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Evenflo Symphony Elite vs DLX – Which Car Seat is the Best?

Car seat shopping can bring out the worst in even the most placid parent. There are so many questions, laws you have to abide by and then there are those that are just recommendations. It is these recommendations that usually trip parents up when they go shopping for a new car seat at any stage of their children’s lives. Today we’ll look at the Evenflo Symphony Elite vs DLX car seats.

Like any other big-ticket item, you need to do your homework before purchasing. Find out what the laws are in your state and what are just recommendations. Then you have to decide what key features are the most important to you.

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The Main Differences Between the Evenflo Symphony Elite vs DLX



  • The Evenflo Symphony is suitable from 5-110 pounds and the DLX is suitable from 4-120 pounds.
  • The expiration date on the Evenflo Symphony is 8 years whereas the DLX has an expiration date of 10 years.
  • The Evenflo Symphony is rear-facing until 40 pounds and the DLX is rear-facing until 50 pounds.





Evenflo Symphony Elite

The Evenflo Symphony Elite is an all in one car seat. It has been designed under the concept that it will be the only car seat you will ever need. Well as long as your child no longer needs a car seat by the age of 8 years old as that is how long the expiration date is on this car seat.

It can accommodate a child from 5-110 pounds and rear-facing until the child is 40 pounds. In its forward-facing mode in can accommodate a child from 22-65 pounds and in booster seat mode it can accommodate a child weighing 40-110 pounds.

It comes with many safety features including its unique latch system and 5 point infinite slide harness adjustment.


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Safety Features

The Evenflo name has been around for over 100 years. For this time they have been producing well made and functional car seats. The Evenflo Symphony Elite is no different and comes with some great safety features.

The Symphony comes with a unique SureLatch system, that ratchets to ensure a perfect no wobble fit every time.

This car seat has been tested for structural integrity at twice the federal crash test limit.

This car seat meets or exceeds all federal applicable testing requirements.

Elite Pros

  • Very comfy super plush seat
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust straps with disassembling
  • Convenient cupholders

Elite Cons

  • Fitting issues
  • Issues with straps loosening after fitting
  • Issues with straps shredding

Evenflo Everystage DLX

The Evenflo Everstage DLX  is designed to be the ultimate all in one car seat with an expiration date of 10 years. It is suitable for children from 4-120 pounds and rear-facing until 50 pounds.

The Everstage DLX allows children to stay rear-facing for longer while not cramping the rest of the family. This is due to its unique position adjust system which gives toddlers more room while not encroaching on other passengers’ space.

The DLX also comes with the safety features that you would expect from Evenflo. This being its unique Sure Latch system and testing above federal standards.


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Safety Features

The unique Easy click Latch system that uses a ratchet fitting to ensure that the car seat has a wobble-free fitting each and every time it is installed. This ratchet fitting allows the car seat to be fitted 3 times tighter than other fitting systems.

Its design allows children to remain rear-facing for longer. It is recommended that children remain rear-facing for as long as possible for their safety while traveling.

DLX Pros

  • Fantastic latch system
  • Excellent recline especially for young babies
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Rear-facing up to 50 pound
  • Size adjustment

DLX Cons

  • A little bit bulky
  • Covers are hard to remove for washing
  • Difficult to tighten straps

Do you want a car seat that will last for the next year or one that is more of a long term investment?

You can purchase a car seat that will last for a year or you could make an investment and purchase a car seat that will last for the foreseeable future and hopefully until your child no longer requires one.

What is your budget?

Car seats vary hugely in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Before you go shopping you need to make sure that you know what your budget is and stick to it. If you do have your eye on a particular car seat that may be out of your budget, you could wait for the sales and pick up a bargain.

Will it fit my vehicle?

Every car seat does not fit every car. It varies from one vehicle to the next and will depend not only on the particular car seat that you are looking at but also the way in which it is installed in your car. Does the car seat use Latch, top tethers or just the basic seatbelt.

What fitting features does your vehicle have such top tethers, Latch?

This is easy enough to find out from your user manual and if not then you can get the information from a quick google search of your vehicles make and model. It is usually under safety features in the specifications of your car.

FAQ Evenflo Symphony Elite vs DLX

Does the Evenflo Elite convert to a booster seat?

The Evenflo Elite converts to a high back booster seat to be used with the cars’ integral 3 point seat belt. But it does not convert into a backless booster seat,

Is the Evenflo DLX FAA approved?

The DLX is FAA approved while using the internal 5 point harness. However, once it is converted to a booster seat using the car seatbelt it will no longer be FAA approved.

Does the Evenflo Elite have an expiration date?

This car seat will have a lifespan of 8 years from the date of manufacture.

Does the DLX come in the outlast temperature control fabric?

The DLX does not come with the outlast temperature control fabric as other Evenflo models do.

So Which is Best Evenflo Symphony Elite or DLX?

Both of these car seats are great, they have lots of excellent features to keep children comfortable. The safety requirements have been met or exceeded.

Personally, I think that the DLX just steals the show with its extended weight limit for rear-facing, its 10-year life span, and its maximum weight limit being 120 pounds.