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Do Babies Wear Onesies Under Sleepers?

Babies are confusing little creatures, aren’t they? One thing a parent will wonder is how to dress their little one. After all, babies can’t tell their parents what clothing they prefer or which items will make them most comfortable.

Dressing a baby for sleep can be quite confusing. Babies sweat when they sleep. Therefore, parents will be wondering if they should bundle them up and put them in multiple layers.

With this in mind, many parents will ask, do babies wear onesies under sleepers? Read on to find out the answer to this question and some interesting insight concerning your baby’s sleep habits.

What is a Onesie?

baby in onesie

Onesies are close fitting garments made for babies. They can have long sleeves or short sleeves but they don’t have any sort of leg covering. They have snaps at the crotch to make changing easy.

Onesies can be worn on their own and they are easy garments for babies to crawl around in during the summer months. When temperatures drop, mothers may choose to pair the onesies with pants, or a skirt and tights.

What is a Sleeper?

baby in sleeper

A sleeper is a type of onesie that is made for sleeping. They are one-piece outfits that usually have a long sleeves and pants to keep babies warm. They zip up or have buttons near the crotch so parents can change babies easily.

Blanket sleepers are usually made of a warm material like fleece. This is because they are meant to replace blankets. It is not recommended to have a baby sleep with a blanket as this can lead to entanglement or suffocation.

It should be noted that there are lighter sleepers available as well. Some are made of an airy cotton material that works well in warmer weather.

Do Babies Wear Onesies Under Sleepers?

baby sleeping

There really is no yes or no answer to the question do babies wear onesies under sleepers. In theory, many parents will want to put a onesie under a sleeper. The thinking behind this is that the sleeper serves as a blanket while the onesie would be kind of like the pajamas under the blanket.

Just like most adults sleep with pajamas and a blanket, they would want their babies to have these two layers as well. Therefore, both a sleeper and a onesie are in order.

However, some babies tend to get warmer than others. A good way to tell how warm or cold a baby is is to feel their stomachs. If their stomach is cool to the touch, they may need another layer. If their stomach is nice and warm, their probably doing fine with the layers you have on.

Other factors that come into play include how warm or cold it is inside your house and what season it is. Obviously, during the winter you will want to bundle up babies, but in the summer, you might want to ditch the onesie, or ditch the heavy sleeper and let the baby sleep in the onesie alone.

What Should I Look for in a Sleeper?

baby in sleeper

When shopping for a sleeper for your baby, here are some things to look out for.

  • Diaper Accessible: You want to get a sleeper that makes it easy to access diapers for those nighttime changes. It is best to find ones that open fully. Some sleepers have a zipper that opens across the front. However, these do not provide full access to the diaper area and you will have to take the other leg out increasing the risk that you will wake your baby up during nighttime changes.
  • Tight Fitting: Sleepers should be tight fitting. That way, they won’t get caught on anything while your baby is sleeping or crawling around.
  • Flame Retardant: Sleepers should be made of a flame retardant material in case of fire. The tight fit of the sleeper will also minimize the chances of it catching fire.
  • Easy to Wash and Dry: Just like any baby’s clothing, you will want to make sure your sleeper can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer to ensure caring for them is easy.
  • Comfortable: Make sure the sleeper doesn’t have any snaps or zippers that will irritate your baby’s skin. These features make another great case for wearing onesies under sleepers but it is best to purchase an item that will not cause irritation under any circumstances.
  • Warmth: You want your baby’s sleeper to be warm, but not overly warm. Babies only need to be a little warmer than you are when they sleep at night. However, sleepers that are too warm will overheat your baby which is unhealthy and unpleasant.

Sleeper Alternates

Baby in a Sleep Sack

If you are looking for an alternate to a conventional sleeper, you might want to try a sleep sack. Instead of a regular sleeper, these come around the legs like a skirt and close with a zipper at the bottom providing easy access for changes.

This style of sleeper is also called a wearable blanket. It is great for swaddling your baby and providing them with that feeling of warmth and safety that is much like the womb experience.

Should I Put My Toddler in a Sleeper?

Sleepers are great for babies but they are also recommended for toddlers.

Toddlers kick a lot when they go to bed and usually end up with their blankets on the other end of the bed or on the floor. A sleeper is a great way to keep them warm while they sleep.

Toddler size sleepers often have some sort of grip on the bottom of the feet. This is idea for toddlers who have started walking.


So, to answer the question, do babies wear onesies under sleepers, the answer is yes, they do. However, putting a onesie under a sleeper is not absolutely necessary. It will depend on how hot your child gets when they sleep as well as the temperature inside and outside of your house.

I hope this article has helped you come to a decision concerning the layers your child will be wearing at night. Good luck keeping your baby comfy.