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Baby Trend vs Graco – Which Travel System Stroller is Best?

A travel system is an essential piece of equipment when you have a baby. But there are endless choices to suit budgets and different lifestyles, such as Baby Trend vs Graco. Before you are swept up in a system that has more gadgets than a jet plane, you need to decide if that is actually what you need.

I am going to be reviewing the Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System and the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System.

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The Main Differences Between Baby Trend and The Graco Jogger


  • The Graco Jogger has a one-second one-hand folding system. While the Baby Trend does not have this feature.
  • The Graco car seat is part of the Click Connect system. Which means it can be used with any other compatible Graco stroller.


Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

This is an affordable travel system that comes complete with car seat and base. This travel system is perfect for a parent who will be out and about on various terrains with their little

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The features of the Baby Trend

This travel system has several features to make parents’ lives easier and your babies’ journeys more comfortable. It comes with large tires, similar to those you would find on a bicycle. This ensures that your baby will always have the smoothest ride no matter what terrain you are traveling over. The front wheel has two positions, when it is unlocked it provides easy maneuverability perfect for busy streets and parks. When it is in the locked position this is great for jogging as it enables you to run at a better speed. The wheels also have a quick-release feature which is great for compact storage.

The seat is well padded and has a 5 point harness for greater safety and reclines to provide a more comfortable position for a sleeping child. It can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds and 42 inches tall.

The stroller also has a parent tray that has space to hold 2 beverages. It also includes a covered storage section which is handy for popping your keys and mobile in when out jogging. It also has a child tray to enable the storage of snacks for your child. It also comes with a large storage basket underneath, this could be perfect for packing all the baby essentials in for a day out.

Car Seat Included

The Baby Trend comes complete with a car seat and base unit. The EZ-Flex Lock 30 car seat has a weight limit of 30 pounds and a height limit of 30 inches tall. It comes complete with a 5 point harness the same as the stroller seat. The harness can easily be adjusted with one hand and has a push button to release. A safety feature of this car seat is the energy-absorbing foam which is used to provide superior side-impact and head protection.

The seat pads and inserts are all fully washable which is fantastic with a baby but especially great in those early days. It also has a large carrying handle, which will make moving your baby from vehicle to home easier.

The EZ-Flex Lock car seat is removed from the base easily and has a 4 position push button height-adjustable base. That also comes with a level indicator to ensure correct installation.

Safety Specifications

The safety specifications on the Baby Trend are industry standard for this kind of stroller. Both the stroller seat and car seat come with 5 point harnesses. The stroller seat also has a tether strap and reflectors on the footrest. These provide better low light visibility.

The EZ-flex car seat comes with energy-absorbing foam to protect from side-impact and to protect the baby’s head. The base supplied also comes with safety features such as level indicator and height adjustment to ensure correct installation every time.

Baby Trend Pros

  • Affordable
  • Hard-wearing
  • Good Quality
  • Plenty of storage
  • Maneuvers well
  • Looks good

Baby Trend Cons

  • The car seat has no head support for newborn
  • The Car seat is too upright and has poor quality materials
  • The stroller is very heavy
  • Issues with car seat base fitting
  • Material causes the to sweat constantly

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System

This travel system is from a well known and respected brand. The price tag is a little expensive but I do feel that you get a lot for your money.

graco-baby-jogger-1Buy on Amazon


The Features of the Graco Jogger

A feature-packed travel system with parents and baby in mind. The Graco comes with air filled tires that offer great suspension providing your baby with a smooth ride on all terrains. The front wheel can be locked to provide greater stability while running or jogging. It can then be unlocked so that you have the convenience of maneuverability on your daily journeys.

It has an amazing one-second, one-hand folding system which automatically locks and remains standing on its own. It comes with a multi-position reclining seat that has a 5 point safety harness as standard. It can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds.

The stroller has a great parent tray with 2 cup holders and a covered storage compartment. It also has a smartphone holder on top of this covered compartment. It will depend on what make and model phone you have as to whether it will fit in the phone holder, but this is a nice little touch none the less. There is also a convenient child’s tray with a cup holder to store drinks and snacks. There is a large storage basket in the bottom to pack all the baby essential kit in.

The Graco jogger comes with an extra-large canopy to protect your baby from the wind and sun.

The Graco also comes with Click Connect technology, which basically means that you click it in and out of its base and in and out of the stroller. Making moving your baby around even easier.

Car Seat Included

The Graco travel system comes with the SnugRide 35 car seat and base.  It is suitable for infants from 4-35 pounds and 32 inches long. It comes with a 5 point harness as standard.  This car seat is ultra-lightweight and features the click connect system. This means that it can be connected to any Graco Click Connect stroller to make a travel system. this car seat has gone through rigorous safety tests meaning that it either meets or exceeds all US safety standards.

The seat cushion is machine washable, this is always a good feature for parents of little ones.

The base is easily anchored in most vehicles either using the seatbelt or LATCH. The car seat then simply clicks into the base and clicks out. This may seem like a minor feature but when you are strapping a car seat in and out several times a day it is a lifesaver, I swear!!! The base also comes with easy to read level indicator. This means that it eliminates the guesswork when installing.

Safety Specifications

The Graco has the industry-standard safety features in place such as a 5 point harness on both the stroller and car seat. It also features reflectors for low light visibility. The car seat has been through rigorous safety tests and meets or exceeds all standards in the US.

The base can be fitted using either a seat belt or the LATCH system which makes it difficult to install the car seat incorrectly.

Graco Pros

  • Lightweight -weighing around 30 pounds
  • one-second one-hand folding system
  • Easy Click Connect System
  • The base can be fitted using seatbelt or LATCH
  • Easy to assembly
  • Smooth ride

Graco Cons

  • Bulky
  • Complaints of horrible customer services
  • Some issues with the lock on the front wheel

Things to Consider Before you Shop

Before you even go to any stores looking for a Travel System you must know exactly what it is that you want and for that matter exactly what you don’t want. Questions such as how much does it cost? What are the dimensions when folded? The answers to these questions will help you decide what features are important and which are not.

How much does it weigh?

You may think that this is a silly question, you wait until you have carried a newborn in a car seat for any length of time. Or tried lifting that travel system out of your car while holding a newborn. It is no joke at all!

Travel systems can weigh anything from around 30lbs to 50lbs. That is a huge difference. This is something you may need to consider more if you would be using public transport often with your baby.

How easy is it to maneuver?

You really need to think about your lifestyle and what part this travel system is going to play in allowing you and baby to get out and about.

When you are shopping, really test out these strollers. Lift them up, push them around the store and see how easy they are to close and open. If it is too fiddly you will lose patience very quickly with it when you are tired.

What are the safety specifications?

Each and every travel system has certain safety regulations that it has to reach but many of them go far above and beyond these.

The important thing is that whichever one you chose it keeps your baby safe. Most brands are shouting about their safety features, it is easy to find on all of their advertising. If it not then there may be a reason for it.

How much does it cost?

Each person has their own budget. We all know what we can and cannot comfortably afford and this must be decided from the beginning. This will save the heartache of falling in love with a travel system that is way over your budget.

These are just a few of the more important questions that will help you narrow down your options.

FAQ Baby Trend vs Graco

Is the Baby Trend car seat FAA approved?

The car seat that comes as part of the Baby Trend travel system is certified for use in an aircraft but only without the base.

Is the handle on the Graco height adjustable?

Unfortunately, the handle on the Graco jogger is not height adjustable but should be suitable for the vast majority of people.

What is the expiry date of the car seat and base?

Car seat and base will expire 6 years from the date of manufacture.

Would the Graco stroller fit through the aisle of a public transit bus?

The Graco jogger will fit through the aisle of a public transit bus.

Baby Trend vs Graco Our Recommendation

Choosing the correct travel system is such an important decision. It is likely that it will be one of the largest purchases that you will make for your new baby. So you have to make sure that it’s the right one.

I would recommend The Graco Jogger as the best travel system. The Graco feels like they are parents and have the same concerns as us. I love the one hand, one-second fold system. This can be a game-changer when you are juggling a baby, bags and a stroller.

Even though it is the more expensive out of the two I firmly believe that you get what you pay for in the end. This travel system comes with a fantastic car seat and base that have great safety features and amazing crash test results. The simple click connect system is another great feature for parents.

One of the disadvantages of this jogger was that it was bulky, however, on the flip side, it provides a smooth ride for your little one. I would deal with the bulky jogger in order to provide my newborn with a smoother ride.