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10 Best Pull Up Diapers for Toddlers: Potty Training in 2024

Babies are so cute, most mothers don’t want them to ever grow up! But one thing many parents look forward to is a time when their child is potty trained, so they won’t have to change those dirty diapers anymore.

When children are ready to start potty training, it’s a good idea to start the transition by switching to pull up diapers. This article will take a look at the best pull-ups for toddlers so you can decide which ones are best for your child.

In a Hurry? Here are our Favorite Pull Up Diapers

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Features to Look for in Your Toddler’s Pull Up Diaper

When babies get to potty training age (usually around 2), it’s a good idea to start replacing their diapers with pull ups. This will get them more used to the feel and functionality of underwear.

While pullups have Velcro side closures, they can also be pulled up and down just like regular underwear. This type of access encourages children to use the bathroom and feel more independent in doing so.

If you are at the stage when your child is ready to transition into pull up diapers, you will want to invest in a product that is high quality and works to get your toddler excited about this new stage in their lives. With that in mind, here are some features you will want to look for in the best pull ups for toddlers.

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Get Those Stretchy Sides

Toddlers will be pulling their diapers up and down. Therefore, you want to make sure they have plenty of give. Those little fingers may be quite rough when they are getting ready to use the bathroom!

Make Sure They are Comfortable

It goes without saying that you will want the pullups to fit your child comfortably. Ruched leg holes are recommended.

Avoid Those Leaks

Pullups tend to be thinner than other types of diapers. They are made to provide a smoother appearance that is more like underwear than a diaper and older babies are also better at bladder control so they don’t require as much protection. That being stated, diapers should still be absorbent enough to minimize leaks.

Make Sure It’s a Good Fit

The company that makes the diaper should provide information on the box that lets parents know what size will be best for their child according to weight and age. Diapers should not sag, bag or gap when the child is wearing them.

Look for Tear Away Sides

Even though the diaper is meant to be pulled up and down, it should also have tear away sides to make it easy for parents to change children when they are wet.

Make Sure They Won’t Irritate Babies Skin

Diapers can be made with materials that irritate baby’s skin. It’s a good idea to look for diapers that are hypoallergenic and don’t contain any toxic ingredients that can cause a rash or redness.

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10 Best Pull Up Diapers for Toddlers

Now that you know what to look for in the best pull up diapers for toddlers, you are ready to start shopping. Here are some recommended brands you will want to look out for.

variety of pull up diapers for infants

#1. Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diaper Pants

These diapers come in three different sizes so they are sure to fit toddlers at every stage of potty training. The boxes are clearly marked according to size and weight. They have a pre-fastened design that makes for versatility when changing babies standing or lying down.

Huggies Little Movers stretch to provide comfort and freedom of movement. Their slim, trim fit makes them more like underwear and less like a diaper. They also have up to 12 hours of leak lock protection and an adorable design babies will love.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Leak lock protection
  • Slim, trim fit
  • Cute design
  • Clearly marked for different sizes and ages.


  • Fit is not great
  • Prone to leaking despite leak lock protection

#2. Pampers Easy Ups

Pampers Easy Ups feature 360 degree stretchy waistbands that provide your toddler with the ultimate in comfort. They have absorbent channels as well as a dual leak guard barrier to minimize leaks. Their easy tear sides make for fast changes and a comfortable fit.

These pull-ups have an attractive design that will appeal to your baby and they are currently updating with new prints your little one will love.


  • Leak protection features
  • Stretchy waistband for a comfortable fit
  • Easy tear sides for fast changes


  • Diapers sag making for a poor fit
  • Diapers tend to leak
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#3. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear

These diapers may be the best nighttime pull ups. They are made for children who are already potty trained but may be prone to having accidents overnight. They come in sizes that range from XS to XL and each is marked with the weight they are recommended for.

Goodnites have 5 layer protection and double leg barriers that provide them with 40% more protection than the leading training pants. They have a stretchy waistband that makes for an underwear-like fit. They have odor absorption and adorable characters that appeal to young children.


  • Leak protection
  • Odor absorption
  • Cute characters
  • Underwear-like fit


  • Diapers leak despite leak protection
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#4. Natural Blossom Pull Up Pants

These pull-ups stand apart from other brands in that they are hypoallergenic. They are also designed to fit like underwear with non-adhesive tabs that make changing easy. They provide ruched legs that don’t cut into thighs to leave a mark.

The diapers have a silky, smooth texture and an award winning trendy design inspired by endangered animals. What’s more, their packaging can turn into a tote bag.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable, easy change design
  • Multi-use packaging
  • Soft texture
  • Great design


  • Diapers leak
  • Diapers cause redness despite being hypoallergenic
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#5. Honest Company Toddler Training Pants

The Honest Company provides pull ups with eco-friendly and bio-sustainable materials including a bio-based core, sustainably harvested pulp fluff and plant derived materials. They have an underwear-like fit with a soft and stretchy waistband that makes them comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

The liquid locking core and moisture barrier cuffs help prevent leaks. They have an adorable design and even their packaging is made to make them look more like underwear than a diaper.


  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Leak resistant
  • Comfortable fit
  • Made to look like underwear
  • Cute design


  • Inaccurate sizing with most diapers being too big
  • Diapers leak
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#6. Seventh Generation Baby and Toddler Training Pants

Seventh Generation Baby and Toddler training pants come in a variety of sizes. They are clearly marked by weight ensuring you get the right fit for your baby. They contain no chlorine bleaches, lotions or fragrances so they are guaranteed to be gentle on your child’s skin.

The absorbent core provides protection against leaks. They have a big kid underwear fit and their tear away sides make changing easy. They also have an adorable design that appeals to children.


  • Absorbent core
  • Free of chemicals that irritate children’s skin
  • Clearly marked for size
  • Underwear-like fit
  • Side panels for easy changing


  • Not leak proof as advertised
  • Poor fit
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#7. Bamboo Nature Training Pants

These training pants come in two different sizes in accordance with your baby’s weight. They have a super absorbent core and the breathable cotton material provides a soft and flexible fit.

These pull up diapers have been dermatologist tested to be hypoallergenic and not cause irritation to skin. They are also free of harmful chemicals and they are completely biodegradable so as to cause no harm to the environment.


  • Absorbent
  • Comfortable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hyo-allergenic
  • Dermatologist tested


  • Diapers rip easily
  • Diapers leak
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#8. Huggies Pull Ups Potty Training Pants

Another type of training pants made by Huggies, Pull Ups Training Pants provide all around coverage, leak protection, and absorbency. The soft, stretchy sides let kids move around easily and they also make it easy for parents to change their children without even having to fully undress them.

The adjustable waistband provides a terrific fit and makes it easy for you to check for your child’s messes and the color even fades when they are wet. The diapers come in various sizes that can be determined based on your child’s weight. The fun Disney patterns take them over the edge making them a kid’s favorite.


  • Design fades so you can tell when your child’s wet
  • Adjustable waist band provides superior fit
  • Stretchy sides let kids move around easily
  • Leak protection and absorbency
  • Easy changing features


  • Fit is a bit tight
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#9. Pampers Under Jams

Another contender for best night time pull up diapers, Pampers Under Jams are designed for bigger kids who might still be wetting the bed. Size small is for children that weigh 38 to 65 pounds while the larger size is for children who are 58 to 85 pounds.

The product has a Nightlock ultra absorbent core that is meant to be 20% more absorbent than other diapers. They are made of a clothlike material that gives your child the privacy they want and the low waist means they will barely know they are wearing them. Their underwear-like design lets the skin breathe.


  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Suits the needs of kids that may need extra help potty training
  • Discreet
  • Easy to find the right size by weight


  • Fit poorly
  • Tend to leak
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#10. Cutie Pants

Cutie Pants are training pants made for girls. They offer a stretchy fit that moves with your toddler. Their re-fastenable sides make it easy for you to change your child and check for wetness. They feature an adorable design that fades when diapers are wet.

These diapers are made of a hypoallergenic material that will not irritate your child’s skin. The inner lining is made of vitamin E and botanicals and they do not contain any harmful chemicals.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Re-fastenable sides make it easy to take diapers on and off and tell when children are wet
  • Design that fades when wet


  • Sizing is not available by weight
  • Diapers fall off
  • Diapers leak
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And the Winner Is…

After reviewing all these pull up diapers, it seems that when it comes to best pull-ups for toddlers we have a tie between Goodnites and Huggies Pull Ups.

Good Nights are among the best night time pull ups. They are clearly labeled with size and weight so you know what to buy when it comes to getting a product that will fit your child. They have adorable designs that appeal to children and a comfortable, underwear-like fit that is perfect for toddlers who are looking to move on from diapers. They are also highly rated as a parent’s favorite.

Huggies Pull Ups is another highly rated pull up. They have great designs that fade when wet. They provide children with comfort and flexibility. Their adjustable waistband sets them apart from providing a feature not a lot of other pullups have. They provide terrific coverage and absorbency.

If you have a child that is moving onto potty training, the right pullups can really help them get through this important stage of life. Hopefully, this article has provided you with great choices that can make this transition as seamless as possible. Which brand do you think makes the best pull ups for toddlers?