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Why Does My Baby Hate Getting Dressed?

Odds are that throughout your pregnancy, thinking about changing your baby’s clothes was the least of your worries. You would fantasize dressing your little angel in the most fabulous outfits, with matching shoes, bows, and bonnets.

Let’s fast forward to now, and it’s a lot harder than you had imagined! Now, you’re probably wondering, why does my baby hate getting dressed so much?

If your baby is a bit squirmy when dressing, no worries, mama. All parents have been there. I know I was left wondering what I was doing wrong when trying to dress my baby every morning. She hated it! And I was not a fan of forcing her to do something she hated, but when winter hit, coats, socks, and jackets were not an option. They were all a necessity to keep her healthy and warm.

Thankfully as time progressed, I learned a few tips and tricks to help me out when dressing my little ones. To learn more about why babies can’t stand getting dressed, and how to make your mornings dressing your own baby feel a little easier, read on.

Baby Hates Clothes Over Head

If your baby screams and hollers when getting dressed, don’t be alarmed. Many first time moms feel guilty about making their child yell those show-stopping and blood-curdling screams, but the first thing you have to realize is that your baby is not in danger. They are also not in control.

You are.

Your baby may feel uncomfortable, feeling so exposed after spending nine months in the warm comfort of the womb. Now, they’re cold, angry, and confused — but that shouldn’t make you feel guilty about putting them in weather-appropriate outfits. Try a few of these tips when dressing your baby. If you just brought your newborn home, opt for onesies that zip up from the feet. This way, you can avoid pulling clothes over their little head entirely.
You also won’t have to worry about your baby pulling off their socks either. You can also purchase a onesie that ties down at the bottom so that your baby is always swaddled-up and comfortable.

Lastly, another option you can try is to open up the neck hole of their shirts wide enough so they can still see your face through it as you pull the fabric overhead. Make sure to keep eye contact, and speak to your baby using a soothing voice to calm them down.

Baby Hates Getting Dressed After Bath

Getting dressed after a nice bath may be another issue you face with your child. Babies typically hate getting pulled from the water, no matter how warm it is. The drastic change in temperature will cause them to bawl and feel quite uncomfortable. To soothe them in this situation you can try placing their clothes and their towel in the dryer for a few minutes, just so the fabric is warm to the touch. Leave these on standby and when bathtime is over, act fast.

Also, try to dry their head and hair right out of the tub, as heat escapes the body from this area first.

Baby Suddenly Hates Diaper Changes

If your baby has suddenly grown to loathe diaper changes, one of these next few things has happened. If the climate has gone from hot and humid to chilly, they may be experiencing the cold more severely compared to you.

They may also be experiencing an uncomfortable diaper rash so look into replacing the fabric softener or the brand of diapers you’re using if you notice redness on their tush.

You can also apply a trusted brand of diaper rash cream to soothe their skin. We prefer Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It’s rated 5 stars on Amazon and people rave about it.

How To Quickly Change a Diaper

To quickly change a diaper, you’re going to have to make a few adjustments to your changing table at home. Make sure you have easy to open cabinets in or near the table stocked with everything you need from baby powder, diapers, and rash cream.

If you’ve noticed your baby has a full diaper, lay them onto the table on their back. Then, gently lift them up and pull the dirty diaper from under them. Next, you want to use a wipe to clean their private areas. Wipe front to back to cut the risk of your baby developing an infection. Throw the old diaper away and replace it with a fresh new one.

If you’re a new parent, don’t be alarmed if you’re not a pro just yet. You will be able to accomplish this faster with time and experience.

How To Quickly Change a Diaper on the Go

Make sure to purchase a diaper bag that has enough storage for everything you need. Every Sunday when planning your week out, make sure your diaper bag is fully stocked and ready to go in your bedroom or near the front door. This can also help you get places quickly as well as you won’t have to spend minutes shuffling through the house looking for all of the necessary items you’ll need when out with your baby.

How To Distract Baby While Changing Diaper

There are a few ways you can distract your baby when changing their diaper, and I found these tips to be paramount with my firstborn. I highly recommended you give them a shot when all else fails.

First off, If they have a certain toy they absolutely love, make sure to buy a second one to keep in your diaper bag. You can also keep these highly distracting toys in a wicker basket near the changing table in your home. You can also select toys that can make sounds, play music, and light up for the best possible distraction.

Additionally, play a video they love on your phone or change them in front of the television while playing their favorite movie.

Another way you can distract your baby is to get their attention. Make a funny face, or tickle them to keep them laughing.

Bottom line, while you may want the diaper change to be over with as soon as possible, slow down and take this time to connect with your child.

Sing, say what you’re doing out loud and in a silly voice, or even give them a couple of kisses on the cheek during the process. While some babies may not understand verbal communication just yet, they can tell when you’re stressed and angry. It may be challenging to turn this seemingly negative experience into a positive one, but with the right attitude — know that it’s indeed feasible.

distract a baby while changing diaper

I Hate Changing Diapers

Changing diapers is far from glamourous. This doesn’t make you a bad mom because you’re not a fan of the sights and smells that come with an unsightly diaper change. Truth be told, no one loves changing diapers!

However, you can try to change your mindset. Your baby is going to soil their diapers either way — nothing you can do about that since it’s just a standard bodily function. But like it or not, it comes with the territory and is required of a parent for those first few years of your little one’s life. Think about your role as a caretaker. You obviously love your child, and many other family members may also be crazy about your little one. Yet, it’s your job and role as their guardian to make sure they’re cleaned up and comfortable.

A diaper change is actually a special moment because very few people will experience this trusted experience and exchange with your baby.

hate changing diapers


I’d like to think I’ve gotten the hang of this whole ‘mom’ thing by now. It does throw multiple curveballs out at you, however. So, don’t be alarmed if your firstborn seems like they’re part worm or snake when they’re born, tossing, turning, and practically rolling off of the changing table. If your baby hates getting dressed, understand that it’s completely normal, and it’s okay to feel frustrated.

However, it’s also crucial that you come up with the best solution for making changing a breeze for both mama and baby. Whether you’re struggling to get over your affinity of changing diapers, or you feel frustrated when dressing them up, follow a few of these tips and you should feel like the unstoppable parent you truly are.