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Recommended Pack n Play Weight Limits

For many new parents, the Pack and Play is another new piece of baby equipment they need to master. And as a new parent, there are so many choices.

Fundamentally a Pack and Play is a multi-purpose piece that is used as a bassinet, canopy, portable crib, or Playard, depending on which version you purchase and your needs. It provides peace of mind for parents. However, even seasoned parents may not know the pack n play’s weight limits.

Most Pack n Plays have a recommended weight limit of around 25-30lbs. It can vary between models so it’s important to look at the specific model you intend to use. Below are five of the most popular Pack N Plays, including their weight limits.

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1. Graco Pack and Play Portable Playard

Graco is a well-known brand in the baby business. They provide well-thought-out products that solve many parenting problems.

The Pack and Play is no different. It has a compact folding system that makes it easy to store and transport. It has a tough and durable frame making it ideal for taking the knocks and bumps of travel. This also comes with a carrying bag for easy travel.

The Graco Pack and Play does have a weight limit for its use the same as many others do. For this particular one, the weight limit is 30 pounds and should not be used after your baby exceeds this weight.

2. Regalo My Play Portable Play Yard

This particular Pack and Play has a really low center of gravity as the base. It is set very close to the ground. This makes it super stable and will prolong its use.

You also can use it as it is less likely to be toppled over by a larger child. It is portable and lightweight, making it suitable for indoors or outdoors. Due to the base being almost flat to the floor there is no real weight limit given on this product.


3. Chicco Lullaby Glow Playard

Chicco is another well-known brand in the baby market. However, this one is more than just a pack and play. It comes complete with a newborn lounger, bassinet, playard, and changing station. All of the extra elements fold flat for easy storage and transportation.

The Chicco Lullaby also comes complete with a soothing mobile that projects starry skies onto the walls and ceiling. It also glows with soothing color-changing LEDs. This mobile can be detached from the Pack and Play and used for many years to come as a night light when your baby is older.

The Chicco Lullaby glow has a weight limit of 30 pounds for the playard part. While the Bassinet, newborn lounger, and the changing station all come with their weight limits.

The bassinet has a weight limit of 15 pounds, the newborn lounger has a weight limit of more than 15 pounds, and the changing station with 25 pounds.


4. Baby Trend Deluxe II

This Pack and Play is a multi-functional piece of equipment. The Baby Trend Deluxe II comes with a changing station, canopy, parent organizer, and electronic entertainment. These are great features that give parents fantastic value for money and functionality.

The canopy can be unzipped and transformed into a toy bar with 2 plush hanging toys. The entertainment continues with the soothing music to lull your baby to sleep along with the calming vibration and a nightlight.

The weight limits for the Baby Trend are 30 pounds for the Playard section and 15 pounds for the bassinet/changing table.

5. Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Playard

The Dream On Me is a traditional Pack and Play without any of the extras like the Chicco or the Baby Trend. Yet it is still a good solid piece of equipment that offers parents portability and peace of mind for their baby.

The frame is lightweight and easy to move around and it comes on casters. This also comes with a quick and easy setup, mesh sides for great ventilation ensuring that your baby is cool and comfortable. The weight limit for the Dream On Me is 30 pounds.

Pack and Play Need to Know

As you can see from the featured pack and plays the average weight limit is around 30 pounds, and they do not seem to vary hugely across the range. However, the weight limit is not the only safety feature that you need to be aware of in to use these safely and responsibly.

Correct Assembly

The weight limits will not matter if the unit is not assembled correctly, to begin with. Here are a few basics that you need to check before using your Pack and Play:

  • Pack and Plays have storage space for the instructions. Make sure that these are kept safe for future reference.
  • If your Pack and Play has a Bassinet included, it must be fully assembled and installed before you place your baby in it.
  • Always use the mattress that comes with your Pack and Play. The mattress that usually comes with your Pack and Play will not be very thick but it is perfectly fine and comfortable for your baby.
  • Ensure that you do not store the bassinet in the Pack and Play while you are using the Pack and Play.
  • Only ever use your Pack and Play for one child.

Other Limits

There are other limits in place that you need to be aware of and ensure you check before you purchase.

  • Many of the Pack and Plays featured have height limits also.
  • Many do not state a weight limit but will give a limit of when your child reaches a certain developmental milestone such as ‘pushing themselves up on their hands’ or ‘standing up’ for example.

Other Considerations

Other things that you need to consider to get the most from your Pack and Play are things such as portability and extras included.

Portability – The whole purpose of Pack and Plays is that they are designed to be portable, but not every model is the same or as portable as the other. Check out how much the product weighs and its folding system. If you intend to travel with it, you will need to check if it can be checked on airplanes.

Extras Included – Some of those featured are stand-alone Pack and Plays, while others are a mobile nursery system, that comes with changing station, bassinet, and baby lounger. Many also come with entertainment centers built-in with toy bars, music, a nightlight, or vibration modes.

Only you will know if these are things that you will use or if they are an additional cost that will go to waste.

My advice would be to do your homework before making a purchase and to think long and hard about how you are going to use your Pack and Play!