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13 Best Postpartum Clothing Items – What to Wear After Giving Birth

There is nothing like a postpartum body. You still look pregnant because your uterus has not gone down yet. Your boobs are still huge, and you’re not quite big enough to fill out the previous maternity clothes.

At the same time, you are far from fitting into your post-baby wardrobe. It can be frustrating, but if you know the right things to wear, you’ll be comfortable until you can wear jeans with a button again.

1. Sports Bras

Don’t waste time trying to determine bra size or money purchasing bras. Instead, opt for a few sports bras. These are stretchy and will fit just fine until your breasts return to their normal size.

They also hold pads perfectly up against your nipple if you breastfeed and start to leak. If you are breastfeeding, go ahead and add a nursing bra to your personal list. These are comfortable, convenient, and adjustable. 

2. Full Underwear

I found out the hard way that after having a baby is not the time for those adorable g-strings. (In my defense, I was 16 and no one told me what to expect after giving birth.)

It doesn’t matter how you had your baby, you’ll want to be able to enjoy the comfort of having full underwear. I don’t mean cheeksters that cover most of the butt cheek.

I’m referring to full underwear, such as boyshorts or plain cotton underwear that cover everything.

3. Stretchy Pants

You want to wear pants that are forgiving in nature. They should also match your style. These could be: 

  • Pajama pants
  • Leggings
  • Yoga pants
  • Stretchy maternity pants (without the belly pouch)
  • Joggers

My favorite type of stretch pants to wear is Victoria’s Secret boyfriend pants. They are not tight around the ankles, adjustable and are stretchy enough in the waist the accommodate your stomach no matter what size it is.

These pants also can be worn under your stomach if it’s a bit larger than you expect it to be. 

4. Dresses

dress rack

Sometimes, especially after just having a child, you just don’t feel like wearing pants. Instead, pack a few comfy dresses.

Think of loose summer dresses, comfortable nighties, and baggy sweater dresses if you’re expecting in the winter. These will help you feel comfortable while you recover from childbirth. 

5. A Robe

If you’re wearing a comfortable nightie or running around in nothing but a bra, a robe is a must-have. Preferably a plush robe that looks cozy.

When someone stops by to see the baby unexpectantly or you have to open the door, simply throw a robe on top of what you’re wearing. After you have a baby, wearing a robe makes you instantly presentable.

6. V-Necks

Whether you’re wearing dresses, nighties, or t-shirts, make sure to include a v-neck version. Your breasts will be large and tender, so you don’t want them to feel restricted.

This can make them hurt more than they already do. If you’re breastfeeding, it’s easy to pull your breast out of a v-neck shirt to feed the baby versus pulling an entire shirt up that does not have a lower neckline. 

7. Baggy Shirts

You don’t have to wear a t-shirt that is three sizes too big (unless you want to), but a baggier t-shirt will be more comfortable.

After you have a baby, you want to feel cozy as your body heals. You won’t want to wear anything form-fitting, and your body will thank you for the baggy shirts. 

8. Socks


Socks are always great! They are especially comfy after you have a little one. First, you won’t have to worry about painting your toes. If it’s been a while since your last pedicure, socks are a great way to cover that up. Second, hospital floors are cold.

If you’re making a plan for what clothes to take to the hospital, keep in mind that those same floors are also slippery, so no-slip socks are a nice option. 

9. Mom Sweater

A loose-fitting cardigan, also commonly known as a mom sweater, is the perfect accessory. Drape it over top of nursing tops or camis to instantly create a put-together look.

Slide your arms through the sleeves when you’re feeling chilly for instant warmth. Then, slide it to the side when it’s time to nurse. When my daughter had my grandson, it was one of her must-haves for her hospital bag.

10. Flip Flops Or Sandals


These shoes are comfortable! They are also easy to slip on. When you’re recovering, it can still be difficult to bend over, especially if you had a C-section.

Having a few pairs of slip-on sandals or flip flops handy will instantly make getting dressed easier, and you can go out to get the mail without having to go barefoot. As an added bonus, if your feet are still swollen, they’ll fit in sandals better than tennis shoes. 

11. Wrap Around Sweaters

sweaters on hand

Wrap sweaters are a fashionable option for those on maternity leave. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing pajama shirts and want to look nice despite just having a child, wrap-around sweaters are a nice option.

Most of these are loose-fitting and can be tied to the side. This lets you tie them as tightly or loosely as you would like. They are available with a V-neck or U-neck to make breastfeeding easier.

Women that are taking a short maternity leave before returning to work should definitely pick one up for some additional comfort. 

12. Jeggings

These are the perfect compromise between informal leggings and having to force the button on jeans closed. They are designed to look exactly like jeans but have a stretchy waistband similar to leggings. Hence the name jeggings.

These are wonderful if your maternity pants are too big, but the rest of the clothing in your wardrobe doesn’t fit yet. The primary downside to jeggings is that they are not as stretchy as leggings are in the waistband. It can be helpful to order a size up.

13. Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are convenient when you’re breastfeeding, and they are downright comfortable. Most of them are made of cotton, and you won’t get the lace and frills of your old bras.

However, they are adjustable and will feel amazing for women that have sore breasts. If you’re not breastfeeding, you can still expect tenderness for at least a few weeks. Pick up at least one nursing bra to get you through that first couple of weeks.


When you’re trying to decide what to wear after giving birth, comfort is the one thing that you want to keep in mind.

A picture of you in a robe with your hair in a messy bun will be as adorable as one of you dressed up from head to toe, and you’ll be happier in the picture.

Remember that it can take weeks for your body to heal, and sometimes months for those that have a C section.