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5 Side Effects Of Enfamil AR

Enfamil AR is a baby formula specially formulated with added rice starch. However, there are some side effects that you should be aware of if you decide to use this formula.

Here we have compiled a list of 5 side effects of Enfamil AR. These will help you to know what to be on the lookout for if you use Enfamil AR for your baby. 

What Is Enfamil AR?

Enfamil AR is a specially formulated baby formula with added rice starch. This creates a thicker consistency which helps to reduce reflux and spit-up. Enfamil claims that Enfamil AR is clinically proven to reduce spit-up by over 50% in just one week.

It also meets the reflux reduction guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Benefits Of Enfamil AR

Aside from its claims to reduce spit-up and reflux in only a week, Enfamil AR has many other benefits. 


Enfamil AR is nutritionally balanced. The inclusion of rice cereal in the formula increases the nutritional value of the formula, and the nutritionally balanced formula means that your baby is getting everything that they need from this formula.

It also contains two different types of prebiotics. Prebiotics work to help improve digestion, so this will help your baby digest their food easily, avoiding any issues. 

It also contains the recommended amount of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Arachidonic Acid (ARA). These acids help to improve brain function and vision, so these are a great addition to your baby’s diet, which they will get from the Enfamil AR formula. 


Due to its thick formula, Enfamil AR is a great option for babies who are a little underweight. If your baby has issues gaining weight or keeping weight on, this might be a great formula option to help them gain and keep weight on.

Many parents think that Enfamil AR will make their baby fat. But that is not the case, this formula does help babies to gain weight meaning you could consider this formula if your baby is needing to gain weight. 


Mothers often feel bad if they cannot breastfeed their babies, either because of their own issue or because of a problem that their baby is having.

If you worry about this, or if you are having to change your baby’s diet from breast milk to formula, then Enfamil AR is a great option, as it is modified to taste like breast milk. 

This means that your baby won’t struggle to adjust to a new taste if you have to change their diet, and they are less likely to struggle with the change. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Enfamil AR?

There are clearly lots of benefits to using the Enfamil AR formula for your baby, however, there are also some side effects that you should be wary of if you are considering using this formula with your baby. 


Due to the thickening rice cereal in the Enfamil AR formula, you may find that you have difficulty getting the formula to flow through the nipple of the bottle.

If you are having problems with the flow of the formula, you might want to consider purchasing some fast-flow nipples for your bottles, which should help the issue. 

You can also purchase nipples that are made to fit Enfamil liquid bottles, so these might be an option if you opt for the ready-made formula. 


As Enfamil AR contains thickening rice cereal, it may cause some constipation for your baby. This may just happen as your baby is adapting to the new formula, however, there is some research to suggest that the use of rice cereals is associated with constipation. 

Some parents report that the use of stool softeners while using this formula can help, but if you are concerned, you should seek medical advice.


Enfamil AR can cause gas in a baby, especially if you are using the powdered form. The inclusion of rice cereal makes the formula thick, but it also means that the formula is difficult to mix.

Usually, milk powders mix well into the water, but Enfamil AR is not so easy. This must be mixed thoroughly for a few minutes in order to achieve the desired consistency, however, the time spent mixing might add some air to the formula.

Air can cause your baby to be gassier than usual. If the symptoms do not improve after a few days of use, consider consulting with your doctor for some formula recommendations. 

You could also try changing your bottle to one that is specifically designed to prevent the buildup of gas in your baby. Bottles such as Dr. Brown’s. You could also check out our 10 best baby bottles for colic and acid reflux.


As Enfamil AR comes in two different forms- the powder form and the ready-made bottles- using both can cause your baby to become confused.

The liquid, ready-made bottles are designed to be used on the go, or for parents who don’t want to spend time mixing the formula. The powder form is designed to be mixed into water. 

You might use the liquid form on the go and the powder form at home, leading your baby to be confused about the consistency and taste of their formula.

If you notice that your baby prefers either the powder or liquid formula, consider experimenting with one or the other for a few days to see how your baby responds. 

Once you are certain which type of formula is best for your baby, consider sticking to this one type. This will help to ease your baby’s confusion, as well as avoid wasting the other type of formula. 


You may notice that your baby is beginning to develop a rash after several days or weeks of using the Enfamil AR formula. This can be a side-effect of using formulas made with cow’s milk.

If you notice a rash beginning to appear, don’t immediately change your baby’s formula as this can cause more issues, but consider chatting with your pediatrician to see what they suggest. 


How long can you use Enfamil AR?

Enfamil AR formula can provide complete nutrition for your baby from newborn to 12 months of age. 

Does Enfamil AR cause weight gain?

Enfamil AR is a special formula designed for frequent spit up that is often associated with poor weight gain. But it has not been proved to cause weight gain.

What is Enfamil AR used for?

Enfamil AR has been clinically proven to reduce frequent spit-up. It is designed with a thicker consistency to help reduce spit-up, but it still easily flows through a nipple.

This consistency allows babies to get the complete nutrition to grow and develop, helping them to reach key milestones.

The Final Thought

If you are considering using Enfamil AR, it is worth reading through some of the possible side effects, as well as the benefits of using the formula.

If in doubt, seek advice from a pediatrician who will be able to confirm the benefits and disadvantages of using the formula, as well as offer recommendations that are suitable for your little one’s needs. 

And if your baby is having trouble with reflux, check out Similac Spit Up Vs Enfamil AR – Which Baby Formula For Fussy Babies?