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20+ Cute Gender Neutral Pet Names For Your Partner

When we start out in a relationship, we often develop cute pet names for our partners. These are often gender-neutral and often a name you may use for other special people in your life such as friends, pets, brothers, or sisters.

20 Cute Gender Neutral Pet Names For Your Partner

There is a wealth of gender-neutral pet names that you can choose from if you are out of ideas. But most people find that these names come naturally.

They often come from a characteristic of that person or a funny event that they have been involved in. Here are some cute gender neutral pet names for your partner that you may decide to start using.

20 Cute Gender Neutral Pet Names

Many of these cute names seem to be associated with food or an actual food item but they are still cute! Here are some of our favorite cute gender neutral pet names for your significant other.

  1.  Pumpkin – just cute and loving, often used for children too.
  2.  Sugar 
  3.  Peaches – similar feelings as ‘pumpkin’
  4.  Babe – similar to baby, but by changing the ‘y’ to an ‘e’ gives you a smoother option.
  5.  Love – a very traditional pet name, one that my parents used a lot when I was younger.
  6.  Baby – similar to babe, but by dropping the ‘y’ it gives us a whole new option
  7.  My Love – who doesn’t want their lover to look into their eyes and say ‘Good morning, my love!’ with knees going weak and heart fluttering.
  8.  Sweetie – this is an oldie but goodie, something my grandmother used to use for her grandchildren a long time ago. A word that is reminiscent of a bygone era when life was simpler.
  9. Lovey – from the word ‘love dovey’
  10.  Sweetheart – another oldie to and also a goodie, it is a variation on ‘sweetie’
  11.  My puzzle piece – When you meet that special person, there is no greater feeling than them calling you ‘my puzzle piece’ meaning that you have completed their life.
  12.  Chick – another endearing nickname for your significant other, baby animal names are another option that is often used.
  13.  Cutie-patooty – a very cute term of endearment for your loved one.

From Around The World

Terms of endearment have been used for thousands of years all over the world. If you have a link with another language, you could use that for inspiration for nicknames for your partner.

Take a look at some of our examples from around the world.

couple on the beach


  1. Amorcito – which is really cute and means ‘little love’
  2. Mi perrito – another baby animal, meaning ‘my puppy’
  3. Mi cielito – this is one of my absolute favorites and means ‘ my little heaven’
  4. Mi corazon – means ‘my heart’


The French have a whole host of cute terms of endearment for their significant other but when they are translated to English, they are not quite so cute.

  1. Ma fraise – meaning ‘my strawberry’
  2. Mon amour – ‘my love’ this is a very traditional nickname for your partner
  3. Mon tresor – ‘my treasure’ this would make anyone swoon.
  4. Mon saucisson – which means ‘my little sausage’
  5. Mon petit chou – the literal translation for this is ‘my little cabbage’ but the French use it as we would use ‘sweetie’
  6. Ma puce – meaning ‘my flea’ this one may be best left to the french to use as I’m not sure it really translates well.


Italians are known for being great lovers. They are warm and affectionate people and their nicknames help infuse that affection through their entire language. Here are some great examples:

  1. Mio amor – meaning ‘my love’ this is used very commonly and not just as a term of endearment for a partner.
  2. Vita mia– ‘my life’ this is often used in southern Italy and let’s be honest there is no one who would get tired of being called that.
  3. Bambino – the Italian equivalent of ‘baby’
  4. Polpetto –  which translates to ‘meatball’


The German language is not known as a romantic or beautiful language but they have some cute and even somewhat odd ways to express affection. Here are a few examples to choose from.

  1. Mausebar – the Germans have created their own hybrid animal nickname, which means ‘mouse bear’ – I think this is so cute
  2. Schnuckiputzi – it is made up of two words which when translated mean ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’. It is used like ‘sweetie’ or the even cuter ‘cutie-patooty’
  3. Honigkusse – meaning ‘honey kisses’ another very cute name that you would not expect from the German language.

Final Word

So with a host of different options for you to choose from, there is no excuse for not coming up with an appropriate term of endearment for your partner.

After all, there is nothing more heartwarming to see the reaction of your loved one to a cute new nickname for them.

Whether you stick to your native language or get all European, the sentiment is there and will no doubt be greatly appreciated by your significant other. So why not start sweet-talking them straight away!