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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe For Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not a time when you should be taking risks. It is a time to exercise caution and to take extra care of oneself.

Women’s bodies go through enormous changes when they are pregnant and these changes often lead to problems such as hormonal imbalance, weakened immune system, morning sickness, and swelling.

This is the key time when you need to take care of your body and you have no doubt heard several tips and tricks for combating most pregnancy ailments.

One such remedy is the consumption of apple cider vinegar. But is it safe to consume while pregnant? Read on to find out!

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar (AVC) is probably one of the most common types of vinegar available. It is made from crushed apples through a process of fermentation.

The crushed apples are first turned into alcohol and then to acetic acid. The final apple cider vinegar is then sold in two forms.


This removes any potentially harmful bacteria such as E.coli. The ACV is a refined and clear version and does not contain mother substances, which contain nutrients. This type of ACV is a clear liquid and is safe for pregnant women to consume.


This is believed to be healthier with its components all intact. The ACV is a raw and unfiltered organic version and contains mother substances, meaning lots of nutrients.

This type of ACV is a murky liquid and pregnant women should consult their doctor before consuming it.

Can You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar While Pregnant?

Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar While Pregnant

Although ACV is not always recommended during pregnancy it does have some health benefits for pregnant women such as:

1. Preventing Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Apple Cider Vinegar is known to contain enzymes and minerals to not only help with the prevention of UTIs but the treatment as well. It is recommended that apple cider vinegar is diluted and the ideal ratio is 1 teaspoon of ACV in 1 glass of water.

You should really check with your medical practitioner as to the ratio and quantity of apple cider vinegar. Something to note is that the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar to prevent UTIs is unproven as there have not been adequate studies.

2. Regulates Heartburn

Pregnant women very often suffer from heartburn around the 12th week of pregnancy. Apple cider vinegar is very often considered one of the quickest acting natural remedies.

3. Controls Blood Sugar

It is believed that the enzymes in ACV help control blood sugar levels. But again there is no medical proof that those pregnant women who are having issues with blood sugar would be able to control it by consuming ACV.

4. Moderates Blood pressure

It is believed that ACV has minerals that work in cohesion with the enzymes that help to control blood sugar to help moderate spikes and drops in blood pressure. But alas there have been no studies to help establish credibility.

5. Helps to Combat Colds

Apple cider vinegar’s antibacterial properties fight the cold and sore throat symptoms. 

6. Streamlines Blood Circulation

Pregnant women often suffer from their circulation causing them to have swollen hands, feet, and varicose veins. ACV eases the blood flow, and so relieving the condition.

7. Reduces Swelling & Bloating

ACV is known to have anti-inflammatory and digestive properties that could potentially help prevent, manage, and relieve bloating and help to reduce swellings as well.

8. Combats Acne

Your body goes through a lot of hormone changes during pregnancy which often lead to acne and other skin problems such as warts.

Raw apple cider vinegar will act as a toner and it can help to rebalance the skin’s natural pH, remove any dead cells, and excess oil.

9. Treats Morning Sickness

Apple cider vinegar is pH neutral and helps to settle the stomach acids that cause nausea. This means that it could potentially provide relief from the terrible feeling of morning sickness, especially during the first trimester.

10. Combats Yeast Infections

Apple cider vinegar contains certain components, that can control and cure yeast infections such as candida infections. A topical application of ACV can reduce the infection and its symptoms.

You can either dilute it and apply it directly to the infected skin or place some in a warm bath.

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How To Buy The Best Quality Apple Cider Vinegar

Can You Take Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements During Pregnancy?

Most supplements should be avoided when pregnant as they do not contain apple cider vinegar. Many of them may not contain the actual mother product.

Supplements can be very risky during pregnancy, especially if raw apple cider vinegar is part of the ingredients. It is better to avoid these supplements unless being taken under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

Side Effects Of Having Apple Cider Vinegar When Pregnant

Any unpasteurized food is considered unsafe to consume while you are pregnant and apple cider vinegar is no different. It can lead to certain risks and possible side effects, such as:

  • If you are currently on any medication you should first check with your medical practitioner as ACV can lower the potassium levels for you and your baby. 
  • ACV is highly acidic and can erode tooth enamel when taken directly.
  • In some cases, there have been instances of stomach and throat irritation from taking ACV.

How Best To Consume ACV

ACV is highly acidic and should not be consumed in high quantities. Care needs to be taken while consuming ACV

  • Do not ingest ACV directly as it can damage tooth enamel, affects the esophagus.
  • If you would prefer to take the supplements, it is best to consult your medical practitioner and to check all ingredients in the product.
  • Rinse your mouth after drinking anything that contains ACV
  • Avoid ACV if you have stomach problems.
  • Beware of any allergies and if you have any pain or discomfort when consuming ACV, you should stop immediately.

The Final Thought

Although there are many claims of the amazing properties of apple cider vinegar,  very few have actually been substantiated with scientific facts.

Until there is further scientific evidence to back up the facts, it is always going to be best to follow the advice of your medical practitioner.