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How To Grocery Shop With a Newborn

Before bringing your precious bundle of joy into the world, you probably never even thought about popping to the grocery store. In fact, for most, it is a great experience. But now it is all different!

So you have hidden away for a few weeks in the safety of your home embracing your newfound role of being a parent, protecting and listening for all the queues your baby gives when it’s time to feed, change a diaper and take a nap.

But now the realities of life hit you and you are now wondering how am I going to grocery shop when this tiny human being needs all my attention?

It may fill you with fear and dread, the thought of taking your precious little one into the hustle and bustle of a busy store.

Coming into contact with strangers where you feel you cannot protect your baby from germs and those that feel it is ok to touch your beautiful bundle.

Many moms have the same questions: How do I protect my baby from germs? How will I get around the store? What do I do if my baby cries? What can I do if feeding or changing crops up?

In this article, we will help combat some of these fears and aim to answer those all-important questions with hints and tips from real moms who have been in your shoes!

Preparation Is Key

We all know that when you leave the house with a newborn, you also have a very heavy diaper bag full of all those ‘just in case’ items.

But when you leave to go grocery shopping you need to only pack the essentials. You should have spare feeds, diapers, spare clothes, pacifiers, and toys that can be used as a distraction if you end up in a long queue at the checkout.

The one thing that is essential is a shopping list! With a list, you can categorize the items needed whether it is a lot of food or just the essentials.

You can be that mom on a mission and only go to the aisles you need to instead of trudging aimlessly around the store. This will make your shopping trip painless and also take the stress out of the experience.

Timing Your Shop

Only you will understand the best time for you and your baby. In my opinion, the best time to head to the store is nap time.

Shopping when your newborn is sleeping will make you feel as if you are winning at this whole parenting thing and can concentrate more on the essentials you need to pick up.

Strangers are also less likely to touch or come near a sleeping newborn for fear of waking them – this combats the germs concern straight away.

Aim to go to the store just after a feed. In a grocery store, we’ve all seen a mom and their tiny infant crying through hunger, usually while also making sure that her grocery cart is not obstructing other shoppers.

By feeding your baby before your trip, you are taking that worry out of the equation.

As a mom myself I know that sometimes your baby’s routine goes out the window and they decide that they want another feed while you are at the grocery store. But just remember if feeding does crop up that you really have got this.

Just find a space where you are out of the way, park your cart, and only then will you feel you can give your undivided attention to your precious little one.

There are no rules that say you and your little one can’t take a well-earned break while out and about.

Parking At The Grocery Store

The time has come where you can officially use those golden baby spaces – take advantage of these mommas!

Those extra-large spaces are a great way to start and end your grocery trip. If they are full though do not stress, I recommend parking close to a cart store so you can collect and return your cart easily.

Usually head to one that isn’t overcrowded be kind to yourself and allow for extra room. Now you and your baby have parked safely you may be thinking…

Where Does My Baby Go?

Newborns are way too small and fragile to sit in the cart yet. So here are some of the best techniques and equipment used for their first trip to the store. 

Baby Hammock

These hammocks are innovative tools that allow you to shop literally hands-free whilst knowing your baby is safe and comfortable. They fit either side of the cart allowing space for groceries.

Car Seat

Some shopping malls/stores have the adapted carts that allow you to securely fit the baby’s car seat to the top of the cart. If you are unsure how to fit it securely ask a member of staff, they will always be happy to help!

Baby Wear

The use of slings and wraps is becoming more popular with moms. Being close to you will help to soothe your baby and you will still have both your hands-free to shop as you want.

You can check out some other options from ring slings, comparison guides for K’tan vs Moby and Solly vs Moby.

Stroller Hooks

Do not be ashamed to ask a friend or family member to come along and push the cart for you, while you push your newborn in their stroller. If you are still trying to decide on a stroller then check out our reviews of the latest and best strollers here.

Stroller hooks are great if you only need a few things. You can attach your basket and away you go. But you do need to be careful to balance the weight or there is the potential for the stroller to tip over.


Can newborns go to the grocery store?

I know it can be scary to take your beautiful, precious newborn out into the big wide world. But you can definitely take them to the grocery store safely when they are newborn.

How do you take a newborn to the grocery store?

There are a few different ways in which you can take a newborn to the store with you. Firstly, you could keep them in their infant car seat and use a designated cart to hold a car seat.

You could wear your baby in a front baby carrier leaving your hands free to push the cart or you could use a baby shopping cart hammock.

The Final Thought

Just remember that this doesn’t need to be stressful and keep repeating the mantra, I CAN DO THIS! These tips and tricks are guidelines to help you find your way to having a stress-free and successful shopping trip.

There is no one correct answer in how you do this and some moms decide to ever venture to the grocery store with their newborn and that is just fine too.

But hopefully, we have eased some of those fears and nerves and reminded you that you’ve got this Mom!!