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The Top 10 Best Baby Carriers for Plus Size Moms 2024

When my children were babies, I always enjoyed keeping them close in a carrier. It’s something I feel every mom should experience regardless of their size, so I went out to find the best baby wrap carrier for plus size moms.

My search led me to 10 top-rated carriers that should offer comfort and support for both you and your baby.

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Plus Size Moms and Baby Carriers – What You Should Know

There’s much to consider when shopping for baby carriers for plus size moms. I’ll breakdown some of the most important features to look at so that you can better decide which carrier is right for you.


Perhaps the first thing you’ll want to consider is the kind of baby carrier you wish to have. Plus size moms should be able to choose any of the four main types depending on how the individual carrier is made.


Buckle carriers, otherwise known as soft structured carriers, are among the most common types you’ll see. They’re held together with straps and buckles, and they offer plenty of ways to adjust.


These feature excess, stretchy fabric, and they offer you a customizable and comfortable experience. Out of all the wraps, they do have the steepest learning curve though.

Ring Slings

Similar to wraps, a ring sling baby carrier has a good deal of fabric to work with. Unlike wraps, however, this fabric is tightened with rings. They’re faster and easier to use.

Meh Dais

The Asian-inspired Meh Dais baby carriers are almost like a combination of a wrap and a buckle carrier. They feature rectangular bodies with four fabric straps to tie around your waist and your shoulders.


Of course, you should think about how a carrier fits you as well as your baby.

First, check to see if there is a listed size on the carrier. Some are one-size-fits-all, while others have a label like XL or XXL. These are more likely to fit plus size moms.

Also consider the straps, if there are any. They should be adjustable enough so that you can better personalize how you wear the carrier.

When it comes to your baby, they should have enough space to be comfortable while also remaining secure so they don’t wiggle out.


You’ll probably be wearing the baby carrier for longer than a minute, so it helps if it’s actually comfortable.

Quality baby carriers should have material that doesn’t irritate you or your baby.

Also, consider what the fabric is. Cotton, for instance, tends to have more breathability, so they’re best for warmer days or if you or your baby is prone to sweating.

For colder weather, you may want something made from the likes of nylon as that isn’t as breathable.

If you want multiple ways to carry your baby as they age, then consider ones that have a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 design. This way, you can continue to adapt the carrier so your baby feels content.

plus size mom and baby

Best Baby Carriers for Plus Size Moms – Top 10 Reviewed

#1. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

Carrying infants 8lbs-32lbs, the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 gives you various ways to carry your baby. There are two facing in positions: one narrow seat for infants and one wider seat for older babies.

Additionally, it can change to a facing out seat that’s narrow, and you can opt for the back carry style for older babies and young toddlers. Weight is distributed evenly throughout no matter which way you use it.

There’s even a 2-in-1 bib that’s built to protect both the carrier and your clothes.

You get plenty of room to adjust from the seat to the waist belt, and the straps. This way, the carrier may better conform to fit various body types.

The material seems soft and breathes well. There’s padding in the shoulder straps, but it may not be thick enough to maintain comfort for extended periods of time.


    • Even weight distribution
    • Conforms to wide range of body types
    • Material is light in weight and breathable


  • Shoulder straps could be better
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#2. Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier

The Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier is available in multiple colors for personalization. Some colors are designed with 85in. worth of fabric to securely wrap your baby, while others are 74in. long.

This ring sling carrier is also lightweight and helps your baby better regulate their temperature. Also, with the excess tail fabric, you may use this wrap to double as a breastfeeding cover.

It should also feel easy against your baby’s sensitive skin considering it’s made from eco-friendly, soft bamboo material. The fabric is also reliable, and it isn’t known to bunch up around the ring. This way, you may get a smoother, easier wrapping experience.

If there are any issues, it’s that the fabric may loosen from the ring the more you move around, so you might want to take time practicing and learning how to use the wrap.


  • High-quality, soft fabric
  • Doesn’t bunch up
  • Lightweight


  • Fabric may loosen from the ring
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#3. Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

This Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier from Tula comes in four colors, and it various ergonomic positions such as back and front carry options. There’s a snug position for newborns without the need for an infant insert, and it can work with your child up into toddlerhood.

What further helps it grow with your baby is how readily it adjusts both width and height. More comfort is seen with the 100% soft cotton material, and the fabric is easy to clean as it’s machine washable.

For yourself, it’s generally easy to put on. The material holds up well, and the padding throughout is comfortable. At the waist, it’s wide and better helps you carry the weight throughout.

It adjusts readily to fit multiple body types, but you may have some trouble adjusting the back shoulder strap purely because of how it’s angled.


  • Durable material
  • Comfortable padding
  • Easy to put on


  • Some issues adjusting back shoulder strap

#4. Ergobaby Carrier 360

The Ergobaby Carrier 360 is a buckle style carrier that offers all carrying positions that provide your baby with ergonomic support. It’s recommended for babies around 4-months-old to toddlerhood, and for a weight range from 12lbs-45lbs.

Available in five color styles, this carrier features a mesh design throughout. Paired with a lightweight build may make this carrier more useful in warm weather since it gives you and baby plenty of ventilation.

There’s a lot of room to adjust this so that it can easily fit plus size moms. This also has great lumbar support, and it’s easy on the back and hips even as your baby grows.

Initially, the carrier may feel a touch stiff, so it may reduce how comfortable you feel in it. This may mean the carrier requires an extensive break-in period before it has more give.


  • Good deal of adjustability
  • Breathable mesh
  • Easy on the back and hips


  • Might feel stiff
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#5. Bable Ergonomic Baby Carrier

The Bable Ergonomic Baby Carrier, available in two colors, is an all-season buckle carrier. You can roll the front panel down if you need more ventilation for warmer days, or you can roll it up if you want to maintain warmth inside the carrier for colder weather.

It’s recommended to support babies from 8lbs-20lbs. You can adjust the foldable headrest for your baby as well. More comfort for your little one is found in the scratch-proof pads that protect their thighs.

This even offers versatile carrying ways for your baby as you can place them forward facing inwards, forward outwards, and use the back carrying option. Adjustments are easy for the padded shoulder pads and the waist belt. The belt goes up to 48in.

You may not feel that comfortable in the shoulder area though. The straps could benefit from more support.


  • Material is soft to the touch
  • Suitable for various weather conditions
  • Easy to adjust


  • Not enough comfort in shoulder area
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#6. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Available in 10 different colors, the Boba Wrap Baby Carrier features stretchy fabric that may make it easier to wrap. Also, the spandex allows the wrap to better maintain its shape even as you adjust or shift your baby for nursing purposes.

You may also notice that the fabric is soft, and it keeps its gentle even after washing. This wrap is safe for machine washing too for easy maintenance.

There’s an ergonomic design so that your baby sits properly and comfortably, while there’s a good deal of even weight distribution for your support. It’s supportive of babies from birth up to 35lbs.

The one-size-fits-all build of this wrap, along with the excess fabric, allows plus size moms more room to wear and adjust accordingly. However, that amount of fabric can cause the wrap to trap in heat.


  • Thick, durable material
  • Material stretches well
  • Plenty of fabric to get a secure fit


  • May trap in too much heat
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#7. Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

The Beco Gemini Baby Carrier is a 5-in-1 buckle carrier that gives you a handful of carrying options. There are two seat options for infants and larger babies, a forward facing option, a hip carrying style, and a backpack style carrying.

It features an adjustable seat that’s easy to snap together for babies starting at 7lbs and going up to 15lbs. Once they surpass 15lbs, you can widen the seat. This carrier supports 35lbs total.

With over a dozen color styles to choose from, this carrier offers great support with an ergonomic waist belt. The belt positioning helps the weight distribute to your hips and legs.

There’s a single adjustable size that can easily fit moms who need to wear XXL sizes. You can even breastfeed thanks to the dual adjustment buckles. It doesn’t appear easy to manage the safety clips, however. You may have to practice to understand how to use them.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Quality padding
  • Grows well with baby


  • Difficult to manage safety straps
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#8. Baby K’tan Active Baby Wrap Carrier

This Baby K’tan Active Baby Wrap Carrier is designed for parents that wish to get more active. Unlike traditional wraps, you don’t have to actually wrap this carrier. You simply slide it on like a shirt, making it easy to put on and get off.

With four color options, there’s an XL size that may better work with plus size moms. It’s multi-positional as well so that it can support proper hip carrying.

This fabric is soft and it also features protection against UV and UVB rays. There’s ideal temperature control in the wrap too so that your baby doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

When it comes to stretching, the fabric doesn’t offer that much. So, even though it’s meant to fit infants up to 35lbs, it’s questionable how well your baby can rest in this while still feeling comfortable.


  • Easy to get on and put off
  • Soft mesh fabric
  • Temperature control


  • Minimal stretch in the fabric
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#9. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

For those of you looking for the Meh Dais style, the Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier provide plenty of room to adjust for plus size moms. It’s user-friendly too so that you can put this on by yourself.

There’s a good deal of support with this wrap, especially in the lumbar area. The shoulder straps are also extra wide and feature adequate padding.

Available in a single color, this baby carrier gives you three carrying options. It also has a detachable hood for both sun protection and whenever your baby simply wishes to nap.

Although it doesn’t have any buckles to mess with, you may have to readjust the carrier frequently as it can slip out of place.


  • Great amount of support
  • Extra wide shoulder straps
  • User-friendly design


  • Might have to frequently readjust
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#10. Maya Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier

The Maya Wrap features a ring sling design that features both medium and large sizes for multiple wearers to enjoy. It comes in a single, bright stripes color.

This wrap is relatively easy to use, and it slides well through the aluminum rings. Overall, it’s non-bulky, and the cotton is soft with a good amount of stretch to better adjust and fit according to you and your baby’s needs.

The cotton has enough breathability for comfort. You can either wear this with your baby facing in, or you can opt for the hip carrying style.

There’s even padding found in the shoulder area. However, the fabric around the shoulder may bunch up too much, so you might have to adjust it more often.


  • Non-bulky design
  • Comfortable, stretchy cotton
  • Easily slides in the ring


  • Padded shoulder material can bunch up
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Final Thoughts

Just because you’re a plus size mom, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonders that baby carriers offer. There are plenty created with enough adjustability to fit moms of various sizes, and I feel that the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier is one of the best baby carriers for plus size moms.

It’s ergonomic, there’s plenty of room to adjust, and the support at the waist helps your hips and legs handle weight better. This carrier easily grows along with your baby as well so you can wear it for a long time to come.