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What’s The Average Number of Guests at a Baby Shower?

The average number of guests at a baby shower is around 20. This amount of people is easy to accommodate in a moderate sized rental area. Of course, this number fluctuates based on how large your friend and family circle is as well as the space available.

There are a couple of other factors to consider as you think about the guestlist for an upcoming baby shower.

How Many is Too Many?

Family Dinner Party with Wine

This isn’t exactly easy to answer. As I’ve said before, the average number of guests changes based on the person and the situation. Some of you may have larger families and plenty of friends who all may want to attend the shower. In this case, it may not be surprising for you to see 50 or more guests at the shower.

For other people, anything over 15 or 20 becomes uncomfortable. Perhaps you don’t have such a big family or friend circle, or they live out of town, or you simply aren’t that close. There’s no reason you can’t have a smaller baby shower with a handful of loved ones around.

An Intimate Affair

You or whoever is hosting this baby shower should always consider the intimacy behind the event.

A baby shower is a joyous time for celebration. It’s a way to connect with your loved ones, share pregnancy and birth stories, and simply bond over the excitement. This can be difficult if there are so many guests that you can’t even speak to them beyond a quick greeting.

If you aren’t used to being around such a large group of people, or if you don’t feel as though you can properly mingle with dozens of guests within a 3-hour timeframe, consider keeping the number of invites below 30.

The Guest List: Who Doesn’t get an Invite?

As a mother, I remember how warm and personal my baby shower was surrounded by everyone I love. An unchecked guest list can quickly sour what’s supposed to be an incredible experience.

Whether you’re hosting this baby shower yourself or someone else is doing it for you, it’s vital to iron out the guest list.

Friend or Foe?

Ask yourself this basic question: does everyone get along? Families or friends can hold some rather hefty grudges that last years. If this is the case for you, perhaps it’s best to speak with these individuals.

Are they capable of setting aside their raw feelings for one another long enough to focus on your big day? If the answer to this is hesitant or a resounding “no” then consider scratching these people from the list. There’s no need for any sort of drama happening on what’s supposed to be a day filled with happiness and love.

Co-Ed or Not?

The answer to this question is personal. There are many modern-day co-ed baby showers, while others like to stick more with tradition and keep it a women-only party.

For those of you who are traditionalists, then you can easily narrow down the guests you invite. If this doesn’t concern you, then consider addressing the guys that may come the same way you would anyone else.

The Kid Situation

Whether you’re having a women-only event or a co-ed shower, it’s helpful to address the kid situation.

Does your family already have children such as nieces, nephews, and young cousins? Or perhaps your friends have their kids and babies? If so, then are you willing to allow them to come to the baby shower?

Some showers are geared toward mothers and expectant mothers swapping stories, so it may not be the most ideal situation for children. Other times the area the shower is at simply doesn’t accommodate young ones.

If you have a way to entertain kids, then add them to the guest list. It can be an exciting endeavor if handled properly.

Otherwise, rowdy kids can throw off the whole “intimate” setting of the baby shower. In this case, they may be better off left at home with another parent or caregiver.

Final Thoughts

A baby shower is the best time to celebrate the mom-to-be with fun games, exciting gifts, and loving words of encouragement. Whether you’re hosting it for a loved one or you are the expecting mom, it’s important to nail down that list so that you have the best experience possible.

Try not to overwhelm the party with too many people or with those who stir drama. At the end of the day, it’s all about the mom and her happiness.