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Where To Donate Baby Formula

As parents, we all know how much formula a baby can go through in their lifetime and also the cost that goes with it. But what can you do with leftover formula when your baby has moved on to solid food – donate it.

Yes, you can donate any baby formula that is unopened and within its expiration date. It can be quite difficult to find places that will actually take donations of baby formula.

So we have put together a variety of nonprofits across the country that allow donations of baby formula. 

Can You Donate Unused Baby Formula?

There are some nonprofits that will happily take any unused baby formula off your hands as long as it is unopened and within its expiration date. 

Here are a few of the places that are accepting donations of baby formula.

Homeless Prenatal Program

This is a nationally recognized family resource center in San Francisco that assists low-income and homeless families. They provide a variety of programs and services to help families become healthy, stable, and self-sufficient.

They are currently taking donations of formula, baby food, diapers, and wipes.


This is a mega diaper bank and nonprofit that provides essential items to children in need. They partner with a huge range of organizations all across the country and distribute essentials to children living in poverty in over 40 cities.

A Baby Center

Based in Cape Cod, this diaper bank serves to meet the basic needs of the youngest members of their community – babies and infants. the services provided are done so at no cost to the client.

Coahoma County Diaper Bank

Its mission is to help lighten the burden of parents and children living in the Mississippi Delta. They provide emergency baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, formula, and baby toys and clothes.

Eastside Baby Center

EBC distributes items to children and their families living in poverty in King South Snohomish, Kitsap, and West Pierce Counties. aLong with their 49 partner organizations, they distribute almost 80,000 items annually.

Greater DC Diaper Bank

For those parents living in the Washington DC metropolitan area, this diaper bank is a lifeline, providing all the essential items that a baby needs from food to diapers to wipes.

Moms Helping Moms

This New Jersey bases foundation provides low-income families with essential baby items such as diapers, formula, and wipes.


This is a nonprofit organization serving families in Colorado. They partner with other local services to provide necessities to families with infants and toddlers.

Making Donations To Food Bank

Can You Donate Formula To Food Banks?

You can donate baby formula to food banks as there are concerns for the safety of the baby.

Food banks can offer families food for parents and also older children, helping to ease the financial burden on those that are struggling. Food banks also do not distribute infant formula either, for the reasons mentioned above.

Local Infant Formula For Emergencies Inc (LIFE), Houston

LIFE Houston provides emergency formula and food for hungry babies along with information about proper infant nutrition.

They provide this service through monetary donations and also through the donation of non-expired infant formulas. They can also supply medically necessary formulas as well as standard baby formula.

Store Brand HEB, Kroger, Parent Choice Target Similac Brand Enfamil Brand Gerber Brand
Advantage or Infant Similac Advance Enfamil Infant Good Start Protect
Tender   Enfamil Gentlease Good Start Gentle
Sensitivity/Gentle Similac Sensitive (for fussiness & Gas) Enfamil Gentlease  
Soy-Based Similac Isomil or Similac Sensitive (Soy) Enfamil ProSoBee Good Start Soy
Gentle Total Comfort For Discomfort   Good Start Soothe
Added Rice Similac Sensitive (For Spit-Up) Enfamil AR  
Neocare Similac Neosure Enfamil EnfaCare  
  Similac Alimentum Enfamil Nutramigen  


Can I sell formula?

You are permitted to sell any baby formula that you have acquired legally and not through government programs like WIC – it is a violation of Federal regulations to attempt to sell or gift formula that was obtained through the WIC program.

Can you donate opened formula?

Unfortunately, you can donate opened baby formula as there are huge risks of contamination.

But instead of throwing it away, you could use it in the garden as it makes a great fertilizer for your plants.

How long does formula powder last once it’s opened?

Most experts say that once a baby formula is opened it must be used within a month. 

The sealed formula will last longer than one month, but you must not use it after the expiry date – this date is not a suggestion.

The Final Thought

Being a parent is hard but being able to help another less fortunate parent is a real gift. By donating any unused baby formula to the right places they will ensure that it gets to the people that need it most.

Hopefully, we have been able to provide you with a link to an organization in your area that you may be able to help out with a donation.