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Reejoys Weight Loss Patch Review 2024

Losing weight can be a difficult and emotional journey, especially for moms. We feel such enormous pressure from celebrities who have lost all their baby weight days after giving birth. This is obviously a slight exaggeration, but you get the point!

There are hundreds of different weight loss products on the market that promise you that you can lose weight with minimal effort and continue to eat the foods you love.

One of these products is Reejoys Weight Loss Patch, which claims to help you lose fat from your waist and abdominal area fast – let’s check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

What Is Reejoys Weight Loss?

Reejoys Weight Loss Patch is designed to help your body quickly and effectively lose weight around your abdomen and speed up your metabolism.

How Does It Work?

The patch or sticker works by boosting your metabolic rate, improving blood circulation, and burning incoming fat, carbs, and sugars.

It does this by working with the body’s endocrine system. This is a network of glands in our bodies that make the hormones that help our cells to communicate. They can also help to improve bowel functions and help with constipation.

The patch also claims to remove something called ‘phlegm dampness,’ which is a term used in Traditional Chinese Medicine – this is when dampness is created in the body by impaired digestion.

This dampness tends to end up in either the lungs or the large intestine. If it ends up in your lungs, then the most usual symptom would be phlegm coming up while coughing. This would be especially common after eating foods that are very difficult to digest. 

If the dampness moves to your large intestine, then the symptoms that you may be suffering from would be things like loose stools or diarrhea.

What Are The Main Ingredients?

There are only a few ingredients in these patches, but I have never heard of any of them. The four main ingredients in the Reejoys weight loss patch are the extract of cassia seed, Largehead Atractylodes, Poria Cocos, and Medicated Leaven.

chinese herbal medicine

So what do these ingredients actually do?

Extract of Cassia Seed

These are very effective as herbal medicine and are used to treat ailments related to digestion, liver, eyes, weight loss, and joints.

With regard to weight loss, the Cassia seed can maintain a healthy digestive system while helping the body get rid of harmful toxins. It has an almost laxative property.

Largehead Atractylodes

Atractylodes are used in the treatment of obesity, indigestion, bloating, and fluid retention. They work by improving the function of the digestive tract by using the chemicals in atractylodes.

Poria Cocos

This is actually a mushroom that has been used for many years in traditional Chinese medicine as a medicinal tonic. In traditional medicine, they are used to treat a number of ailments, such as diarrhea, fatigue, and high cholesterol.

There are no guidelines for the amount of this mushroom that you should be taking and so can be very hit and miss.

Medicated Leaven

Also known as Shen Qu, it has a sweet and pungent taste that is said to promote digestion and harmonize the stomach. 

Directions For Use

This is not complicated. In fact, it is really straight forward. So here goes:

  1. Use a hot towel to warm the naval area before applying your patch.
  2. Peel off the protective cover and apply to navel area, adhesive side down, of course. Point the magnet towards the navel.
  3. Use for 8 – 12 hours a day. It does suggest that you use it at night as that is when women excrete a higher amount of estrogen.

It does mention that if you have trouble getting the patch to stick to your navel, you could try placing one inch below.

What Are The Reviews Saying

It has some great reviews on Amazon with people claiming to have lost up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. Others have claimed that it has helped curb their appetite, increase their energy level, and make their clothes feel loser.

woman measuring her waistline

But with the good comes the bad, as many people are claiming that the good reviews have only come from those that have been paid to write them.

Maybe if it was only one or two good reviews, I would be inclined to believe it, but over 64% of their reviews are 5 or 4 stars. To me, that seems an awful lot of people to pay for a good review.

Many people have also complained that the adhesive from the patch has given them a rash. However, in their same reviews, they said that they would continue to use the patch, so they must have some hope of actually doing what it says on the box.

Alternative Products

There are many different brands of weight loss patches available on the market. But they all promise the same thing and usually contain similar ingredients. 

Neomen Weight Loss Sticker

These contain very similar ingredients to the Reejoys and even look similar in design. The claims they make to get rid of abdominal fat quickly are the same as Reejoys too.Neomen Weight Loss Sticker, Fat Burning Sticker with Magnets - Best for Waist Abdominal Fat, Quick Slimming (50 Pcs)

Their reviews on Amazon are really good, with over 70% being 4 or 5 stars.

As with Reejoys, these patches have led to reviews stating that the adhesive has caused an allergic reaction. It seems that this may be something that you would need to consider before using it.

My Opinion

Look, I have given birth to five children. As you can guess, my body has a few extra pounds that shouldn’t really be there.

I understand the pressure that women have to do everything so perfectly, especially when celebrities are flaunting their post-pregnancy bodies looking better than they did pre-pregnancy!

But truthfully, I also know that no patch on the market has given them that body. They are working their butts off every day in the gym to look like that. Would I like to look like that – too damn right I would!

But I would rather spend that time playing with my children, reading them a story at bedtime, and running around the playground with them.

These patches may help curb your appetite, and the herbs contained in them may well help get your digestion back on track. However, they are not a miracle cure for being overweight, and deep down. I think we all know this.

So if you want to lose a few pounds the best way to do it is with a healthy balanced diet and some good old fashioned exercise!