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Mintlyfe Patch Weight Loss Reviews 2024

Being overweight limited my life as an individual and as a mom. It was challenging to keep up with my kids, especially on the days when I feel depressed about my situation. Doing simple everyday tasks like tying my kid’s shoes, or my own for that matter, became a challenge.

The diets I tried didn’t work for me, and it seemed as if my stomach fat had was there to stay. But not for long! A few weeks ago, I was reviewing various weight loss pills and patches online (as I often do) and found the MintLyfe Patch and many MintLyfe Patch weight loss reviews. I wish I had found it earlier; it would have saved me a lot of heartaches.

In a Hurry? Here Are the Top Mintlyfe Alternatives

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Things to Consider Before Buying MintLyfe Patch

Weight Loss patches are a bit like weight loss pills. They both do the same thing; the only difference is the form of ingestion. You swallow the pills, of course, while the patches get stuck to the skin.

It is heart-breaking when you can’t lose that excess fat, not to mention the life-threatening diseases that come with being overweight. Trust me; I have been there. Each time a new diet doesn’t work, it takes something away from you. It did the same to me until I found the MintLyfe Patch.

I would recommend the patch to any overweight mom, especially those who have tried so many options without finding a solution.  However, if you have sensitive skin, the weight loss patch may not be the right choice, after all. It might cause you some discomfort. Also, people who have an underlying heart condition are strongly advised not to use the MintLyfe patch. You might want to try out weight loss pills instead. I recommend you talk with your doctor about the different options and which may be best for you.

If you don’t have sensitive skin, you should consider the following before buying one.

  • How sensitive your skin might be to the adhesive in the patch.
  • If you have an underlying heart condition
  • What brand to get.

The Mintlyfe Patch Review

MintLyfe Patch is an abdomen treatment patch. It helps get rid of bumpy cellulite and fat within weeks.

Also, Mintlyfe primarily claims to help obese people and anyone who wants to lose a couple of inches off their waist.

The patch does a lot of things that eventually lead to a dramatic weight loss. According to MintLyfe, the weight loss patch works by increasing metabolism, reducing fat absorption, increasing fat burning, and improving blood circulation throughout the body.

Compared to some of the biggest weight loss patch brands like Kongdy, MintLyfe is holding its own. It offers the same services that Kongdy offers its customers. The only edge Kongdy might have over MintLyfe is that its patches contain essential oil.

However, I think that MintLyfe would be a worthy competitor for Kongdy with a few improvements. It bears repeating: a pack of MintLyfe comes with 50 patches compared to Kongdy’s 10 patches. More is always better, right?

Mintlyfe Weight Loss Patch Review


  • Reduces weight.
  • Reduces food cravings.
  • Increases metabolism.


  • Adhesive could irritate sensitive skin.
  • Increases heart rate and could affect people with heart conditions.
  • It does not have enough research to back its claims.

Features and Benefit

MintLyfe’s key feature is its ingredients. They are all organic and sourced mostly from Asia. Let’s explore some of the features:

  • Hokuto Mint

MintLyfe is made from a rare Japanese mint plant with weight loss capabilities. This mint variety is found only in Japan, and it is called the Hokuto Mint. Do you know that menthol, an important compound found in mint plants, helps improves food digestion and increases metabolism rates?

The menthol from Hokuto mint is infused in the MintLyfe weight loss patch. When you place the patch on your skin, your body absorbs it and breaks down fat cells. What’s more? It improves metabolism and causes its users to lose weight.

  • Korean Ginseng

The Korean ginseng found in MintLyfe Patches contains antioxidants and helps suppress appetite. While menthol burns the already existing fat, ginseng controls how much food you eat.

That way, it controls your calorie intake and the calories you burn.

  • Capsaicin

Capsaicin is a component of pepper. It can boost metabolism and improve blood circulation. The faster your metabolism, the more fat you burn within a shorter time.

The three main features of MintLyfe all work together to reduce calorie intake and burn more fat. This, in turn, leads to weight loss.

MintLyfe Patch Weight Loss Reviews: Social Proof and Customer Feedback

Do you always check out customer reviews before you try something new? I have got you covered. I searched the internet and found several MintLyfe Patch weight loss reviews, all gushing about the wonders of this weight loss patch. You can check them out below…

mintlyfe weight loss review 1


Mintlyf review 2


mintlyfe weight loss review 3

These are just a few testimonials from users that have experienced a significant body transformation after using the MintLyfe weight loss patch.


MintLyfe isn’t the only weight loss patch out there. I did some research and came up with these three alternatives to MintLyfe.

Neomen Weight Loss Sticker

(90 Pcs) Weight Loss Sticker,Slimming Tightening Sticker for Beer Belly, Buckets Waist, Waist Abdominal Fat

The Neomen Weight loss sticker differs from the MintLyfe patch. First, its features are more varied than those of MintLyfe. It also contains other ingredients like Aloe Vera, Cassia seed, and rhubarb for more weight loss benefits.

Second, the Neoman weight loss sticker comes with a magnetic ring in the middle of the patch.

Neoman patches can be used by any healthy person apart from children and pregnant women.

Mintlyfe VS Neoman

  • Mintlyfe cost $33 while Neoman cost $16.
  • MintLyfe is made from Mint, capsaicin, and Korean ginseng, while Neoman is a mixture of Rhubarb, cassia seeds, Hawthorn fruit, Argy wormwood leaf, and more.
  • MintLyfe has no magnetic center, but Neoman patches have.
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Reejoys Weight Loss Sticker

Weight loss sticker, fat burning sticker with magnets, for waist abdominal fat, quick slimming (a consolidated course of treatment)

MintLyfe and Reejoys and have similar benefits, but the production materials differ. Reejoys weight loss sticker contains cassia seeds extracts Atractylodes, Poria cocos, Oriental water plantain, and more.  Also, anyone can use it except young children and expecting mothers.

Mintlyfe vs. Reejoys

  • Reejoys is cheaper than MintLyfe at $14.
  • Reejoys stickers have a magnetic center, unlike MintLyfe.
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Ubittek Weight Loss Sticker

Just like MintLyfe, Ubittek’s goal is to reduce fat around the waistline. It also has a magnetic center and a more extensive range of product constituents. Also, anyone who wants to lose weight can use Ubittek weight loss sticker without restrictions.

Ubittek VS MintLyfe

  • Ubittek patches have a magnetic center unlike MintLyfe
  • Ubittek patches are made up of more ingredients than MintLyfe.

The alternatives above are all excellent brands of weight loss patches, and you can check them out on Amazon today.


Yes, being overweight can impair your confidence and the ability to interact with other people – just like it did to me. It also puts you at risk for graver health conditions. The numbers keep crawling on health conditions like diabetes and other heart conditions, and something needs to be done.

Well, losing weight isn’t easy, and I almost gave up on several inefficient diets and exercise routines. But the MintLyfe patch gave me hope, and it can do the same for you.

It takes away half the struggle of losing weight by controlling your appetite. Also, it prevents fats from accumulating in your body. And that’s not all! It increases metabolism, which makes you burn fat faster.

Now I can keep up with my kids, have fun, and stay happy – so can you!