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Are You A Lonely Stay At Home Mom With No Friends? Here’s What You Can Do

Being a mom can be a very lonely place, especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom that once had a completely different work-life balance. You may feel isolated, you may feel alone, and you may have no friends to turn to.

If you’re among the first of your group of friends to have a little one, then you may feel a little out of your depth. Your child-free friends don’t understand, and you may not have any mom friends with whom you can spend time and share horror stories. 

Here we have some information on what to do if you are a lonely stay-at-home mom with no friends.

Stay-At-Home Mom Depression

Stay at home mom depression is a difficult problem to grapple with. You might feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness, especially if you are a new mom and have chosen to stay at home with the baby.

You might find yourself on the receiving end of comments about how ‘easy’ your job is, or how ‘relaxing’ it must be to not have to head out to work. But it can be difficult when your whole life feels like it’s confined inside the four walls of your home.

You have no one to share your struggles or successes with, and no colleagues to complain to, which can make the whole process daunting and lonely.

Even your partner, well-meaning as they might be, doesn’t really get it. They walk out the door every morning, and things are magically done when they get home. 

What Is The Cause Of Stay-At-Home Mom Depression?

Stay-at-home mom depression can be fuelled by a number of things, and you may be prone to bouts of depression if you’ve suffered post-partum depression previously. A lot of external factors may have an effect on your feelings and there are a number of reasons why.

If you’ve recently relocated or moved to a new town, this can be huge pressure on top of all your regular duties. If you’ve moved, you may be isolated from family members or friends, and struggling to get to grips with a new place.

This can be stressful, and emotions can quickly become overwhelming. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle too many things, lean on your partner for support.

You could also try to reach out to some moms on forums or groups which might help you to feel less isolated. 

Current world events might also be adding to your stress. It’s completely understandable that you may be a little shaken by a pandemic, especially if it has caused disruption and upheaval to your day-to-day routine.

Your partner may have had to relocate to working from home, which might cause some disruption to the running of your household, especially if little ones begin to notice dad is at home all the time.

This can lead them to want to spend time with him, which can be difficult if dad has to work during the daytime. Again, try chatting with your husband, or lean on your friends who might be able to help ease some of your stresses. 

Time Commitment 

You might find your time stretched thin as a stay-at-home mom. You spend all day looking after your little one or little ones and taking care of your home and by the time bedtime rolls around, you’re too exhausted to do anything. 

When was the last time you spent some time on yourself? Consider drawing a bath or taking a little extra time to do your hair or makeup in the morning. These tasks can be achieved while your little one is asleep or while the little one spends time with dad or with their grandparents. 

Why not try hanging out with your friends? You may have put your friends on the back burner while you adjust to life as a stay-at-home mom, but try planning a girls’ night or afternoon with your closest pals.

Ask someone to babysit your little one, or plan your me-time when your baby will be with dad, and reach out to your friends. You could go to afternoon tea or lunch, or even just grab a coffee.

Why not spend the afternoon shopping, or even head to the spa for some premium relaxation?

Making Friends

Making friends can be difficult, and the older you get, the more challenging it can become to make meaningful friendships. If you’re looking to make some mom friends there are a few things you can do.

Baby Classes

If you’re longing for some company with someone who knows exactly what you’re going through, consider taking your little one to some baby or toddler classes or playgroups. 

This will be a great opportunity for you to chat with some other moms while your little one is entertained.

You can swap numbers and make some plans to hang out, or even just spend some time having a coffee with someone who knows all about the sleepless nights, diaper messes, and constant laundry. 

Forums And Groups

Forums, apps, and groups are a great way for you to find other moms in your area.

The big selling point of forums and online groups is that you can chat to other moms from the comfort of your home, while you get on with chores and daily tasks. You can then make a plan with the moms you get along with and spend some time together while your kiddos play. 

Make Plans

You may feel insecure at the thought of inviting people into your home. You may feel like it is constantly cluttered and messy, too small, and overrun with all sorts of baby paraphernalia, and this may put you off the idea of hosting gatherings or get-togethers with your friends. 

However, your friends want to spend time with you, and would likely not even notice the little things about your home that you feel insecure about.

Consider planning an informal gathering, or even just bringing some of your mom friends and their little ones around to make you appreciate your home a little more. 

The Final Thought

If you are feeling anxious or lonely, remember that you’re not the only one. There are plenty of other moms who might be feeling isolated and self-conscious in their new role as a mom or a stay-at-home mom. 

Consider joining some mom and baby groups in your area which will keep your little one busy and entertained as you get to know some other moms.

And if you don’t have access to any local groups, try looking online for forums or mom groups where you can chat with other parents in the same situation. 

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember to take some time out for yourself. Being a mom isn’t the only part of your personality.

Try spending a little extra time getting ready in the morning, or consider picking up a new hobby, or dedicating some time to a new hobby that will help you feel excited and enthusiastic about something.