipple for easy transition from breast to bottle
  • Anti-colic vent to prevent air intake and discomfort
  • 3 way grip fro comfortable feeding

Tommee Tippee Pros

  • Wide neck for easy cleaning
  • Easy for baby to grasp
  • Warms quickly in a bottle warmer
  • Fits most bottle warmers
  • Works well for breast to bottle transitioning
  • BPA free
  • No fuss bottles with few parts

Tommee Tippee Cons

  • Slow flow nipples are not slow enough
  • The nipples are too hard and difficult for baby to latch
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FAQ Comotomo Bottle vs Tommee Tippee

Baby Girl Drinking from a Bottle

Do the Tommee Tippee bottles come with the cap for mixing formula?

These bottles do not come with the cap for mixing formula. This can be bought separately.

What is the age range of the Tommee Tippee bottles?

These bottles can be used from newborn and there is no upper age limit. They do come with slow flow nipples, which are suitable for newborns.

As the nipples on the Comotomo bottles are soft do they collapse?

As the nipples are made out of medical grade silicone, they are soft and skin like, but they should not collapse in the middle of feeding. If you are having an issue with the nipple collapsing, then the anti-colic vents may be blocked.

How many bottles should I have for a newborn?

To start with we recommend at least 3-4 bottles, but it depends on how often your newborn is feeding and how quickly you will be able to wash/sanitize bottles after use.

Comotomo Bottle vs Tommee Tippee – The Winner is?

When my children were babies I used Tommee Tippee but that was because I had not heard of Comotomo. My youngest son was breastfed and we had terrible trouble getting him to take a bottle, even the Tommee Tippee closer to nature ones.

It is such a difficult decision to make as both have some fantastic features that really help babies and parents alike. I believe that the unique design of the Comotomo bottles makes them my winner. As a breast-feeding mother the silicone bottle which mimics human skin, I think would have made all the difference to my son in his transition from breast to bottle. That alongside their dual air vent, naturally shaped teats for easy latching and super wide neck design making them easy to clean, means that although they are a relative newcomer to this market that they will still be around for many years to come!