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125 Polish Female Names With Meanings

Polish baby names have deep-rooted meaning and have a very old-world feel to both boys and girls’ names. Whether you have Polish heritage or are just looking for a baby name that is a little unique there is plenty of choices available.

We’ve put together a list of over 100 Polish baby names for girls along with their meanings. Take a look and see if you can find that unique and exotic name you have been searching for.

Polish Girl Names.

Unlike many other countries, Polish baby names are clearly distinguished as male or female due to their spelling. All-female Polish names end in “a,” making it very easy to tell them apart from male names.

Although, most Polish girl names are the feminine versions of boy’s names just with an “a” added to the end.


Adela – This name is related to the English name Adele and Adelaide. It means ‘noble.’

Adelajda – This is a variant of the German name Adelaide and means ‘graceful’ or ‘noble’ in Polish.

Adrianna – This name means ‘a person from Adria’ which is in northern Italy.

Agata – It has Greek origin and is very similar to the English name Agatha. It means ‘good-hearted.’

Agnieszka – The Polish version of the name Agnes and means ‘pure’ or ‘holy.’

Aldona – The name was once that of a Polish queen and means ‘old.’

Aleksandra – This is a local form of the name Alexandra and has become increasingly popular in Poland over the last few years and is 13th on the most popular female names in 2024. It means ‘defender of men.’

Alicja – A Polish version of Alice and means ‘noble.’

Alina – A name of Slavic origin and means ‘noble and kind.’

Amelia – Of Latin origin and means ‘work.’

Angelica – Polish origin and means ‘angel.’ It also has French, Italian, and Russian roots.

Aneta – With the same origins as Anna in Hebrew and means ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful.’

Aniela – Polish origin and means ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful.’

Antonina – Russian origin and means ‘priceless’ or ‘praiseworthy.’

Apolonia – Apollo is the Greek god of the sun and light. This name is the feminine variant of the name.

girl wearing a flower crown in Poland


Basia – With both Polish and Latin origins. It’s the short form of the name Barbara and means ‘foreign woman.’

Beata – Of Latin origin and means ‘blessed.’

Berna – A name of German origin and means ‘brave like a bear.’

Blanka – With Latin origins and means ‘white.’

Bogna – Female version of the Polish boys name Bodan and means ‘given by God.’

Bolesawa – This is a Polish name and it means ‘large glory.’

Bozena – A name of Czech origin and means ‘the divine one.’


Cecylia – The Polish version of the name Cecilia and means ‘blind’ in Latin.

Celestyna – Latin origin and means ‘heavenly.’

Celina – This is a Polish variant of the Latin name Selena and it means ‘moon goddess.’

Czeslawa – A traditional Slavic name that means ‘glory.’


Dagamara – A Polish version of the Scandanavian name Dagmar and means ‘day maid’ or ‘daughter.’

Danielle – A female version of the Hebrew name Daniel and means ‘survivor.’

Danuta – Of Hebrew origin and means ‘God is the judge.’

Daria – One of the origins of this name states that it is the female form of Darius an ancient king while others say it comes from the Persian word for the sea. It means either ‘sea’ or ‘king.’

Dorota – Polish origin and means ‘bright-minded person.’

Dosia – This is often used as a nickname for the girl’s names Teodozja and Dorota. It means ‘giving to God’ or ‘the gift of God.’

little girl somewhere in Poland


Ela – The Polish nickname for Elizabeth and means ‘God is an oath.’

Eliza – Hebrew origin and means ‘God is my pledge.’

Elzbieta – A Polish name meaning ‘God is bountiful.’

Emilia – This name has roots in Spain, Italy, and Hawaii and means ‘rival.’

Estera – This is the Polish version of the Biblical name Esther and means ‘myrtle leaf.’


Felka – A traditional name in Poland and means ‘lucky’ or ‘happy.’

Filipina – A Polish take on the Greek name Philippa and means ‘lover of horses.’

Florentyna – Of Latin origin and means ‘blooming.’


Gaja – The Polish version of Gaia and means ‘earth.’

Genowefa – This is the Polish version of the German name Genevieve and means ‘white wave.’

Gertruda – This has both Polish and German origins and means ‘sharp as a spear.’

Gizela – Polish origin and means ‘oath’ or ‘pledge.’

Gosia – A name of Polish origin and means ‘pearl.’

Grazyna – The name was created by the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz and is derived from the Lithuanian adjective grazus meaning ‘pretty or beautiful.’


Halina – Polish form of the name Helena and means ‘bright.’

Hania – Derived from the name Hannah. It has Polish origins meaning ‘gracious.’

Hanna – Polish spelling of the Hebrew name Hannah. It means ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’

Henrietta – The female variant of the name Henry. It’s often shortened to Yetta. It means ‘home-ruler.’

woman doing yoga in poland


Inga – This is often used as a nickname in Poland for other names ending in “ga.”

Irena – This name comes from the Greek name Eirene and means ‘peace.’

Itka – A Polish twist on the name Ida which is a German name. It means ‘the industrious one.’

Iwona – Yvonne is a German name meaning of the ‘yew tree.’ Iwona is the Polish variant of the name.

Iza – Pet name for Izabella and means ‘God is my oath.’

Izabella – A biblical name and was the name of the wife of Aaron. It has both French and English origin and means ‘God is my oath.’

Izolda – A unique Polish name that means ‘fair aspect.’


Jadwiga – A name of Polish origin and means ‘refugee of the war.’ The name is derived from the German name Hedwig.

Jadzia – This is a pet name for the name Jadwiga.

Jagoda – A name of Polish origin and means ‘berry.’ It can also be used as the pet name for Jadwiga.

Jagna – Polish origin and means ‘chaste’ or ‘sacred.’

Joasia – The Polish variant of the Hebrew name ‘Joan.’ It means ‘God is merciful.’

Jolanta – Both Polish and Czech origin and means ‘violet.’

Julia – A name of Latin origin and means ‘youthful’ or ‘downy.’

Julista – A name of Polish origin and means ‘strong spirited.’


Kalina – A name of Bulgarian origin and means ‘rowan tree.’

Katarzyna – Polish form of the names Catherine or Katerina and means ‘pure.’

Karina – Polish spelling of the name Carina and means ‘beloved.’

Kasia – A nickname of the girl’s name Catherine or Katarzyna and means ‘pure.’

Kazandra – A name of Polish origin and means ‘to excel.’

Kinga – This name has roots in Hungarian, Slavic, and Polish. It means ‘brave.’

Krystyna – The Polish variant of the name Christina and means ‘Christian.’

Ksenia – A Russian and Polish form of the female name Xenia. It means ‘hospitable.’

Polish lady blowing snow


Larysa – The Polish form of Larissa and means ‘joyful’ or ‘cheerful.’

Lena – This name is derived from the names Alena and Helena. It has Latin, Arabic, and Hindi roots and means ‘kind-hearted’ or ‘alluring.’

Leokadia – A unique Polish name meaning ‘white’ or ‘clear.’

Lilianna – A name of English origin and is a combination of Lily and Anna.

Luvyna – A name of Polish origin and means ‘bright.’

Lyudmila – A traditional Polish name meaning ‘loved by the people.’


Maja – Can either be a variant of Maia or a Polish pet name for Mary. It means ‘a good mother.’

Magdalena – A traditional name of German origin. It means ‘from Magdala.’

Marcelina – A name of Latin origin and means ‘from Mars.’ Mars is also the Roman god of war.

Maria – A name of Latin origin and means ‘of the sea’ or ‘bitter.’

Martyna – This is a Polish version of the Spanish or Latin name Martina which means ‘warlike.’

Marzanna – This is an ancient Polish goddess and the name actually means ‘goddess.’

Milena – Slavic in origin and means ‘pleasant’ or ‘gracious.’

Miroslawa – A traditional Slavic name and means ‘peace and glory.’

Mina – A Polish name with both Scottish and German roots. It means ‘a gilded helmet’ and is a short form of the name Wilhelmina.

Morela – A beautiful name of Polish origin which means ‘sweet like an apricot.’


Nadia – This is a name derived from Nadya which is a Russian name meaning ‘hope.’

Natalia – A name of Italian origin and means ‘born on Christmas day.’

Natasza – The Polish form of Natasha and means ‘born on Christmas day.’

a Polish girl


Ola – A Polish nickname for the name Aleksandra and means ‘defender of men.’

Olga – Scandanavian origin with its roots in Old Norse and comes from the name Helgi which means ‘holy.’

Oliwia – Latin in origin. It means ‘olive tree.’


Patrycja – This is a version of Patricia. Although, it’s one of the more unusual spellings of the name. It means ‘noble.’

Paulina – The female version of the name Paul and means ‘small.’

Pola – This name has both Arabic and Polish origins. It means ‘poppy.’


Radomila – A traditional Polish name and means ‘glad favor.’

Radoslawa – Traditional Slavic name meaning ‘glad glory.’

Renia – A name of Latin origin and is a variant of Renee. It means ‘born again’ or ‘rebirth.’

Roksana – The Polish form of Roxanne and means ‘dawn’ or ‘star.’

Roza – Polish version of the popular flower name of Rose.

Ruta – A Polish name with Biblical origins. It means ‘friend.’


Sabina – A name of Latin origin and means ‘woman from Sabine tribe.’

Salomea – Hebrew in origin and means ‘peaceful.’

Sonia – Scandanavian origin and means ‘wisdom.’ It also has Ukrainian and Russian roots.

Stasia – A name of Greek origin and means ‘resurrection.’

Stanislawa – A name of Polish origin and means becoming ‘glorious.’

Stefcia – A feminine version of Stephen and means ‘garland’ or ‘crown.’


Teodozja – Polish in origin and means ‘God’s gift.’ The name is often shortened to Dosia.

Truda – A name of Polish origin. It means ‘spear strength.’

two Polish girls


Ula – It comes from the name Ursula which is Latin in origin and means ‘strong like a bear.’

Urszula – The Polish form of Ursula. It means ‘little bear.’


Valery – Polish version of the name Valerie. In French and Latin, it means ‘brave.’

Vanessa – Greek origins and means ‘butterfly.’


Wanda – A name of Polish origin and means ‘a slender young tree.’

Walentyna – Originally from the Latin name Valentina. This is the Polish variant and means ‘strong’ or ‘sound.’

Wera – This is a Polish name and comes from the Latin name Veronica and means ‘victory bearer.’

Weronika – A very popular spelling of the name Veronica and means ‘true image.’

Wiktoria – The Polish spelling of Victoria and means ‘victory.’

Wiola – A Polish variant of the English flower Violet.

Wisia – This is a Polish pet name for a few different names that appear on our lists such as Wiktoria and Jadwiga. It means ‘battle’ or ‘victory.’


Yetta – Short form of the names Henrieta and Henrietta. It means ‘home ruler.’


Zaklina – Hebrew in origin and is derived from the name Jacqueline. This Polish variant means ‘one who supplants.’

Zofia – This name comes from the Greek name Sofia and means ‘skill’ or ‘wisdom.’

Zuzanna – Slavic origin and means ‘the flower lily.’

The Final Thought

There are some amazing names on our list from the very traditional Polish names to ones that are a little more modern and even some that are uniquely spelled.

I’m sure if you pick any of the names on this list, your little one will have a fantastic name that will surely make them stand out in the crowd.