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125 Wonderful Baby Shower Cake Sayings

A baby shower cake is the centerpiece of the event, especially if it’s also a gender reveal party! You don’t want to just throw something on the top and hope it looks good.

People will take pictures to save for years to come! Don’t stress over it though. One of these 125 baby shower cake sayings is guaranteed to make your baby shower cake picture perfect. 

Baby Shower Cake Sayings For A Boy

Boys are a special little gift sent from heaven! Baby shower cakes for boys are often decorated in blue and highlight the special place that a little boy will have in our hearts.

These baby shower cake wording ideas for a boy are going to show him how special he was before he was born when he sees the pictures years from now. 

1. It’s A Boy! 

2. Baby Boys Take The Cake

3. Ready Or Not, Here He Comes!

4. Baby Boys Are So Sweet

5. Thank Heaven For Little Boys

6. My Little Man

7. My/Our Little Prince Charming

8. Frogs And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails!

Baby Shower Cake Sayings For A Girl

Pregnant on baby shower

Although boys are definitely special, little girls hold a special place in our hearts as well. There are so many quotes about how special little girls are, you can easily find one to put on top of the cake.

If the mother is girly, you can trust that labeling the top of the cake “future fashionista” will be a huge hit!

9. Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice

10. Congrats!

11. Princess In Progress

12. A Star Is About To Be Born

13. Soon To Be Daddy’s Little Girl!

14. Hip Hip Hooray, Our Daughter Is On Her Way!

15. It’s A Girl!

16. Future Fashionista On The Way!

17. Dresses And Bows, And Everything That Glows

18. Hair To Curl And A Ballerina Twirl

19. Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes, Beautiful Dresses And Sparkling Bows

20. And They Lived Happily Ever After

Baby Shower Cake Quotes

A baby can hold a special place in your heart forever. There is something so special about expecting a baby that nothing else in the world can compare to it.

These beautiful and heartwarming quotes will help you express that on a baby shower cake. Some are for boys, some for girls, and some will work for either gender. 

21. Your First Breath Will Take Ours Away

22. Fairy Tales Do Come True

23. You’re The Definition Of Perfect

24. A Baby Is A Piece Of Sunshine You Can Hug

25. With Every Newborn Baby A Little Son Rises

26. Happiness Is A Baby’s Smile

27. Though She Is Little, She Is Fierce

28. A Smile Wrapped In Sunshine And Glitter

29. A Baby Is One Of The Most Beautiful Gifts The World Can Give

30. Perfection Only Exists In Babies

Baby Shower Cake Wording For Single Moms

Pregnant on baby shower1

Single moms that know that the father will not be involved require a certain amount of strength that two-parent households do not.

Let her know that you’ll be there, that she’s amazingly strong, or simply that you’re excited about her soon to be baby with these baby shower cake sayings. 

31. You’ve Got This!

32. Can’t Wait To Meet You!

33. More Love, More Hugs

34. Congrats Mom To Be! 

35. Welcome Little One!

Funny Baby Shower Cake Wording

If the soon to be parents are known for always cracking a joke whenever they can, they’ll appreciate having something fun on top of the cake. All of these will make them crack a smile. They’ll be a huge hit with the guests, too!

36. Let The Adventure Begin!

37. The Stork Is On The Way!

38. The New Alarm Clock Is Almost Here!

39. Babies Are Highly Rated

40. Hello Little One! Goodbye Sleep!

41. To Sleepless Nights!

42. From Politics To Poop

43. Ready To Pop!

What To Write On A Baby Shower Cake For Twins

Baby shower dessert with delicious sweet cake

When the mom-to-be is expecting twins, you need to include that on the cake too! These adorable baby shower cake sayings for twins will remind her that she is about to get double the hugs for life!

44. Double The Babies, Double The Love

45. Double The Fun!

46. Double Trouble!

47. Two Peas In A Pod!

48. Twice The Blessings!

49. Can’t Wait To Meet You Two!

50. Two From Above Means More To Love

51. The More, The Merrier

52. Two Thumbs Up!

53. Doubly Blessed

54. Twice The Love Half The Sleep!

55. Double The Coos, Double The Poos

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cake Wording

Some parents choose to wait until their baby is born to know the gender. Others might simply have an early baby shower because it makes planning for a newborn easier, and they might not know the gender yet.

It can make it challenging to figure out what to write on the cake, but these baby shower cake sayings will work perfectly for a gender-neutral cake!

57. Little Bundle Of Joy

58. A Bun In The Oven

59. We Made A Wish, And It Came True With You

60. Still Baking…

61. Ready To Pop!

62. Simply Meant To Be, A New Baby Makes 3!

63. Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes, Tiny Button Nose

64. Miracles Came True With You

65. Congrats!

66. Worth The Wait

67. Congrats To The Mom To Be!

Religious Baby Shower Cake Sayings

baby shower cake


If the parents are religious, that should be expressed on their baby shower cake. Every baby is a blessing from God, and these baby shower cake wording ideas will help you capture that belief while you celebrate the new life. 

68. All Of God’s Grace Will Be Seen In Your Tiny Face

69. Our Little Gift From Heaven

70. A Baby Is God’s Opinion That The World Should Go On

71. Every Baby Is A Blessing From God

72. A Baby’s Laugh Is The Voice Of An Angel

73. An Angel From Above

74. Thank The Lord For Babies

75. Heaven Lost An Angel And Sent Him To Us

76. Sent From Heaven Above…

77. God Has Given Us His Most Precious Gift

78. A Miracle From The Lord Himself

79. A Tiny Fleck Of Stardust From God’s Hand

80. The Lord Has Bless Us With A Miracle

Cute Wording For Baby Shower Cakes For Adoption

I felt that there should be a section of this reserved for children that are not having a traditional baby shower. Most adoptive parents wait until the adoption is finalized before having a baby shower, or an adoption shower.

Some simply want to celebrate with a cake. If your adoption is finally finished, these are the perfect words to describe how you feel!

81. Love Makes A Family

82. Family Forever

83. We’ve Finally Found Our Missing Piece

84. You’re Worth Every Year Spent Waiting

85. Connected Through Love

86. God Helped Us Find You

87. Always

88. Forever

89. Love You Forever

90. Welcome

91. Forever Ours

92. Happy Adoption Day

93. Perfection

94. Eternal Love

95. Love You Always

96. Permanently, Unconditionally, Forever

97. You Complete Our Family

Baby Shower Cake Sayings For A Gender Reveal Cake

Baby shower cupcakes

Instead of a gender reveal party and then a baby shower, most people choose to combine the two events. (My daughter did this.)

People bring gender-neutral gifts, and everyone at the party finds out the gender of the baby together. It’s a fun way to find out and celebrate your little one!

98. Cupcake Or Stud Muffin?

99. Booties Or Bows?

100. He Or She What Will It Be?!?!

101. Prince Or Princess?

102. We’re Just Here For The Sex

103. Tiara Or Tuxedo?

104. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are

105. There’s A Surprise Cooking…

106. Blue Or Pink?

107. Blue Or Pink, What Do You Think?

108. Boy Or Girl?

109. Buck Or Doe?

110. Little Lady Or Little Man?

Cake Sayings For A Sprinkle Shower

A sprinkle shower is what most people have for a second or third baby. Most parents keep larger items from their first children, such as the swing, car seat, and even crib, so traditional gifts for a sprinkle shower are diapers, shampoo, etc.

These cake sayings are perfect for your friend’s sprinkle shower!

111. Showered With Love

112. Another Blessing!

113. Congratulations!

114. The Wait Is Almost Over!

115. Another Blessing From Above!

116. Hooray! She’s On Her Way!

117. Babycakes!

118. Tiny Feet That I Can’t Wait To Meet!

119. Showers Of Love

120. Welcome To Your New World!

121. I Love You!

122. Our Bundle Of Joy!

123. Our Family Is Finally Complete

124. Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes, Our Family Just Grows And Grows!

125. Little Eyes, Little Nose, I Can’t-Wait To Count Your Tiny Toes!

In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a baby shower, adoption shower, sprinkle shower, or what the sex of the baby is, you still want the cake to be perfect.

It can be challenging to find the words to express what you want to say when space on top of the cake is limited, but these 125 baby shower cake sayings are guaranteed to give you something to write!