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15 Baby Names That Mean Spider

If you’re searching for a name that has a very unique and somewhat unusual meaning, then why not choose a name that means ‘spider.’

It’s not exactly cute and fluffy but it will definitely give your child something to talk about. Here are some of the best baby names for both boys and girls that mean spider. 

Names That Mean Spider

As you can probably guess there are not many names that actually mean spider but there are a few. There are also names that have been taken from the actual name of a spider or have spidery associations that you can choose from too.

Take a look at some of our favorites and see if one catches your eye.

Boys Names

Higanbana – Japanese origins and means ‘red spider lily.’

Hunter – Named after the huntsman spider.

Kumo – Japanese origins and means ‘spider.’

Salem – Named after the Salem ornamental spider.

Girls Names

Arachne – Greek origin and was the name of a young girl who challenged Athena and was turned into a spider.

Aranha – Portuguese origins and means ‘spider.’

Araignee – The French word for spider.

Ariadne – From Greek mythology, she was famous for spinning thread and used her skills to assist Theseus to escape Minotaur’s labyrinth.

Charlotte – It has its spider connections from the famous book ‘Charlottes Web’ by E.B. White.

Kokyangwuti – Native American and Hopi in origin and means spider woman at midday.

Maengmum – With origins in Thai it is closely associated with popular Thai-Chinese actress Pimnitchakun Bumrungkit, who used it as her nom de guerre. It means spider.

Magnolia – Named after the magnolia green jumper.

Payak – Macedonian for a spider.

Penelope – This doesn’t mean spider but it does mean web over her face.

Ragno – The Italian word for spider.

The Final Thought

Although names that have a spider meaning may be seen as a little creepy or even gothic, but many of the names are very unique and will definitely give your child a talking point.

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