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Honest Diapers vs Pampers – Which Diaper Is Best?

Finding the right diapers is a big problem that many parents struggle with.

From incorrect sizing, painful nappy rash, and containing those seriously impressive blowouts we know all babies are capable of, it can take some time to find the brand that works for your little one. 

Honest Diapers vs Pampers - Which Diaper Is Best?

Pampers is one of the biggest and most well-known brands on the market as suppliers of diapers for decades. But as a new parent, you may be looking for a more eco-conscious option and Honest Diapers offer this option.

In this article, we are going to cover all the pros and cons that come with each brand to help you decide once and for all between Pampers Vs Honest Diapers.

Honest Diapers vs Pampers

Pampers Diapers

Pamper Swaddler Size 1 20 diapers

Pampers is one of the biggest diaper and baby brands on the market in the US currently.

They are dedicated to supporting people in their journey through parenthood with claims of them dedicating their products to promote happy and healthy development in babies.

They have been partnered with UNICEF since 2006 helping to provide the much-needed equipment and resources to prevent newborn tetanus which is a powerful achievement.

Many eco-conscious parents nowadays are more focused on reducing their household waste and are far more aware of the amount that comes from this not so eco-friendly diaper option.

However, they do have a new eco-friendly option called Pampers Pure. This new diaper option from Pampers shares many similar attributes to Honest such as the use of plant-based materials and no parabens or bleaching agents.

This means you can still get the unbeatable leak protection that Pampers is famous for, without the nasty additions.

They also have the following other options in their range:

  • Pampers Pure Hybrid Cloth– a much easier option to fully reusable nappies with disposable inserts.
  • Pampers Swaddlers (Daytime)– designed to protect the delicate skin around healing umbilical cords with their softest ever feel for tiny babies.
  • Pampers Swaddlers (Nighttime)– the same as previous range, with extra absorbency for a dry nights sleep
  • Pampers Pure Protection– Premium cotton, plant-based materials, and up to 12hrs of leak protection.
  • Pampers Cruisers– 360 stretches to create no-compromise or leaks on your active baby and easier pull-up fit.
  • Pampers Baby Dry– 3 layers of absorbency, wetness indicator, and air dry channels for breathable dryness.
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Honest Diapers

HONEST The Company, Club Box, Clean Conscious Diapers, Above It All + Pandas, Size Newborn, 76 Count (Packaging + Print May Vary)

Jessica Alba is well known for her acting roles but she is also the founder of  Honest. A company that prides itself on producing products that are clean, sustainable, and well designed.

They also work and their products cover the entire family not just the baby. Their baby range consists of diapers, bath products, wipes, and even rash creams.

All their diapers are hypoallergenic and have no chemical additives, lotions, or fragrances that can upset the delicate natural balance of your baby’s skin.

They are often considered more trendy for the modern mom with an adorable range of prints to choose from, as well as a diaper and wipe subscription service meaning you’ll never have to make a last-minute dash to the grocery store again because you’ve run out!

Compared to the variety of options you get with Pampers diapers, things work a little differently over at Honest. 

The features that come with your diaper are all dependant on the age range you need. For example:

Newborn diapers come specially designed to stay out of the way of your little ones healing umbilical cord, have a wetness indicator as well as quick absorption, and are all made from plant-based materials.

Sizes 1-2 are your more standard-shaped diaper with an additional “poo pocket” which claims to have your babies back protected from blowouts with a double layer of containment as well as all the other features mentioned in the previous size.

Size 3-6 feature the same quick absorption, wetness indicator, and plant-based materials with additional focus on being super stretchy around the sides giving a better fit as your little ones become more mobile in this stage of their life to help avoid any leaks and discomfort.

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Honest Vs Pampers Comparison

Now we’ve covered the basics around each of these brands, here is an in-depth comparison of all the important factors you need to consider when choosing between Honest vs Pampers diapers.

Size Range and Fit

Honest diapers may not have as large a product range as Pampers on the market, but the adaptations made to support your child in each stage of development is a real winner for us.

However, their diapers stop at size 6 whereas Pampers go up to size 7 which definitely gives them the advantage for us when it comes to this comparison.

To put this into perspective, size 6 roughly comes to 35lbs+ whereas size 7 stretches that bit further into the 41lbs+ mark. This is definitely worth considering if you have a bigger baby who’s moving through sizes quicker than you can buy them! 


Arguably, the most important aspect of a diaper is its ability to retain anything that gets thrown at it by your little one, without leaking, gaping, or being uncomfortable against their skin.

Honest diapers have the advantage of being less bulky but still claiming to contain quick absorb channels to prevent leaks and a quilted bubble liner to draw wetness away from your baby’s skin.

Some parents report that these diapers cannot contain as much liquid as other brands, meaning if you have a heavier wetter they may not work best for you.

Pampers have several ranges and night-specific nappies aimed at keeping your little one dry for up to 12hours so you can enjoy every minute of sleep possible without worrying about waking up to a wet, unhappy baby.

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Again, it is important to try a few brands and see what works best for your little one and their individual needs.

Price Point

This is definitely a deal-breaker for many parents when it comes to choosing the right diaper for their little one. Your baby is going to go through an awful lot of diapers in their first few years of life so they really are an investment.

With that in mind, you do need to think about the ongoing costs and choose an option that will be affordable for you in the long term, not just now.

Pampers are much more commonly available than their competitor, with the convenient option of being widely available in most stores with a baby section.

You can also regularly take advantage of online promotions to bag the best bargains possible and save some cash. This can be the letdown for Honest Diapers unfortunately with them definitely being a bit pricier in comparison to Pampers.

However, they do offer a subscription service on diapers with free shipping, but you are still looking at a larger price tag to accommodate for the cute prints & eco-friendly traits.

Pattern Variety

This goes without saying that the pattern and look of your baby’s diapers may not be the most important thing to you, but Honest Diapers really do have some adorable prints.

Who says going to the potty can’t be pretty, right? We love the wide variety of prints available compared to that of Pampers. So if this is something that matters to you then Honest Diapers are definitely your go-to for pretty-looking disposable nappies. 

If you wanted to take a step towards a more economical but still gorgeous looking nappy then Pampers Pure Hybrid is for you. They come in a great variety of prints on their waterproof covers and you just need to change the disposable insert.


For many parents-to-be, the idea of cloth/real nappies sounds like an awful lot of washing to be juggling on top of wrapping your head around how to care for your newest addition.

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Luckily both Honest Diapers and Pampers have eco-friendly options so you can look after the planet, as well as your little one. 

The Honest Company has based its whole ethos around being natural, economical, and kind on skin with no harsh chemicals, as well as being cruelty-free.

They are also hypoallergenic, and their core is made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. However, if their price point has put you off then Pampers also have an eco option to suit you.

Pampers Pure Hybrid is a great option if you want to be eco without the hard work. They feature a soft, reusable waterproof cover lined with microfleece for the ultimate stay dry comfort against baby’s skin in a wide variety of cute designs.

You simply insert a disposable diaper insert that is free of chlorine, parabens, and fragrances into the compartment of the nappy and can get up to 12hrs of dryness!

When dirty, you simply dispose of the insert, wash and dry the waterproof cover as per the manufacturer’s instructions and then it’s clean and ready to be used again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Honest Diapers worth it?

Honest Diapers create reliable plant-based diapers, but the price tag doesn’t come with many benefits to back that up apart from the design. Pampers and other brands offer equally as friendly eco options, without the high price tag.

How long do diapers take to decompose?

It is estimated that diapers can take 500 years before they decompose when placed into landfills.

What brand of diapers do hospitals use?

You’ll be happy to know that Pampers Swaddlers that we have previously mentioned in this article are most commonly used in hospitals across the US.

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Are Honest wipes biodegradable?

Although they claim their packaging to be biodegradable, unfortunately, no plastic-based disposable wipes are biodegradable. You cannot place these wipes in your compost pile, they will only biodegrade in a municipal/ industrial facility.

The Final Thought

It can be hard to not get won over by the brilliant range of designs that come with Honest Diapers. They can be really worth the investment if your little one struggles with sensitive skin or allergies to more widely available diapers on the market.

Pampers do have a wider variety of products to suit the individual needs of your little one, but you may be concerned by the presence of unwanted chemicals and possible complications.

Rest assured all diapers on the market are tested vigorously before hitting the shelves and this is no reason to splash out when you may not really need to.

Honest Diapers are definitely a great high-end diaper option, but with such a high price point for the basic addition of prettier prints, you could easily use one of the better varieties of Pampers products and find what works best for you.

Every baby is different so sometimes you may need to shop around and find what works best for your little one- good luck!