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100 Best Korean Baby Girl Names

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is not only important but can also be extremely stressful. Your family heritage can play a big part in your choices. You may be looking for the best Korean girl names – if you have then you have definitely come to the right place.

We have put together an amazing list of some of our favorite Korena girl names. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right name. Read on to find out more.

100 Best Korean Baby Girl Names

Things To Consider When Choosing A Korean Baby Girl Name

Firstly you need to think about what the name actually means and are the qualities that you hope your little one will have.

Is the name feminine enough and is it a commonly used name or something a little more unique? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before making that final name choice.

How Are Korean Girl Names Chosen?

All Korean baby names are made up of two or three parts – usually three syllables but can sometimes be up to five.

Here’s How It Works

The first part of the name is the family name and then the second part is the given name.

  • The family name is the first syllable and is very similar to the surname used in Western culture. It is inherited from the father’s side. 
  • Next is the given name, this normally contains two syllables. But the second syllable is not considered a middle name as this is something that they do not follow in South Korea.
  • Women also do not change their legal names at marriage.

Korean boy names are made up in a similar way.

Best Korean Baby Girl Names

A Young – This name means refined.

Ae Ri – A name that means to gain or advantage.

Ae-cha – In Korean this name means a loving daughter.

Aera – Means love.

Ah-In – This name means humanness or benevolence.

Ailiseu – A name that means iris.

Ara – In Korean, this name means be beautiful and good.

Areum – Means beauty.

Ahnjong – This name means tranquility.

Bong – After the Korean mythological bird.

Bong Cha – A name that means the ultimate girl.

Byeol – Korean girl’s name that means star.

Bon-Hwa – This name means glorious.

Bongseon – A name that means impatient flower.

Bada – After the Korean word for ocean.

Bae – Means inspiration.

Baeg-Ilcho – This nature-inspired girl’s name refers to the zinnia flower.

Baram – In Korean, this name means wind.

Bitna – Means shining.

Bom – After the Korean word for spring.

Chaewon – This name means origin or the beginning.

Chan-mi – In Korean, this girl’s name means praise.

Chija – Refers to the gardenia flowers.

Chin Sun – Means truth and goodness some great values every child should have.

Cho – This name means beautiful.

Cho-Hee – In Korean this name means beautiful joy.

Choon Hee – A girl’s name that means girl born during spring.

Chul – This name means firmness.

Chung Cha – Means a noble daughter in Korean.

Da – In Korean, this name means to attain or to win.

Dae – This name means great one.

Da-eun – Da-eun means kindness in Korean.

Dasom – Means love.

Deiji – A nature-inspired name that refers to the daisy flower.

Eui – This name means righteousness.

Eun – Popular Korean name that means silver.

Eun Ae – In Korean, this name means grace and love.

Eunji – Means kindness, intellect, and mercy.

Eunjoo – This name translates to little flower in Korean.

Ga Eun – Means kind and beautiful.

Gi – A short Korean girl’s name that means brave one.

Goo – In Korean, this name means complete.

Gyeong – This Korean girl’s name means respected one.

Gyunghui – Means beautiful, honor, and respect.

Ha Eun – In Korean, Ha means summer, great or talented and Eun means kindness or mercy.

Hae – A Korean girl’s name that means ocean.

Haebaragi – This flower-inspired name comes from the Korean word for sunflower.

Ha-eun – Means God’s grace.

Hana – In Korean, this name means my favorite.

Haneul – This name means heaven or sky and is spiritual.

Haru – Means the day.

Haw – Another nature-inspired Korean girl’s name that means young, beautiful flower.

Hayoon – This name means the sunlight.

Heejin – In Korean, this girl’s name means precious pearl.

Hee-Young – Means joy and prosperity.

Hei-Ran – This Korean name means beautiful orchid.

Hiah – A name that means glad.

Ho-Sook – In Korean, this name means a clear lake.

Hwa Young – Means beautiful flower.

Hye – Hye means intelligent woman in Korean.

Hyejin – This name means intelligent and bright.

Hyeon – Means a person of virtue.

Ho – A Korean name that means filial duty.

Hyo-joo – In Korena, this name means obedient and pity.

Hyuk – Means radiant.

Hyun – This name means bright and intelligent.

Iseul – A name that means morning dew.

Jae – In Korean, this name means respect.

Jang-Mi – After the Korean word for rose.

Jee – Means wise.

Jeong – In Korean Jeong means silent and chase.

Ji – This short Korean name means wisdom and intellect.

Jia – A name that means beautiful and good.

Jieun – The meaning of this name is something hidden.

Joon – Popular Korean name that means talented.

Jung – This name is popular in many Korean dramas and means silent and chaste.

Kaneisyeon – After the Korean word for carnation.

Ki – A name that means one who has risen.

Kwan – Means strong girl.

Kyung – This name means respected in Korean.

Kyong – In Korean this name means brightness.

Kyung-Hu – A name that means a girl in the capital in Korean.

Kyung Soon – Means honored and mild in Korean.

Kyung Mi – This Korean name means beauty and honor.

Kamou – In Korean, this name means purity, love, or spring.

Kiaraa – A name that means bright or God’s precious gift. 

Mee – Means beautiful and is a lovely name Korean name choice.

Mi Young – This name means everlasting beauty.

Mi-Sun – In Korean, this name means beauty and goodness.

Moon – You probably already think you know what this name means but you would be wrong it actually means smart one.

Nari – After the Korean word for lily flower.

Ora – A short name that means purple.

Oung – Means successor.

Paenji – This name is the Korean word for pansy.

Sang-Hee – In Korean, this name means benevolent and pleasant one.

Sena – A name that means the world’s beauty.

Seong – Means finished.

Suseonhwa – After the Korean word for daffodils.

Whan – Whan means always growing in Korean.

The Final Thought

There you have 100 Korean baby girl names for you to choose from. Hopefully, you have found the perfect name for your little princess but if not do not worry there are plenty more options out there.

Just remember that this is the name your little girl will have for the rest of their life so choose wisely!!!