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45+ Cute Gender Reveal Quotes For Boys and Girls

Finding out the gender of your baby is a special moment and also a great chance to have some fun with family and friends.

If you are looking for a unique and creative way to reveal your baby’s gender or even share your baby’s gender on social media, a Gender-reveal quote can be a super cute way.

40 Cute Gender Reveal Quotes

The most important part is finding the best quote to deliver your gender reveal news. It needs to be something unique, creative, and super cute.

If you are thinking of making a party out of it or even announcing the gender at your baby shower, then you may already have a theme and so the quote should fit in with it. 

Baby showers can be a stressful event to organize so why not check out our article on Unique Baby Shower Venues and When to Have a Baby Shower, to help you get your plans underway.

Cute Gender Reveal Quotes

  • Almost time to see, which will it be? A handsome little he or a beautiful little she?
  • Twinkle, twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are?
  • Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two little eyes, and one little nose, boy or a girl, no one knows!
  • Pink or blue, our dream came true!
  • Blue or pink, what do you think?
  • We’re tickled pink and happy to say, a little princess is on her way!
  • Our hearts are so filled with joy! We are having a baby and guess what?  It’s a boy
  • Sister or brother, what’s in my mother?
  • Pink or blue, we all love you!
  • A baby is coming, as cute as can be, will it be a bouncy he or a charming little she?
  • Little mister or little sister?
  • He or she, what will this pumpkin be?

Sports Themed Gender Reveal Quotes

  • Team staches or Team lashes?
  • Team Boy or Team Girl?
  • Team Bows or Team Baseball?
  • Free Throws or Pink Bows?
  • Surfer Boy or Hula Girl?
  • Sports or Sparkle?
  • Baseball or Ballet?
  • Little Quarterback or Little Homecoming Queen?
  • Free Throws or Cheer Bows?
  • Lures or Laces?
  • Racecars or Ruffles?

Gun-Themed Gender Reveal Quotes

  • Guns or Roses?
  • Rufflers or Rifles?
  • Guns or Glitter?
  • Bullets or Ballet?
  • Pistols or Pearls?
  • Cowboy or Cowgirl?

Animal Themed Gender Reveal Quotes

  • Waddle it be? Is our new duckling a he or a she?
  • Colt or Filly?
  • Buck or Doe?
  • Mermaid or Pirate?
  • Guess Whoooo? (owl themed)
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Pink Fish, Blue Fish
  • What the Duck is it?
  • What Whale it be?

Clothes and Footwear Quotes

  • Reels or heels?
  • Kicks or Heels?
  • Boots or Ballet?
  • Tie or Tutu?
  • Bowties or Pearls?
  • Bikini or Board Shorts?

Gender Reveal Sayings Based on Food

  • Cupcake or Studmuffin? What’s in the oven?
  • Cutie pie or Stud Muffin?
  • Baby-Q (BBQ)
  • If you are doing cake pops with the gender color inside this quote will be perfect
  • A boy or a girl? Which will it be? Bite into your cupcake and you will see! Pink or blue will reveal to you the newest member of our family!

The Final Thought

There are so many creative and cute ways to announce your baby’s gender! I hope that you have found this list of gender reveal quotes useful and that they have inspired you to arrange a unique gender reveal for your little one!