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How to Get Crayola Markers Off Toddlers or Kids Skin

I’d like to consider my son a little Picasso. He’s always painting or drawing something after getting home from daycare.

While I love every creation he makes for us (several of them go on the fridge), I can’t say I’m a fan when he chooses to paint his skin instead of the paper or canvas!

Luckily, getting those smudges off is incredibly easy. I have a few fool-proof ways to get my child cleaned up in no time. To learn more about my super-mom methods, keep reading.

Makeup Remover

I always have two types of makeup removers in the bathroom. This is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to remove streaks of color on their arms and legs.

Micellar water can remove these streaks in one swipe. Take a cotton pad soaked in the solution and gently wipe it across the stain.

I have also found makeup wipes to be quite useful! However, wipes can take a few more swipes since they’re not as saturated. But these are easy to take on the go in case your child decides to paint all over their arms during a road trip.

Baby wipes can also work. These tend to be more gentle since they are mostly composed of water. They are fantastic for a toddler’s sensitive skin though.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will also help you out if you’re in a bind! Use a small amount and be careful not to place this on open sores and cuts.

Soap and Water

If you have access to a sink, use gentle soap and warm water to get those Crayola marks off their skin. Squirt one to two pumps and gently rub and rinse until the water runs clear.

Baby oil

Here’s another product you may have lying around the house, mama! Baby oil!

Pour a single drop onto a cotton pad and gently rub the skin until the mark is gone. Their skin will also be left feeling soft and hydrated.

Why Does My Kid Paint on Himself?

There are a few reasons why your child may use their skin as their own personal canvas. For starter’s, they may do it as an act of rebellion.

If you’re giving them this negative attention every time they resort to this behavior, take a breather and return when you’re ready to speak to them calmly.

Follow through with a suitable punishment like no TV or dessert after dinner. Then, explain why their actions were wrong.

  • Crayons are meant for paper and not for the walls.
  • Mom has to clean up, and she’s very busy.
  • This was a disrespectful action. Why did you do this?

These are all ways you can open up a dialog with your child, even if they are very young. They may also do this if they feel bored and unstimulated.

If this is the leading cause, look for fun coloring books to help jumpstart their creativity too! A coloring book is an excellent way for them to channel their imagination and energy as well.

What If They Paint The Walls?

Sometimes a child won’t just get crayon marks on their skin. That would be too easy. Often, they can leave marks and stains on the place you least want to see it — your crisp white walls!

If this happens to you, bring out a sponge and a bucket of soapy water.

A non-gel toothpaste also works if you want to take out the pigment, but leave the paint on your walls unscathed.

Getting Crayon Out of Clothes

Often, kids may not go for the walls when they’re feeling extra creative and colorful. They may choose to mark their clothes instead! Don’t worry — this one isn’t so bad. For removing Crayola stains from clothing, follow these steps.

  1. If the crayon has melted onto the clothes, gently scrape off what you can.
  2. Next, work in liquid dish soap into the stain.
  3. Let this sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it out.
  4. Run in under hot water.

The Best Coloring Products for Messy Children

If your child is a messy artist, use products that won’t stain your walls, their skin, or their clothes.

Washable Crayons

When looking for art supplies, always opt for the washable kind. You can find everything, from washable crayons and markers to watercolors!

Color-less Craft Projects

Suppose you’re still worried about stains. Select fun craft projects that don’t require colors at all. Printable projects are great! For these fun projects, all you will need to do is cut and glue down the paper to create a masterpiece.

If you want to give your child the freedom to express themselves, give them stickers. Create some online, and print them out, so your kid is actually involved in the process. Encourage them to stick them into their water bottles, sippy cups, or school folders.

Steer Clear of These Products if Your Child is a Messy Artist

Here are a few things you might want to avoid if your child loves making a mess with their art supplies.

Avoid oil-based paints and permanent markers like Sharpies. These can make the kind of mess that nightmares are made out of! Not only will it be permanent, but trying to scrub the stained surface may spread the mess around.

Wait until your children are around 8 to 10 years old before using these kinds of tools for crafting projects.

child coloring


Always let your kids express themselves artistically! But if they can’t color within the lines, you’ll have to implement a few of these tips to keep their skin clear of Crayola marks.

Thankfully, it’s quite easy to remove them. However, if your child is a bit more mischievous and gets a kick out of coloring their clothes and the walls, discipline them with the right tactics to encourage their art, but also maintain order in the home.