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9 Ways To Get Through Diaper Changes When Baby Hates Them

Some babies love having their diapers changed and the feeling of air on their naked skin. While others just detest the whole experience.

So if you are unfortunate enough to have the latter don’t panic we have you covered, we have put together 9 ways to get through diaper changes when the baby hates them.

No-Fuss Diaper Change 

Every baby is different which means that our tips may work for your little one and they may not. Try mixing and matching them until you find the right combination for your little one. that solves your diaper changing dilemmas.

1. Get Organized

You may prefer to change your baby wherever you happen to have the space. But a designated area with all the supplies that you will need can make diaper changing a less stressful time for both parents and baby.

A changing station can be a purpose-built station or it could be a dresser that has a nice flat top to it at the right height for changing baby. Whichever you decide you need to ensure that there are adequate safety features in place.

This could mean that the dresser is firmly attached to the wall, there is a safety belt for your little one or the changing table has raised edges to prevent your little one from rolling off.

Next, you need to ensure that you have all the equipment within easy reach. Your changing station will need to have diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, clean clothing, and some toys to help distract your little one if needed (we cover this last one in the next bit).


2. A Special Toy

Most babies are fine while they are having their diaper changed but many others hate it and fight back – making it ten times more difficult to get the job done.

If your little one is a little more difficult, you could try keeping a toy on your changing station. This toy should only be given to your baby when they are having their diaper changed, this makes it extra special.

In no time at all, your little one will be associating diaper changes with playing with their favorite toy.

There are lots of options when it comes to toys and it may take a little bit of trial and error before you get it right. It may be a softcover book with lots to squeeze and hold. Or maybe a  plush toy that they can high and love.


3. Keep Baby Warm

Many babies dislike having their diaper changed as once their skin is wiped and exposed to the air it can mean that they get chilly really quickly. 

Now there are a few different ways to keep your little ones warm even when changing a stinky diaper. Start by covering your changing pad with a towel. 

You could use a wipe warmer so your baby’s bottom isn’t suddenly shocked by the cold wipes.

The key here is to get those diaper changes done quickly and with minimal fuss. This may take a little practice but ensuring that you are organized will also help here.

4. Be Aware Of Playtime

Playtime is an important part of your baby’s day. It is here that they learn to interact with their environment and learn about themselves. Interrupting them when they are deep in play can be really upsetting for them.

It is fine to wait until there is a lull in their playtime and then change their diaper. Obviously, if they have had a diaper explosion you may not be able to do this.

It also doesn’t matter what type of play they are enjoying whether it be books, tummy time, blocks, or even just toddling around. Give them the time and space to play and then get on with the diaper change.

5. More Diaper Changes

This is probably the last thing in the world that you want to do considering how much your baby hates a diaper change. But there are a few good reasons for making this choice.

Your baby will definitely feel better once they have a clean diaper on and in turn, their skin will be healthier. They will quickly get used to the feeling of having a clean, dry diaper on and will want to get rid of any smelly, dirty, wet, and uncomfortable ones.

In the beginning, you may feel like all you do is change diapers but you will get used to the new routine, and more importantly so will your baby.

6. Diaper Routine

For children routine is very important, it helps them to feel safe and secure. Starting them nice and early will help give them a sense of what is to come during their day.

Of course, you can not expect your baby to match their bodily functions with your schedule, but you can always plan for those diaper changes throughout the day such as after food, before a nap, etc

7. Preparing For Potty Training

There is no set time to begin potty training and baby potty training is definitely not right for every family. But if your little one is hell-bent on not wanting their diaper changed you may not have a choice.

If you do decide to give your baby potty training, you will want to ensure that you have a whole bucket full of patience. Potty training can be stressful at the best of times but when your child is pre-verbal, it is ten times more difficult.

The key to successful potty training is good communication with your child.


8. Medical Reasons

If you have any concerns that your baby’s dislike of having his diaper changed maybe for a medical reason, get them checked out with your pediatrician.

9. Try Not To Stress

Give yourself a break, being a parent is hard and there are struggles every single day. Allow yourself to be imperfect – it’s normal. 


Can you change a diaper too much?

There is a problem with changing diapers too often in that the constant rubbing and wiping of a baby’s bottom can cause chaffing and irritation.

What do you do when your baby hates diaper changes?

Distraction is the best form of defense – you could keep small toys or fun objects next to the changing table. Your baby is only allowed to play with these when they are having their diaper changed. This will help to keep them as a novelty.

How do I stop my baby from crying when changing nappy?

There are a few tricks that you could use to help your baby enjoy diaper changes:

  • You could try warming the wipes as cold wipes can be a bit of a shock.
  • Distraction is always a good trick to try.
  • You could try changing them in the middle of a feed so that they have something nice to go back to.

The Final Thought

These stressful times are just tiny moments in your baby’s life. Soon diaper changes will be a distant memory and your baby will have moved on to the next stage of their life.

If you are still struggling with diaper changes you could consider changing to cloth diapers as your baby may find them more comfortable to wear and of course they are more environmentally friendly.