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Himitsu Weight Loss Patch Review – Does This Slimming Patch Work?

The weight loss industry in the US alone is worth a record of $72 billion but the number of people actually dieting has fallen. Now, this may be to do with the acceptance of different body types and the use of many diet & fitness apps that are available.

As a nation, we are always looking for a quick fix to our weight loss problems. This is where the development of the so-called ‘magical patch’  has come about.

There are hundreds of weight loss patches available on the market that state that you can burn fat and lose weight simply by wearing their patch.

Some even claim that you can lose weight from a particular spot on your body just by placing the patch on that area. We are looking at one of these ‘magic patches’ called Himitsu Weight Loss Patch.

How Do Himitsu Weight Loss Patches Work?

The Himitsu weight loss patch, which appears to be closely related to the Isumi weight-loss patch. claims that you can lose weight without any exercise by boosting your fat-burning metabolism.

You simply pop the patch on the area where you want to lose weight and the patch boosts your body’s own fat-burning system and the weight melts away like magic.

These are the instructions for use:

  • Ensure that your skin is dry and clean before applying the patch.
  • They can be used anywhere on the body – the best area to use them on is where you naturally store fat such as your hips or stomach.
  • Wear them for between 5-7 hours a day
  • For best results wear 3-4 times a week.
  • It is best to wear these while you are sleeping.

The idea behind these patches is that they boost your metabolism and the process of breaking down fat cells. They also state that they increase your blood circulation and control the storing of sugar and starch in the body.

This all sounds very professional and based on sound science. However, is that really what you are getting? Or is it just a gimmick?

The truth is it is very difficult to find any honest reviews of this product or any reliable studies of their effect on weight loss. So we are going on the premise that if it sounds too good to be true then it more than likely is!


japanese herbs

The key ingredient claims to be Japanese mints such as Shiso and Herbacea with some added minerals and essential oils that are kept hidden.

Again, finding a definitive list of ingredients is impossible. However, they do claim that they are 100% natural and have no chemicals in their patches. 

Are They Safe?

Himitsu patches claim that they have been certified safe by the Japanese organizations JASSO and NCBI. Although when you look into who these organizations are, relevant their claims are.

JASSO is the Japan Student Services Organization. It is an independent administrative institution and not medically or even scientifically related at all.

NCBI appears to be the National Center for Biotechnology Information which is part of the United States National Library of Medicine. Again, it is not clear how this is relevant to the safe use of the Himitsu weight loss patch. 


If you do not fancy taking your chances with the Himitsu weight loss patches, there are plenty of alternatives available on the market that do have reviews and that list their ingredients. Here are a few that are available on Amazon:

1. Weight Loss Sticker 

90 PCS Weight Loss Sticker, Quick Slimming Tightening Sticker for Beer Belly, Buckets Waist, Waist Abdominal Fat


This is another weight loss patch that promises to help you lose weight fast. The ingredients are listed as calendula, lotus, hawthorn, Logan, mint, etc.

Again there is no specific ingredients list but they state that they only contain ‘natural botanical ingredients.’ There are over 500 reviews of this product with 89% of them being five stars. How reliable these reviews are, we can not say.

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2. Weight Loss Sticker

90 PCS Weight Loss Sticker, Quick Slimming Tightening Sticker for Beer Belly, Buckets Waist, Waist Abdominal Fat

These weight loss stickers have similar if not identical Amazon adverts although the packaging is different.

Although this product has 5 stars from over 100 ratings, I was unable to view them except for one that claims they had lost 11 pounds in  a month while using them.

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Final Word

W live in a world where we expect everything to have instant gratification. We no longer have to wait for our mail as it can be sent electronically, packages arrive within 24 hours so not much waiting there either.

weight loss items

Unfortunately, these same principles seem to have been applied to our health and well being. In the pursuit of finding a quick fix to our ever-increasing obesity problem, we have fallen victim to some products that say they have the magic cure. Even if their claims are unproven and not supported by any scientific knowledge at all. 

I firmly believe that if something seems too good to be true then it is just that.

I believe that there is a lot that we do not know or understand with regards to the use of plants and natural ingredients to treat many of our illnesses. Do they hold the cure to obesity? I wish they did, but in reality, I highly doubt this!