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Lillebaby Airflow vs All Seasons – Differences & Which to Buy

Finding the perfect baby carrier is a very delicate balance between value, longevity, and safety features. Babywearing has become hugely popular and in fact very cool in the last few years. With celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Bell being photographed babywearing with their children, the general public is quick to follow suit. But babywearing is not new it has been a part of almost every culture dating back many centuries. I will be comparing two Lillebaby carriers, the Lillebaby Airflow vs All Season.

The Main Differences between Lillebaby Airflow vs All Seasons

There are not many differences between these two carriers as you would expect as they are from the same brand. But the differences that they do have may be the deciding factor in your search for the ideal baby carrier for your personal situation.


The All Season weighs slightly more than the Airflow but I think this is quite expected due to the different materials used. This is another significant difference between the two carriers – the exterior fabric of the All-Season is 100% cotton while the Airflow is made from 3D mesh. This is in fact the key selling feature of the Airflow, the breathable mesh.


Some differences that may not be much of a deal-breaker for you are that the All Season comes in 22 color options while the Airflow only comes in 18. I would think that even with just 18 color options you can find something to suit all tastes!

The price difference between the All-Season and the Airflow is not huge and I think if you really want a certain carrier from this brand that the additional cost could be found and justified.

Lillebaby Airflow

As we are comparing two carriers from the same brand most of the key features are going to be the same. The main difference that I have found is the way they regulate the baby’s temperature. We all know how hard a hot and uncomfortable baby is to deal with especially when you are babywearing.


The Airflow is made entirely from 3D mesh which is designed to keep your baby cool and comfortable. This means that the Airflow can be used all year round and is perfect for those warmer months or if you are lucky enough to live in a hot climate. Baby’s generate a tremendous amount of heat especially when they are strapped to your chest or back. The Airflow would be perfect for anyone who wears their baby while they are working out or for those particularly strenuous hiking adventures. It is also great because it can be thrown in the washing machine for a quick clean no matter how sweaty you get.airflow-2

A feature I love is the fully adjustable straps that make breastfeeding super simple and convenient. I also think that the fact that there is no baby insert is required and that the seat can be easily converted through the three seating positions easily as your baby grows. You can also feel assured that you are making a good choice as the carrier seat is ergonomic and also is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a Hip Healthy carrier. The weight range on the Airflow carrier is 7 to 45 pounds, this means that as long as your baby is 7 pounds or above there will be no need for a newborn insert.

Airflow Pros

  • It comes with breathable mesh to help keep your baby cool and comfortable, this is a great temperature regulation feature.
  • Like other Lillebaby carriers, the Airflow comes with ergonomic fit and lumbar support.
  • It offers 360-degree carrying which means it has six positions to carry a baby in – front inward with fetal, infant and toddler settings, front-outward, hip, and backpack for older babies and toddlers.
  • It is lightweight and not too bulky

Airflow Cons

  • Small adults may find this carrier difficult to wear securely
  • Adjusting between the seat sizes can take some getting used to.
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Lillebaby All Seasons

The All-Season does exactly what its name suggests -it makes babywearing possible all year round through all four seasons. It does this through its unique zip-up temperature control panel which helps to regulate your baby temperature and ensure that they stay cool and comfortable – no parent wants to deal with a hot and cranky baby!


The All-season comes with a fantastic ergonomic fit and lumbar support. This is particularly important when carrying a child around for any length of time – they are heavy, even when they are newborn. The first few months after birth can be very hard on a mom’s body as she adjusts to her new life and her body recovers. So, this additional lumbar support really is a fantastic feature of the All-season. Its lumbar support also got this carrier named the most comfortable carrier which is hard to argue with. All 6 positions are comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time without any signs of lower backache or shoulder pain.


This carrier comes with Lillebabys 350 degree carrying. This gives you the advantage of being able to easily switch positions while getting on with your day. When your little one wants to cuddle, feed, or when they are very small the inward position is great but as your baby grows they will quickly become bored of looking at your shoulder or chest. Once this happens you can easily move them to the forward-facing position so they can take in the world in from of them and the backpack position is fantastic for your baby to see the world and gives you a much better range of motion. The All-Season has all three of these positions plus the hip carrying and there are adjustments within each position for baby as they grow.

All Seasons Pros

  • Fully adjustable carrier
  • Perfect for plus size
  • Good instructions included – user friendly
  • Seat adjusters are easy to change
  • It offers ergonomic and great lumbar support
  • Good storage compartments
  • It has six carrying positions – front inward with fetal, infant and toddler settings, front-outward, hip, and backpack for older babies and toddlers.
  • It has been voted the most comfortable baby carrier from newborn to toddler
  • Great features such as a headrest, adjustable hood, pockets
  • It comes with a temperature control panel that is easily zipped up or tucked down to keep baby warm or keep them cool and comfortable.
  • It was recognized as a Hip Healthy Carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

All Seasons Cons

  • Difficult to use the pocket on the waistband.
  • Not suitable for babies with thick legs
  • The material can cut into babies legs
  • All the extra padding to make the carrier cozy for your baby can make it feel a little bulky for you.
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FAQ Lillebaby Airflow vs All Season

Do I need a newborn insert for either the Airflow or the All Season carrier?

No insert is required in either carrier as they are suitable to be used from newborn weighing 7 pounds or more.

What size adult will these carriers fit?

Both the Airflow and the All Season carrier is sized from s to 3xl. This makes it fully adjustable to fit almost all body types and sizes.

How many pockets are there on each of the carriers?

The All Season comes with 4 convenient pockets which are great for popping in your smartphone, keys, and cash when you are on the go. Some reviews have stated that the waistband pocket is quite difficult to use when you are babywearing.

The Airflow carrier comes with 5 convenient pockets – pockets are always great when you are out and about and mean that you do not need to take an additional bag with you.

What is a Hip Healthy Carrier?

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends that baby hips should be kept at a certain angle while they are being carried in a baby carrier. The ideal position is that the thigh is supported to the knee joint. This means that any forces on the hip joint are minimal because the position of the leg is supported and the hip is in a more stable position. Those carriers that are rated as Hip Healthy meet the above carrying positions to support good hip development in infants.

Both the Lillebaby Airflow and All Season meet the requirements for the above carrying position and are therefore Hip Healthy carriers.

Which to buy – Airflow vs All Seasons

Each parent has to make their own decision based on their needs and circumstances but what I can offer you is my informed opinion without any judgment. In my case, I would choose the Lilliebaby Airflow as I believe it offers you the best of both worlds with its temperature control 3D mesh. It can be used in the warmer months without having to worry about baby overheating and then come the cooler months when your baby is dressed for the weather it can still be used without the concern of overheating.

Now that you have some information to help you make the right choice for you and your kids!