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8 Tips to Stop Baby Girls from Peeing During Diaper Changes

When you’re changing your baby’s diaper, you want to get the job done as quickly as possible. This means you don’t want any surprises…like your little one deciding to pee when you’re right in the middle of changing a diaper.

Whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl, this can happen. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know it can be frustrating. Many people think it only happens with boys, but any baby girl mom will tell you that’s not the case.

But, there are some tips to keep in mind that can prevent this from happening. It can help keep everyone dry and things moving along. It’s a win-win for you and your baby.

1. Be a Ninja!

Being quick is your best defense against the peepee parade. Put the new diaper under your baby while the old one is still on.

This way, if your baby girl pees in the diaper, there’s another one there ready for it. Simply take the old one out and slide the other one on. Your baby will already be in place so there should be no squirmy business.

If you’re changing a number two diaper, this may not work as well because there’s going to be more to clean. This is going to slow things down, but if you have the next diaper ready to go it will still help.

Also, prepare the changing area ahead of time. Have the new diaper and wipes ready to go. If you’re fishing around for your supplies you’re giving your baby time to move around and possibly pee in her diaper.

2. Try to Get Your Baby Girl to Pee Before the Diaper Change

When the cold air hits you, you may get the feeling that you have to pee. The same goes for your baby. You could try to trick your baby girl into peeing before you change her diaper by exposing her to some cold air.

Nothing too drastic, just a little chill that may make her have to go. This way if she goes before the diaper change there’s less of a chance that she’ll go during it. This doesn’t work for everyone, but you can certainly give it a try if your baby girl pees during diaper changes.

3. Keep Your Baby Warm

Speaking of temperature, keeping your baby warm may prevent her from peeing during the diaper change. This means keeping the room at a good temperature and making sure the surface you’re changing her on isn’t cold to the touch.

Also, keep the baby wipes warm. Wiping her private parts with a cold wipe may trigger an unwanted sprinkle. Either keep the wipes at room temperature or use a wipe warmer. Either can help you prevent your baby girl from peeing in her diaper.

4. Wipe Her Belly With a Warm Wipe

Once you have those wipes warm and ready to go, gently wipe her belly with a warm wipe.

This may help to calm her down and avoid peeing because her body is warm. But, if she has to go, she’s going to go, no matter how warm her belly is! But, it’s worth a try now and again. 

5. Keep Her Private Parts Covered

By keeping her private parts covered, you can protect yourself from any water spouting up! You can use a wipe, diaper, burp cloth, or whatever else you want.

The idea is that if she’s going to pee, the cloth will cover it and absorb it a little. While this may not work all the time, it’s better than the alternative.

6. Timing is Everything

Many people go to the bathroom right after they wake up. Using this methodology, don’t change your baby right after she wakes up. She may also have an instinct to pee at that time too. Waiting a little while will give her a chance to do in her diaper and not all over you. 

Also, try to avoid changing her diaper after she eats or drinks. This may also be prime time for her to pee or even poop. Nobody wants any of those surprises!

7. Don’t Buy into the Hype

Mother changing babys diaper

There are several products on the market aimed at preventing you from getting an unwanted shower. Unfortunately, these are more of a gimmick than anything else.

A wipe or cloth can do the same thing… if it’s going to work at all. There’s no need to buy any other products to see if they may work. There’s a good chance you’re just going to waste your money.

8. Keep Your Baby Calm

When you’re changing your baby try to keep her calm. While this is easier said than done, keeping your baby calm may prevent her from peeing during a diaper change. Sometimes when babies get excited they may pee a little…or a lot. 

Don’t overstimulate your baby while she’s on the changing table or do anything that you know makes her overly excited. This may help you and her to stay dry during the next diaper change.

The Takeaway

While accidents happen, especially when changing a baby, you can try these tips to prevent them from happening so frequently. Being quick and prepared as well as being mindful of temperature can all help.

As with many parenting aspects, it’s all about trial and error. Some of these tips may work for you while others won’t. You can try them out and discover which ones are best for your baby. Remember, keep calm and diaper on!