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20 Unique Venues To Have A Baby Shower

Deciding to plan a baby shower for that special mom to be is a fantastic and exciting event. But it can also be tricky to pin down a theme, a venue, music, guest list, and all the other things that need to be decided for the event to be perfect!

Choosing that perfect venue is the first big decision that you need to make as this will no doubt dictate other decisions such as theme, decorations, food, etc.

Picking the perfect place can be a very daunting task, so we have put together a list of some great baby shower venues both unique and some more traditional ones too.

Why Have A Baby Shower?

You should have a baby shower as it is a great way to have some fun with close family and friends before the impending arrival.

It can help to ease any worries that the mom to be may have and also help her to gather a whole host of essentials for both her and the baby. 

Babies need a lot of stuff and gifts from loving friends and family can really help to cover all the basic necessities like diapers, skincare, and clothing.

When Is The Best Time To Throw A Baby Shower?

Ideally, if the mom-to-be is well you should aim to have the baby shower about 6-8 weeks before the due date. This gives the mom to be plenty of time to still sort out essentials that she may need to buy or borrow before the big day!

The other important point about this kind of timeline is that there is less chance of the mom to be going into labor early and missing their own baby shower.

Another growing trend amongst new moms is to wait until after the baby is born and have a “welcome baby shower”. This could also then be combined with a baby naming or christening.

Parents always feel nervous and anxious about what lies ahead of them, they don’t even need to be first-time parents to feel like this. It happens to the most seasoned of us I promise!

Chatting with friends and family can help to put the mom to be a mind at rest and allow her to realize that all parents feel the same.

If for whatever reason you are thinking of hosting a virtual baby shower, it is still a great opportunity to provide both the gifts and the chat.

Woman using laptop

When Should I Book A Baby Shower Venue?

This is going to very much depend on the time of year that your baby shower is going to be and where you plan on having it.

If you are planning for an outdoor summer baby shower then you may need to book around 4 to 6 months in advance as during the summer months outdoor spaces are in high demand. 

If you are planning a winter baby shower then December is going to be a tricky month as the seasonal festivities mean indoor venues such as restaurants and Vineyards get booked up months in advance.

If your baby shower needs to be on a Saturday in December you will need to book at least 3 months in advance.

To save yourself stress the earlier you can secure a venue the better. Personally, I wouldn’t wait any longer than 3 months before the baby shower date to book a venue as you risk disappointment and having to rethink all your plans.

Unique Baby Shower Venues

Many of the venues suggested in our list are not so much unique but are maybe a little different from the venues you would typically think to use to host a baby shower.

We have included both indoor and outdoor venues, but you will have to use your judgment as to the climate in your particular region.

1. Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are a beautiful venue to host a baby shower as they provide a great outdoor space with plenty of room for people to meet and chat. But they also provide the guests with a great experience as well as the baby shower.

This type of outdoor venue is great if you are intending for the baby shower to be a more family event with children and partners invited too.

These are the type of venues that are often booked for a variety of events so get in touch to see what packages they can offer.

2. Terraces

At the right time of year, a terrace can provide a magical venue for a baby shower. They often come with some gorgeous views and many cities have venues that offer a rooftop terrace venue which is a great twist on the traditional terrace option.

One thing that you may need to consider is that you often can not exclusively book out these areas especially in peak season, meaning that there will be other guests using these areas.

It is best to check with the individual location to see how much privacy they can offer you for your event.

Signboard of a bed and breakfast

3. Bed and Breakfast

Maybe not the first venue that comes to mind when you think of a baby shower but they can offer some great services and often have a designated space for events such as yours.

One issue that you may come across is that they will expect you to hire the entire place for the event which can push up the costs.

But if you have a lot of guests coming from out of town this may be a great option if they are going to be looking for accommodation.

You may be able to negotiate a good deal on the hire if you have enough guests to book out all of the rooms – it is worth having a conversation with the venue and seeing what packages they have to offer.

4. Barn

Barn venues are growing in popularity for events such as weddings so there is no reason that they can not be used for baby showers.

They are often a blank canvass that gives you the opportunity to add any theme of your choice and make it very personal and individual.

They are often very large spaces so if you are planning a small intimate gathering this may not be the right venue for you as a barn venue lends itself more to a large gathering.

5. Vineyards

Probably not the first place that you would think about for a baby shower. But they are perfect as are always event-ready, already have great areas for dining and can provide fantastic views.

They would also provide a great back to nature, even whimsical theme for your baby shower.

6. Party Tent

You may already have a perfect venue in mind that is outdoors. But you still need to provide some sort of shade or actual physical venue. This is where a tent can make all the difference to that outdoor venue.

This type of venue may allow you to use the perfect outdoor space even in cooler months or climates as you can often hire heating units from the tent suppliers.

These same rental companies can also provide you with all the necessities such as tables, chairs, and table linen.

YMCA bldg


The rental of these types of venues are a little more budget-friendly and can offer plenty of options to suit exactly what you need.

Many offer the hire of a small basic food prep area if you plan to cater the baby shower yourself. Another option if you don’t fancy taking responsibility for all the catering is to ask guests to contribute some sort of food or snacks.

8. Restaurants

Many restaurants have a space designated for group bookings offering you privacy but still being able to take full advantage of the food, drinks, and other facilities.

Does your mom have a favorite local restaurant that may be able to host your event? Drop them a message and see if they have space and dates available for your baby shower event.

9. Community Centers

These kinds of venues are less frequently used as they are often run by homeowners associations or local clubs. Even if you are not a member or live in the community you may still be able to negotiate the use of these spaces.

10. Tea Rooms

If you would prefer a baby shower that is a little bit different, that provides a cozy environment. The best thing about these kinds of venues is that they provide great finger food, that is usually made in house.

A tea room venue is a great option as it can provide a unique experience for all your guests, while still providing them with both food and drink.

11. Craft Rooms

This may be a truly unique baby shower venue for those moms to be who love to get a bit crafty. There are a whole host of venues that offer craft parties from plate painting to throwing a pot to t-shirt design.

Many of these craft businesses will also travel to you bringing all the needed equipment and supplies with them.

One thing to note if you do decide to go to their premises is that you may then need to look for a second venue for food and drink as craft places often do not have the facilities to provide this kind of service.

A great option is to purchase onesies in a variety of sizes that each person can personalize for the baby.

lighted bar

12. Cocktail Bar

Again a cocktail bar may not be the first place that springs to mind when it comes to a venue for a baby shower.

But it can potentially offer everything under one roof, food, drinks, and of course some entertainment in the form of cocktail/mocktail making. 

13. At Home

If you have a home that is suitable to host a baby shower then this can be a more budget-friendly option and it can also be more private and relaxed.

If you did decide to go ahead at home then you can always bring in caterers and provide entertainment in the form of games or even bring in entertainment such as a magician.

14. Spar

A spar is a great venue if you are having a girls-only baby shower. It can be a really unique venue and many of them offer packages that include massage, facials, body treatments, and even waxing.

This is a great venue that allows you to spoil the mom to be and lets her relax and enjoy. You will need to check if the packages that they offer are safe for pregnant women.

15. Virtual Baby Shower

This is definitely one that may need to be considered for many baby showers at the moment but it can also be a great option if friends and family live in other parts of the country and are unable to travel.

It might not be exactly the same but it does still help to show the mom to be that you are all there for them no matter what.

16. Church Annex

These kinds of buildings are designed to host events such as baby showers. They often have a fully fitted kitchen right next to the main event room so it is super easy to prepare and serve food.

They offer a great budget-friendly option and will usually have all the extras that you need such as tables and chairs included in the hire price.

Central park at sunny day

17. Park

If the weather is on your side an outdoor park venue can offer the perfect place for a baby shower. It also offers you the opportunity to include all the family, partners, and children alike.

They offer an affordable space to rent that will allow everyone to be comfortable and also for you to not have to worry about entertaining the children as there will plenty of space to play games.

18. Breweries

These venues are another great venue to consider even though alcohol will not be on the menu for your mom to be. They can offer great decor and seating areas for people to gather and all you would need to supply is the decorations.

It may be worth chatting with them to see if they can offer a unique experience for your guests as part of the baby shower.

19. Cakery

A cakery offers a great alternative to the normal restaurant type of venue for a baby shower. Many of them can offer added experiences besides just eating cake.

Many offer cake making tutorials, cupcake decorating classes, or biscuit making. They may also offer a space where you can all gather in order to enjoy some refreshments after the class. A nice option that provides an experience for your guests too.

20. The Beach

This venue is definitely going to be determined by the weather and how accessible the beach actually is. You could make it a whole family event with both children and partners.

Maybe provide a beautiful beach BBQ for all the guests along with ice cream for dessert. Do check the weather and of course tide times to ensure that your beach baby shower is not a washout!

How To Choose Baby Shower Venues

With so many options available for a venue for your baby shower, you need to narrow it down. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding on the perfect venue!

Time of year

If you are planning a winter baby shower then many of the outdoor venues that are on our list are just not going to be appropriate. So you need to determine what the weather is most likely going to be like around that time of year.

woman calculating budget


This is going to be key to deciding what you can and can not afford and this will ultimately determine what venue you can afford.

The number of guests

If you are having a small intimate group of say 10 people then some venue options are going to be better suited than others. The same goes for if you have a large group of family and friends who are always ready to party.

A small intimate tea room is not really going to be the best option but a restaurant or outdoor space such as a Botanical Garden may be.

Some essential questions

How are you going to cater the event? Are you going to be bringing in caterers? Are you only providing snacks? Are you expecting people to pay for their own food in a restaurant setting?

Do you need any specific facilities? Are you allowing children to attend the shower? If so do you need baby changing facilities? Entertainment for the children? 

Family and friends traveling

Do you have people attending that are traveling from out of town? Are they going to require accommodation? Are you going to be expected to arrange this?

By answering this range of questions really will help you to narrow down your venue options for your perfect baby shower!

One of the best ways to search for venues, many of which you may not realize are an option or even available to you is to do a little search on google.

Simply google “party venues” or “baby shower venues near me”. This will provide you with some great unique options for your baby shower venue!

The Final Thought

No matter whether your baby shower is in the great outdoors or some fancy restaurant, the mom to be will most definitely appreciate the generous and kind thought that you have put into organizing a beautiful event just for her.