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Mamaroo Classic vs Plush – Comparison and Differences

Many of you may be wondering what on earth the Mamaroo is, much less what the differences are between the two models. Well, the Mamaroo is a 21st-century baby swing, complete with some 21st-century tech! It is marketed as a baby rocker that mimics a parent’s natural movements. Created by 4moms a company whose mission it is to ‘develop dramatically better juvenile-products’. We are going to look at the Mamaroo Classic vs Plush, the differences between them, and their key features.





What Exactly Are The Big Differences Between The Mamaroo Classic And The Plush?

To be fair to both products there are only two differences between them. The first one is that the Plush has a velvety soft seat cover whereas the classic has a smooth nylon seat cover. Both seat covers are machine washable. But as a parent, if it’s possible I would try to have two seat covers for this product because we all know how messy babies can be! so with that option in mind, you could just buy the Classic and then purchase an additional seat cover in the Plush material.


The second big difference is actually the price of these baby swings. The Plush is about $30 more expensive than the Classic and to be honest, I think that they are on the expensive side to begin with. Usually, you pay more for an item that has

  1. Increased functionality or
  2. A specific feature that the previous model did not have


But as you can see the only difference between these two models is the material used for the actual seat. This does meet either of the requirements above. Does it justify the extra $$ for something that doesn’t really benefit your baby? Well, the velvety soft plush seat cover will ensure that your baby is super comfortable in their swing but so will the smooth nylon seat cover that the Mamaroo Classic comes with.

Key Features of Both

Don’t get me wrong both of these baby swings have a revolutionary design and are also pretty cool. For those parents that like their baby equipment to be techy, both the classic and the plush will tick that box. So what are the key features of these 21st-century baby swings?

  • Both come with the unique 5 motions – car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye and wave. The idea behind these motions is that they clearly replicate the motion a parent makes while trying to soothe their baby.


  • 5 speeds – 5 different speeds are available on each unique motion setting, giving you a total of 25 different combinations to choose from. Hopefully, you find at least one that your baby will like.
  • 4 built-in sounds – to help soothe your baby along with the motion.
  • MP3 compatible – If you one of the four built-in sounds fail to comfort your baby you could always connect any MP3 device to provide them with their favorite song or lullaby
  • Bluetooth enabled – This is for those parents that like their baby equipment to come with some tech. Connect to your smart device and you can control the motion or sound from it. Great if you are in another room while your baby is in their baby swing.


  • Adjustable seat recline – The seat offers a full recline position that allows our baby to lie back and relax or nap or they can sit up and play while still enjoying the motion and sound.
  • Toy mobile – Both versions come with interactive and reversible toy balls. The mobile includes a rattle, mirror, and crinkle ball to help develop your baby’s senses. The toys on the mobile are also fully removable and machine washable.

There are three fabric options for the Mamaroo: the plush seat fabrics (multi and silver) which are a softer, velvety material; the classic seat fabric (grey and black) which are a smooth woven polyester material and the third option is the cool mesh seat fabric (dark grey) this has a smooth breathable surface, designed to keep your baby cool and comfortable while maximizing airflow around them. We have not compared the third option in this article.

The Mamaroo Classic and Plush can only be used from birth to around 25 pounds, meaning this could only be used for around the first few months of your baby’s life. The financial investment is high for something that you could potentially only get 4-5 months use out of depending on your baby’s weight.

Mamaroo Classic vs Plush – Do the differences make one more favorable?

To be fair neither the Mamaroo classic vs plush have a unique feature that would set one apart from the other. I think it would ultimately come down to personal choice and how much you actually have to spend.

The plush seat cover does look as though more effort has been put into it with its multi-colored shapes on a white background. Don’t get me wrong the classic grey and black material used on the Mamaroo classic is not ugly or unattractive, I just feel that the Plush fabric is more aesthetically pleasing.

Now you come to the additional cost for the Plush – again this comes down to a personal choice and your budget. Is the extra spend justified for the more aesthetically pleasing seat fabric is a decision that only you could make.