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Baby K’tan vs Moby Wrap: 2024 Comparison Guide

The baby-wearing technique that has become so popular and mainstream over the last few years is showing no sign of stopping. And with the increasing popularity comes the need for better design, function, and materials for baby wraps.

Unfortunately, this has led to a flood in the baby wrap market and now it has become so overwhelming for parents to find the right wrap solution for them that they often make the wrong choice.

We have taken a close look at two baby wraps that are available and they are Baby K’ Tan vs Moby Evolution Wrap.

The Differences Between Baby K’ Tan vs Moby Evolution Wrap

As many of the baby wraps available to parents today look so similar and in fact, many of them are.

But there are a few important differences between these two wraps that could mean the difference between a beautiful and successful babywearing experience or a stressful, frustrating experience.

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Here are the key differences between the Baby K’ Tan vs Moby Evolution Wrap:

  • The biggest difference between these two wraps is the way that you actually use them, the Baby K’ Tan comes ready to use out of the box with no wrapping required. The Moby Evolution is one long piece of fabric so you will need to get to grips with the wrapping process before you can use it.
  • The Baby K’ Tan has 5 carrying positions – newborn carry, front inward facing, front side facing, front-outward facing, and hip carry. While the Moby Evolution only has 3 – newborn carry, front inward-facing, and hip carry.
  • The Baby K’ Tan is made from 100% cotton while the Moby Evolution is made from 70% viscose and 30% cotton making it lighter weight, contains more stretch, and is breathable.
  • The other main difference between these two baby wraps is that the Baby K’ Tan comes in 6 size options and the Moby Evolution is a one size fits all baby wrap.

Comparison Chart Baby K’ Tan vs Moby Evolution Wrap

  Baby K’ Tan Original Moby Evolution Wrap
Price Price Check Price Check
Weight Limit 8 – 33 pounds 8 – 33 pounds
Color Options A wide range of colors and patterns A range of colors and patterns
Carrying positions 5 – newborn carry, front inward facing, front side facing, front outward facing and hip carry. 3 – newborn carry, front inward-facing, and hip carry.
Materials 100% natural cotton 70% viscose and 30% cotton.
Washing Instructions Machine washable, dryer safe Machine washable, lowest dryer setting.
Size options xxs to xl One size fits all
Hip Healthy yes yes
Manufactured China and Guatemala China


Baby K’Tan Original Review

Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child Sling - Simple Pre-Wrapped Holder for Babywearing - No Tying or Rings - Carry Newborn up to 35 lbs, Black, Women 16-20 (Large), Men 43-46

The Baby K’ Tan is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst new moms due to its ease of use and convenience. It comes in a variety of sizes from XXS – XL and this helps to ensure that parents find the perfect fit for them.

The wrap can be worn straight out of the box as there is no video tutorial required on how to tie it. It comes with two large double loops of fabric that are secured in the middle.

It has an extra piece of material that offers further support around the waist. That extra piece of material then converts into a carry bag that the rest of the wrap can be stored in. 

The Baby K’ Tan offers 5 carrying positions newborn carry, front inward facing, front side facing, front-outward facing, and hip carry. 

Features of Baby K’ Tan 

Easy to use design

As the wrap is already set up for you to put on like a t-shirt with its double-loop design it is super simple to use and you do not need to learn how to tie a mass of fabric.

Don’t get me wrong there are still some things that you need to figure out but on the whole, it is a much more user-friendly design. There are plenty of video tutorials both on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon and YouTube if do get really stuck.

Range of sizes available

The Baby K’ Tan comes in a range of sizes from XXS – XL. This feature has its pros and cons depending on your personal needs.

There is a sizing calculator on their website so you know exactly which size to purchase and the advantages of choosing the correct size are that it will provide a more secure and snug fit.

But the downside of the sizing is that you are the only one that will be able to wear it unless of course you and your partner are the same sizes.

Offers a range of carrying positions

With a good range of carrying positions both inward-facing and outward-facing, this baby wrap should see you through from birth right up to the 33-pound weight limit.

Easy storage

Storage is easy and convenient no matter what size Baby K’ Tan you purchase. It comes with a convertible carry bag for easy storage.

This bag then converts into the sash for the extra support around your waist. It will comfortably fit in most large diaper bags.

Pros of Baby K’ Tan

  • It is very easy to put on as no wrapping or tieing involved.
  • Secures baby very snuggly
  • There is no excess fabric to deal with
  • Available in different sizes, materials, and colors.
  • Multiple carrying positions.

Cons of Baby K’ Tan

  • One size does not always fit all and you may need to purchase another one for your partner.
  • Choosing the right size can be difficult. Many parents purchase two different sizes at first to check which one fits best.

baby ktan

What Makes The Baby K’ Tan Better Than The Moby Evolution Wrap

The Baby K’ Tan has to be one of the easiest wrap baby carriers to put on, there is no huge amount of fabric for you to figure out how to wrap.

It is straight out of the box, over your head, and away to go, while the Moby Evolution comes as one single long piece of fabric that, to be fair takes a little while to perfect that wrapping technique.

It is also available in several different sizes making it easy for parents to find the perfect fit for their body, while the Moby only comes in one size fits all. 

The Baby K’ Tan comes with a great range of carrying positions including the front-outward facing carry. The Moby only has three carrying positions and the front-outward facing carry is not one of them.

Then there is the easy storage solution that means the Baby K’ Tan can easily fit in a diaper bag, while the bulky Moby Evolution does not come with its own carry bag and will not fit in a diaper bag.

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Moby Evolution Wrap Review

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier | Evolution | Baby Wrap Carrier for Newborns & Infants | #1 Baby Wrap | Baby Gift | Keeps Baby Safe & Secure | Adjustable for All Body Types | Perfect for Mom & Dad | Black

The Moby Evolution wrap is a cotton viscose mix making it lightweight, breathable, and stretchy. It is a one size fits all wrap that is perfect for newborns and offers three carrying positions, newborn carry, front inward-facing, and hip carry.

It is suitable for babies from 8 – 33 pounds ensuring that it should see you through a huge portion of your babywearing journey.

The Moby is one long piece of fabric that is approximately 18 feet long, it has no buckles or straps to adjust making it suitable for almost any sized person.

The cotton viscose blend fabric helps to keep the baby cool in the warmer months as it is breathable but this wrap can also be used in the colder months just as successfully as there is so much fabric available you can easily layer your baby up to keep them warm.

The Moby Evolution comes in a vast range of colors and fabrics so you are sure to find at least one that you love. It also comes with a coordinating carry bag to keep your wrap clean and tidy.

Features of Moby Wrap


The Moby Evolution is made from a cotton blend material that makes it stretchy and super breathable. This makes it a really comfortable fabric to wear for both you and your baby and will not irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

As the fabric is breathable it is a great option for the warmer summer months as it will prevent your baby from overheating.

Color and print range

Moby has an amazing range of both colors and patterns available and although this has nothing to with how the wrap performs it is always nice to have a really great looking wrap. There should be at least one pattern or color that you and your partner can agree on.

One size fits all

You can not get this wrong as there is no sizing chart needed, one size really does fit all. So no matter if you are a petite size 8 and your partner is a six-foot basketball player this wrap will comfortably fit both of you.

Pros of Baby Wrap

  • It is fully machine washable
  • The wrap allows you to spread the weight of your baby across your torso and back, so your shoulders do not suffer.
  • Great variety of colors and designs
  • The fabric is not too stretchy.
  • As it is a one size fits all it can easily be shared between family members without the need to purchase a new one.

Cons of Baby Wrap

  • Quite difficult to learn to tie in the beginning
  • Instructions included are not great
  • It does include a carry bag, but the wrap can be very bulky once it is all stored.
  • It is quite bulky and does not easily fit into a diaper bag.
  • The length of the material makes it quite difficult to wrap in public.

mother with child

What Makes The Moby Evolution Better Than The Baby K’ Tan.

The biggest plus for the Moby Evolution is the one size fits all so it is great for sharing with your partner or another caregiver, unlike the Baby K’ Tan that has to be specifically sized for each individual.

The Moby Evolution also comes in a great range of colors and fabric designs so you will be certain to find something that you like while the Baby K’ Tan only comes in a few color choices.

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Is Baby K’ Tan easy to use?

It is much simpler to use than a traditional wrap once you get used to the different positions.

What Size Baby K’ Tan should I get?

If the lowest point of the carrier falls at or below your hips, you would be advised to choose a smaller size and if the lowest point of the carrier falls at your chest you would need to choose a larger size.

Can I use the Moby Evolution wrap with a newborn?

Yes, you can use the Moby Evolution with a newborn as long as they exceed the minimum weight limit of 8 pounds.

Can you wear your baby too much?

You can not spoil a baby through babywearing. It isn’t possible to spoil a baby by holding them too much according to the American Association of Pediatricians (AAP).

Since babywearing can reduce crying, that then means less stress, and both mom and baby are more content and happy.

The Final Thought

Babywearing is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby while still giving you the freedom of movement and your hands to get on and do the things that you need to get done.

If you choose either of the wraps that we have featured, you will not go far wrong and I think the one you choose will most definitely come down to personal choice and what suits best for your family.