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Baby Shusher Sound Machine Review 2024

I usually shush my baby, Kyle, before she sleeps or keeps calm. White noise calms him and helps him fall asleep easier.

The shushing routine really does get tiring especially on a day where I’m lacking the energy and patience it takes. Shushing her late into the night affects my productivity at work and makes me grumpy. So I started researching the Baby Shusher Sound Machine and found the Baby Shusher: the soothing sleep miracle collection.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Shusher Sound Machine

Initially, I wanted a baby shusher to shush Kyle so that I can enjoy a sound sleep myself – don’t we all? Frankly, getting babies into a healthy sleep pattern can be hectic. In fact, it is one of the difficulties we face as new parents.

However, after reading a handful of baby shusher reviews online, I realized that baby shusher could be an excellent solution for me. And here is why:

The idea behind baby shusher is to create a familiar environment for babies, an environment that keeps them calm and sleep easy. Put simply, if Kyle sleeps easy, and I get to do the same – cheers. Before we raise our hopes too high, let’s be critical and ask a few questions:

Who Should Use a Baby Shusher Sound Machine?

Baby shusher sound machines are primarily for babies. I once had the thought of using it myself – hilarious, isn’t it? Well, a 4-month old baby can use a baby shusher sound machine. However, it can still be effective for 9-month old babies. But if a child aged 1 and above experiences sleep difficulties, consult a pediatrician.

Baby Shusher Reviews

Is The Baby Shusher Sound Machine Safe?

According to Patrick A. Coleman on Fatherly, “not every baby will need a white noise machine, but for those that do, safety should come first”. And I agree.

Baby shushing machines can indeed be useful. However, it is wise to ensure that whatever we bring into our baby’s environment is safe. Perhaps the white noise is not the issue. The issue is how loud and safe the machine can get. That is why we should always ensure it’s at the lowest sound-producing unit.

Further, babies cry for a variety of reasons. It is best to ascertain the reason first – no baby shusher will calm a hungry baby.

The Product: Baby Shusher Soothing Sleep Miracle Collection Pack

Baby sound machine shusher is an award-winning product for babies. Do you know it was one of the best baby product, according to Baby List?  Let’s describe its features and functions, shall we?

Baby shusher is an orange-colored tool with a rounded-rocket shape. I love that it plays soothing, shushing sounds that are almost like a human voice. Further, baby shusher delivers on its promise to calm babies. It does that by engaging a baby’s natural calming reflex through its rhythmic shushing.

Baby Shusher Sound Machine

Check out the pros and cons I gathered from baby shusher reviews online below:


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Uses a real human voice
  • Portable designs


  • It is limited to non-rechargeable batteries (AA)
  • It is gender-focused i.e., it is specifically designed for male babies
  • It is not guaranteed to work for every baby

Features and Benefits

The Real Human Voice and Natural Shushing

Babies are used to the soothing sounds inside their mother’s womb before birth. These sounds could include a gentle muffled voice, as well as the movement of amniotic fluid.

Fortunately, Baby Shusher creates an environment that is similar to the natural environment a baby feels in the womb. Also, it adds the real human “shush” sound, which can be incredibly soothing and calming for our baby.

Versatile and Portable Designs

Thanks to the Baby Shusher design, you can transport it easily for use at all times. Whether it’s on a quick picnic or a 3-month vacation, the baby shusher would easily fit into your bags.

And the size? Not too big! The 1.4 pounds sized baby shusher is easy to carry. Moreover, the baby shusher has a wrist-carrying strap that aids handling. The best part is that it is a ready-to-use product; the Baby Shusher comes with two AA batteries.

Safety and Adjustable Volume Control

This Baby Shusher includes volume control, which ensures that the baby sleeps comfortably without having to unease everyone else in the house.

In truth, it is frustrating when I stay up all night to shush Kyle. If a baby shusher gets him to sleep faster and longer, then it’s good for me – comfort and sound health. More so, a good nighttime routine is beneficial for both the baby and us. The babies get to understand the difference between day and night.

Baby Shusher Customer Reviews

Remember, I researched baby shusher sound machines! It’s a good thing I did because I came across some beautiful testimonies. Here is one I’d like to share:

Parker on Amazon said, “This is silly. I never thought I would recommend this to anyone. It shushes and works too! Heather takes it to bed with her. When she wakes in the night, I hear her turn it back on, and she falls right back asleep.” See more below…

Parker Review

Dana Review

Baby shusher review - Robert


  • Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine – It uses conveniently compact, and comes with customizable sounds. It comes with two-speed alternatives for adjustable volume and sound. This makes it easy to create a unique sound environment. Also,  it masks background noise, which allows for sound sleep.
  • Cloud B Sleep Sheep Sound Soother – The timer is an upgrade over baby shusher. Cloud B’s auto-timer is 23-45 minutes. Also, it comes with beautiful songs such as rock-a-bye baby, spring showers, and so much more.
  •  Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner – It also creates a relaxed and comforting natural environment with the sound of moving air. Sleep Easy is a great choice for your babies’ room.


It’s frustrating when we recall all the stress we face as parents while putting our babies to sleep. Kyle, in particular, doesn’t make bedtime easy. However, thanks to this baby shusher review and a couple of other baby shusher reviews, we now know that there is a solution. And baby shusher can be that solution for us. Baby shusher creates a natural environment for our babies. It is compact, easy to use, and mobile. In essence, it reduces the stress of having to shush our babies all day.

Summarily, baby shushers handle all those issues mentioned above (sleep, health, and work) so that our babies and we can have a sound sleep. More so, sleep is good for our health, don’t you agree?