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Why Does My Daughter Take Long Showers?

Teen daughters in particular are known for spending hours in the bathroom. My oldest daughter takes the longest showers in the house.

She has spent over an hour in the shower before. My youngest likes to play in the shower, which also leads to long showers. Personally, I enjoy a long shower too. 

Why does my daughter take long showers, though? Teenage daughters tend to take longer showers than anyone else in the house, and it’s not just in my house.

This is because they’re more concerned with hygiene and their appearance. It’s also a great way to relax, something that teens desperately need. 

Why My Daughters Take Long Showers

For this article, I went straight to the source: my daughters. They’re both known for taking too long in the shower. It’s a large part of the reason why I chose a house with two bathrooms when moving.

Here is what they had to say about taking too long showers. 

It’s A Vibe

There’s something relaxing about the stream of hot water and music blaring from an iPhone that’s a great vibe. My teenager finds it relaxing.

After working eight hours a day and taking care of an infant (she’s 17, but has already graduated and is moving into adulthood), she can be a combination of stressed, tired, and overwhelmed.

A shower with her favorite songs is an instant mood booster. My youngest also agrees that it’s a great vibe. She likes to play in the stream of water with her bath toys.

When she does this, she doesn’t have to worry about getting in trouble for splashing and getting water on the floor, something that we go through a lot with the bathtub. 

Teens Take Their Time In The Shower

It doesn’t matter whether a teen is going to work, or school or has a crush or not. They do not want to be the smelly kid with body odor.

The girl with two inches of hair on their legs. They don’t want to have greasy hair or pimples. Teens put a lot of pressure on themselves to look good.

Part of that includes shaving things perfectly, washing their hair carefully, and making sure that they give everything a good scrub. It’s a standard case of caring about quality over efficiency.

woman in the bathroom

Teens Might Be Less Concerned About Water Usage

When you’re the one paying the water bill, you’re going to be more concerned about how much the water bill is. This leads to being a little more efficient in the shower.

On the other hand, it does take away from the relaxing vibe that goes hand in hand with a hot shower. Teens that don’t deal with the water bill or aren’t concerned with conserving water don’t mind about the cost of their long shower, though. 

Playing In The Shower Can Be Fun For Younger Children

My youngest daughter loves to play in the shower. She gets out her bath toys and plays. You can hear her belting out her favorite songs as she dances in the shower. She loves to dance!

To her, it’s the equivalent of playing in the rain. That is something else she loves! If your little one loves playing in the shower, you can almost expect them to be in there for a little longer than you would be. 

Shower Mishaps Take Extra Time

We also have the occasional shower mishap. This tends to happen more with the six-year-old than it does with the seventeen-year-old, however.

Usually, it’s a case of putting too much shampoo or conditioner in her hair (she’s trying to be independent.) Once it’s in there, it has to be washed out.

Depending on the size of the mishap, it can take quite a bit of time to rinse out all of the shampoo or conditioner. 

Other Reasons Daughters Take Longer Showers

While these are the five main reasons that my daughters had, there are a few other reasons that your daughter might be prone to taking longer showers.

These are some of the top reasons you’ll discover that your daughters are in the shower for an hour or more. 

Long Hair Instantly Means A Longer Shower

I used to have hair that was down to my waist. It takes time to wash it, and then condition it.

When I had platinum blonde hair, it took a little bit longer because I was very careful to make sure that my hair was properly moisturized. This can instantly lead to a girl taking a long shower. 

Girls Have More Things To Do In The Shower

Girls have more that they need to do in the shower than guys do. Shaving legs, armpits, and “other areas” can take up quite a bit of time.

If you have a teen with a particular concern, it can take even more time. For example, girls that have dry skin on the bottom of their feet might also file that while in the shower. (It’s easier to do when the skin is wet.)

Teens that have acne might have a particular skincare routine that takes place in the shower. The more things your daughter has to do in the shower, the longer it will take.

lady in the shower

Mental Illness Can Result In Longer Showers

Certain mental illnesses, such as PTSD or anxiety, can result in longer showers. When a person feels anxious, they might discover that showers are relaxing, and want to stay in the shower longer.

This can give them a break from the stress of the world. It can also produce a calming effect, which can help them calm down after a panic attack.

If you have a teen daughter with a mental illness, ask them if they find relief from symptoms while they are in the shower. 

Girls Exfoliate In Addition To Using Body Wash

We all know that girls have a lot more bottles in the shower than boys do. The thing is, most girls taking long showers have more to do. One of those things to do in the shower is exfoliating.

Exfoliating washes away dead skin cells. It also keeps your skin silky soft. Most guys have no idea that this is an important step in showering. It can take five minutes. 

The After Shower Routine

Girls that take too long showers might not be in the shower the entire time. If you leave the shower on, it produces enough steam to warm the bathroom, which can be nice on chilly winter nights.

Some girls do this while completing their after-shower routine. It gives the impression that a person is still in the shower even though they are not. 

After shower routines differ for each person. What a girl’s after shower routine will depend on her own skincare needs and possible skin conditions.

For example, I have eczema so part of my after shower routine involves air drying instead of towel drying. Other things that she might be doing in the bathroom include, but are not limited to: 

  • Applying lotion
  • Combing or brushing hair
  • Blow drying hair
  • Completing a skincare routine on her face
  • Double-checking shaved areas to make sure she didn’t miss spots

If you would like to know what her particular after shower routine is, simply ask her. It’s different for every teen.

woman in the shower

What To Do When Your Daughter Takes Long Showers

Even if there’s a good reason behind the long showers, it can be a hassle. In my household, there are three girls that all take long showers.

When my teenage daughter takes one at seven at night, it interrupts the littlest one’s bedtime routine. Then, there are times that other people need to use the restroom.

Last, some households are concerned about the impact this has on the water bill. If you’d like to shorten showers, these are some tips to help get your daughter out of the shower quicker. 

Have A Conversation About How Long They Are In The Shower

Before jumping to conclusions, setting a timer or grounding them, ask them why they are in the shower for so long. Once you find the reason behind the bathroom door being locked for over an hour, you can find a solution to your problem. 

Encourage Them To Complete Part Of The After Shower Routine In Their Room

Your daughter might not feel comfortable walking from the bathroom to their room in a towel, but there are things they can do in their room instead of the bathroom. For example, they can wrap their hair in a towel.

Then, they can blow dry or comb it in their room. Ask them what their after shower routine is, and come up with a plan together. 

Opt For Two Bathrooms If You’re Moving

We were planning on moving anyway, so it made sense for us to opt for a house with two bathrooms. Everyone can do what they need to do in the bathroom, and there will be no arguing.

While this might not be an option for everyone, it’s one to consider if you’re moving soon. 

Break Up Their Shower Routine

If your daughter is in the shower for over an hour every day and they have long hair, it’s safe to assume that they are washing their hair every day.

When this is the case, breaking up their shower routine can drastically reduce the amount of time they are in the shower. Remind them that it isn’t healthy to wash hair every day.

Shaving every day is also not good for your skin. Encouraging your daughter to break up her shower routine is healthier for her, and will shorten her bathroom time. 

Set A Timer

If you simply cannot deal with two-hour showers any longer, it’s time to encourage efficiency in the bathroom. Set a timer for your daughter each time she is in the shower.

This will let her know when she has ten minutes left, five minutes left, etc. If she refuses to make an effort, implement negative consequences for going over her allotted shower time.

Educate Her About The Environmental Effects Of Long Showers

Today’s generation of teens is known for being environmentally friendly. While this might not apply to every teenage daughter, it might help with yours.

Encourage her to research the environmental effects of using too much water. Also, educate her about the benefits of water conservation.

This could help give her the motivation that she needs to reduce the amount of time that she spends in the shower on her own. 

Give Her A Later Shower Time

If long teen showers are inconvenient for your household, ask your teen daughter about taking showers later at night when she is still up, or right before she goes to bed.

This can make long showers less of an inconvenience for the rest of the household. Give her the option of taking shorter showers during the day in case there is a reason that she needs to take a shower, such as sweating a lot. 

Encourage Her To Pay The Water Bill

If you’re concerned about her long showers and the impact they have on the water bill, encourage her to pay the water bill. Teens that do not have jobs can do chores around the house to make up for their portion of the water bill.

This can help them learn the value of a dollar, encourage a good work ethic, and show them how their long showers are contributing to household expenses. 

In Conclusion

Teens in the shower are the equivalent of a locked bathroom door for at least an hour. Usually, they don’t realize that it’s an inconvenience if someone doesn’t tell them.

If you’d like to see shorter showers, have an open conversation with them about it. Determine the reason for long showers, and then come up with a solution together that will work for both of you.

Including teens in the decision-making process encourages them to be more cooperative.