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60+ Awesome Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents

You’re thrilled about becoming pregnant, we get it. The excitement of your pregnancy practically makes you jump out of your skin.

It seems that there is this inevitable snowball effect that happens, from the moment that you find out you’re pregnant from telling all your loved ones.

Usually, you and your partner start with telling your mom and dad, next to tell is your grandparents!

After you’ve told your best friends next, it finally seems that you’re all filled up with the wholesome joy of knowing that all of your loved ones finally know about your brand new baby to be.

Once you’ve told everyone in your and your partner’s family, your snowball is complete. While it’s certainly exciting to tell your parents about your pregnancy. It is beyond special to tell your Grandma or Grandpa about your new baby.

One of the main reasons it’s so special to tell Grandma and Grandma is because they have lived to see your mother or father raise you as a kid. Which makes the entire cycle of you giving birth with your grandparents nearby, that much more special.

If you find it to be a bit difficult regarding how to tell your grandparents about your newfound pregnancy. Here are the top 60 ways to tell Grandma and Grandpa that you’re having a baby.

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When Should You Tell Your Grandparents About Your pregnancy?

That depends on a few factors, like how often you see your grandparents and what holidays are coming up. For instance, it would make sense to tell the entire family including your grandparents if a holiday like Christmas is coming up.

It’s a great way to make Christmas or Valentine’s days that much better for everyone if you announce your pregnancy on that day too.

If there isn’t a big holiday coming up, it might be best to wait until you’re 12-weeks or farther along. Once you hit 13-weeks of your pregnancy – the possibility of a miscarriage reduces significantly.

You’re considered in the ‘safe zone’ for having a miscarriage once you’re past 13-weeks. If you can’t possibly wait until 12-weeks, get as close to 12-weeks as you possibly can.

Deliver A Pair of Booties For Your Baby To Grandma and Grandpa

Send a pair of baby booties to their front door, with a letter attached revealing they are soon to be grandparents. It’ll be a big surprise for them once they answer the door or return home to a message about your new baby.

Even if this isn’t their first grandbaby ever, delivering a pair of booties to their front door is an adorable way to announce your newfound pregnancy.

A little bird told me so…

Have Grandma and Grandpa receive their message in a quail egg. The egg is cleaned out beforehand and a small note revealing the pregnancy is inserted inside before it’s shipped right to their house.

Don’t worry, the packaging is indestructible, so the quail egg will stay perfectly intact throughout the shipment. The funniest part about this reveal is that Grandma and Grandpa will have to crack open their egg to get the message to reveal.

The product comes with a shipping label that states the product is a pregnancy announcement – be sure to ship the product to your house first – then send it on its way to the Grandparent’s-to-be house.

Sonogram picture frame with a real sonogram of your fetus attached

What better way to let Grandma and Grandpa know they’re going to be Grandparents to a new baby than through a real ultrasound picture of your baby. Pearhead has adorably crafted a premade picture frame that you can conveniently clip an ultrasound photo to.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is worth even more – Grandma and Grandpa can keep their picture frame for years to come after your baby has been born. This frame matches most kitchens with a subtle grey tone.

On it, there is a message that say’s “ Only the best parents get promoted to Grandparents”

Which is true! Great parents make even better grandparents.

Cotton onesie with surprise pregnancy announcement on it to grandma and grandpa

Make it easy for grandma and grandpa to imagine dressing their new grandbaby… provide them with a cotton onesie that says “Hello grandma and grandpa” printed on it.

This all-white onesie is perfect for them to receive the bold message of the new arrival. You can further design this onesie before giving it to your parents by bringing it out with rhinestones, sequences, or even tye-dying it their favorite colors.

Surprise pregnancy puzzle to reveal your baby to grandparents

Have you ever done a puzzle with your mom and dad as a kid? If so, you know how much they might love puzzles. A surprise pregnancy puzzle is a great way to introduce your new baby to grandma and grandpa.

All you have to do is sit them down to do a special puzzle that reveals your newfound pregnancy. It’s set in a beautiful wood tone which is quite appealing to the eye.

On the puzzle it say’s “ I am very small but very important. I am free but very expensive. You’re going to see me soon. But you can’t see me now. What am I?”

If your or your partner’s mom and dad love riddles, this will be the perfect pregnancy reveal for them. Once they’re done piecing it together, they can store it away as a keepsake.

Surprise! You’re going to be grandparents engraved spoon

If your parents love to collect beautiful silverware then you can get your new grandparents a keepsake spoon that reveals your surprise pregnancy. Engraved in this beautiful spoon is a message that says:

“You’re going to be a grandma”

You can give this as a gift in a cup of pudding or in the box clean – the fun part about this gift is that it’s your choice how you give your reveal spoon. A spoon doesn’t old, this is truly a gift that grandma and grandpa can keep for years.

Announce your pregnancy to grandma and grandpa with a reveal mug

Whatever the year will be that your baby is going to be born in, add it to a pregnancy reveal mug. These sleek mugs are the perfect pregnancy reveal for all grandparents to your new baby.

Written in clean black ink are the words, “Grandma est..” “Grandpa est..” and the year at the end of the note.

Since Grandmas and Grandpas love to drink tea, coffee, or other hot drinks – a mug is the perfect surprise reveal of your pregnancy to them.

Better yet, invite your partners and your mom and dad over to your home for ‘tea-time’ to surprise everyone together with the surprise pregnancy.

Surprise sonogram keepsake box for grandma and grandpa

This is the perfect box for the perfect box collecting grandparents to be, on each of the 4 sides is a slot to slip in a sonogram image of your fetus or of your belly.

One of the most customizable gifts on our list – you can insert a handwritten note if you’d like to. Before giving this adorable box to your mom and dad, you can wrap it neatly and gift during a birthday or holiday perfectly.

It’s more than a birthday or holiday gift to give your parents a brand new grandbaby. Once the surprise is established, this box sits wonderfully on a mantle or at the coffee table for years to come.

Inside the box, you can write a note to your parents, or put a cute gift inside for them to keep too. On top of this box for your parents to read each time they open it up, is a sweet message that says:

“The best grandparents get promoted to GRANDPARENTS”

Do your parents love to drink wine? Reveal their new grandbaby on their favorite bottle of wine

Everyone knows of some wine-loving parents, and they make this the perfect way to reveal a new grandbaby to them. You can print your own sticker labels, and place them on grandma and grandpa’s favorite kind of wine.

The next time you’re over at your parent’s house, bring a bottle of wine with you that has a surprise reveal on it of your new baby.

They might question why you aren’t having any wine yourself, but once they read the bottle they’ll catch on to the surprise. The reviews on this way of revealing surprise baby’s to grandparents are highly fun!

A few parents to be put the labels on bottles of sparkling cider instead of a bottle of wine(for non-drinkers). This gift got 5 stars in the review, you can’t beat that!

Tumblers one for grandma and one for grandpa with a surprise pregnancy announcement

Give grandma and grandpa adorable tumbler mugs with a surprise message saying that they are promoted to grandparents. These stainless steel reusable tumblers are non-breakable – lasting years to come.

Grandmas tumbler is a short 12oz pink tumbler perfect for any grandma, while grandpa’s matching mug is a whopping 30oz in black.

Each of these mugs has a message that says “promoted to grandpa” or “promoted to grandma”

If your grandparents love to keep their drinks available at the table or on the go with them, this will surely be a useful gift to announce your surprise pregnancy to each of them.

Promote grandparents from dog grandparents to human grandparents with this mug

This one surely has the cutest message on it that dog lovers will be in love with. An insulated mug that will keep liquids hot for hours, and let grandpa and grandma know they are well on their way to having a new grandbaby.

This mug is sturdy and made from top quality ceramic – one of the best materials if you like your coffee or tea to remain hot for longer. A cute message on this mug will let your parents know they’re about to be grandparents saying –

“You’ve been promoted! From dog grandparent to human grandparent”

If you spend time with your parents and your dog together on the regular then this is the perfect gift for your mom and dad to find out they’re about to be grandparents.

The great thing about this gift is that you can buy your parents and your spouse’s parents a set of these mugs so that everyone can have one.

Sign up the grandparents to be for the job

Have grandma and grandpa ‘signup’ for the job, they might not be expecting to turn into grandparents so soon so you can sign them up to let them know.

Make an application just like you would for a job to sign up your parents to be your baby’s grandparents.

This works well if you send the application in the mail to your partners and your parents simultaneously. See how many applications you get back in the mail filled out – to make it official.

Include a series of questions that only grandparents will do for your new baby, or what you would like them to do during your pregnancy.

Let’s play a scratch-off game to announce our pregnancy to mom and dad?

This surprise pregnancy scratch-off game will surely be a hit for your parents to find out about your new baby through.

If grandma and grandpa already love to play scratch-off tickets, then this will be a surprise for them as they scratch the game to end up revealing their new grandbaby’s arrival.

Soon to be grandparents get a hit out of surprises, and this gets most grandparents with a massive surprise. They just don’t expect to have a customized scratch-off ticket!

To play, you just need a coin to scratch off the paint covering the unique game of ‘new baby’!

The card imitates a real scratch off because the perforations and paint are exactly like a real scratch off they would play. You grandparents won’t know the difference.

Reveal your baby’s gender to your grandparents with the surprise of your pregnancy

If you’ve been holding out to tell your grandma and grandpa all about your baby, why not surprise them with the gender of your baby at the same time.

These large black balloons will spurt out blue or pink confetti to reveal the gender of your baby as they pop.

The confetti is slow-falling, which means it won’t fall straight to the ground. It will fall down slowly fluttering through the air so that you can grab a few pictures at the time of your surprise.

This surprise is wonderful if grandma and grandpa have a hard time playing games or seeing – the confetti is big, bold, and bright enough that they can differentiate between the blue and pink.

Pink and blue baby products have long been used to reveal the gender of a baby, it’s likely that your parents did something like this for you!

This gift is complete in itself, fully equipped with a gold satin ribbon for the balloon. The best part is that you cannot see what’s on the inside of the balloon through the jet black design.

Bake cookies for your parents that make up the surprise words

Sugar cookies aren’t hard to make, and once they’ve cooled down they remain fairly firm.

The point of having a firm cookie to reveal your pregnancy to grandma and grandpa is that you can frost them with blue or pink frosting, then use black pen frosting to write the message:

“Congrats, you’re going to be grandparents!”

This is something you can do right away. This works well if you already know that your parents love cookies, and you can customize the ingredients to be suitable for their diet.

Once you have the cookies completely prepared to reveal to your special soon-to-be grandparents, place them on a baking tray or on the countertop to make the celebration feel even bigger!

Tye dye your grandparents a shirt that says, official grandma or official grandpa

Customized tye-dye shirts don’t grow old, and your parents will feel vibrant as ever in a handmade T-shirt by you.

You can make this colorful t-shirt extra special for your parents by ironing on bold black letters to make up the message “Grandma in the house” or “Grandpa to be”.

The neat part is that you can make a surprise reveal t-shirt right at your own home, and then deliver it to your parents personally.

Make soon-to-be grandma or grandpa feel special by giving them a t-shirt with your pregnancy reveal on it, that they can wear around proudly.

Grandma and grandpa key chains

A keychain is a perfect place for your parents to look down and think about their newest grandbaby. This colorful gem infused keychain is adorable to add to mom’s keyring.

You can gift this to your mom on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday if that happens to be coming up when you’re planning to announce your pregnancy to her.

Write a personalized card with it, if you think the words ‘grandma’ won’t be enough to get the message across.

Remember I love you grandpa keychain

This is the grandpa version of the keychain pregnancy reveal, you can’t go wrong with telling your dad how much you love him and how he will be a grandpa soon through this silver sleek keychain.

If your dad is already a grandpa, then you can include a personal note with your gift telling him about your new baby.

Keychains last nearly forever, they’re sturdy and remind people of all the things that are special in their life, each time they peek down at their keys.

Wooden message board customized pregnancy reveal

Give your parents a wooden sign with a customized message on it saying whatever you’d like it to.

This is a letter board style message board, making it easy for you to fill it up with any message you’d like to, that let’s grandma and grandpa know they are about to be grandparents.

Sturdy and splinter-free makes this a cute household decoration long after the pregnancy reveal is over with. Or grandma or grandpa can reuse it any way they’d like to afterward.

A 10×10 white oak message board is a great way to reveal your pregnancy to mom and dad. Your customized message can be funny, quirky, serious, or gentle depending on grandma and grandpa’s personality type.

Establish the grandparents “House Rules” long before the grandbaby is here

Give the gift of a cute ‘House Rules’ board to put up at grandma and grandpa’s house long before the grandchild has arrived.

When you tell your parents that they are going to be grandparents soon, you can also tell them that there will be rules when your child visits their house.

Grandma and grandpa might not know how much work it will really be to have a grandbaby, warm them up to the idea that your child will be close with them too by creating an entire set of rules for their home.

Every time your parents see this sweet rules board they will think of you and your baby, their grandbaby. This is a nice gift if your parents love to hang pictures around their home, this will fit right in with their decor.

‘You’re going to be a grandma’ message at the bottom of a mug

This mug is an adorable way to reveal your pregnancy to grandma and grandpa because they have to consume the entire mug before they see the ‘You’re going to be a grandma’ message at the very bottom.

Telling your parents that you’re having a baby is one thing, but telling them after they have relaxed to a cup of tea or coffee is even more memorable.

This mug is made out of special high-temp material that will keep grandma’s drink hot for longer than regular coffee mugs. It’s not too bulky or heavy, making it an easy choice to maneuver around the house.

Every time your mom or dad have coffee or tea, they will think of you and their new grandbaby.

‘You’re going to be a grandma soon’ deer ornament

If Christmas is coming up in the near future you can give your parents this beautiful pregnancy reveal ornament, but it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to present this.

The design of this ornament fits the occasion of your pregnancy at any time of the year.

You have the choice of customizing the details on your ornament like textured letters, gloss overcoat, etc. This ornament looks hand-painted and won’t chip over the years.

You get to choose the message that goes on it which can be “First Christmas a grandma and grandpa” or “You’re going to be a grandma.” Hand this ornament wherever the grandparents would like to with the red and gold ribbon included with this ornament.

‘We have a winner’ pregnancy reveal to your grandparents

A winner is what you call your newfound pregnancy, and this is the perfect card to give the grandparents when they find out you’re going to have a baby.

This card is extra sturdy with a cute image on the front that resembles the sperm swimming toward the egg – equaling a baby.

On the inside of this white card, you can write whatever you’d like to. Keep the spirits of your pregnancy revealed in a funny tone by adding your own bit of humor on the inside for your parents to read.

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for a long time, this card seems suitable for you. Hurray! It’s finally happened, your baby is on the way, and grandma and grandpa will be so happy to hear the good news.

Knock knock books for grandma and grandpa

These knock-knock fill in the blank books are real treasures that grandma and grandpa can keep for years. You can gift your parents their very own knock-knock book called

“What I love about Grandma” and “What I love about Grandpa”

You get to fill in the blanks before you give these books to your parents personally. These books are the ultimate way to reveal your new baby to the grandparents.

As they read through each loving fact about being a grandma or grandpa their heads will fill with visions of what it will be like to have their grandbaby.

You can stop bugging us now coffee or tea mug

Ah, the relief to finally tell the parents who wouldn’t stop bugging you about giving them some grandkids.

This mug is perfect for the mom’s and dad’s who have asked you and your spouse over and over again when you’re going to give them a set of grandkids.

Now, they can finally…stop bugging you! Even though this mug is just an aspect of the joke, it’s ultimately such a relief to tell your family the big news – especially the grandparents to be.

The design on this mug suits the classic pelican bringing the baby story that your parents have likely heard of, so this mug is a classic.

You better sit down pacifier is a great way to announce your pregnancy to your parents

This adorable pacifier that says “You better sit down” on the front of it. It’s amazing the things you can find online, a customized pacifier being one of them.

Your grandparents will probably get the point right when they read it and be delighted they’re having a new grandbaby soon.

Maybe your parents are getting up there in age, and you really should have them sit down? Just google “you better sit down pacifier” and you’re likely to find a reputable store selling this pacifier.

Bake your parents a cake and top it with a ‘welcome baby’ cake topper

If you love to bake, this will be the perfect way to tell your parents about your pregnancy. What a wonderful surprise to get a cake, and a baby all-in-one.

The great part about this way of telling your parents about your pregnancy is that you get to customize the flavor of the cake you’ll be eating.

You don’t have to eat the cake with your parents, but what a yummy gesture to have a piece along with your announcement. Foods are said to strengthen the bonding time between family members – so that could be your goal with this type of surprise.

If your parents aren’t into cakey cakes, this will fit nicely atop a cheesecake too.

Let-the-adventures-begin-hanging banner over dinner

If you get the opportunity to be at your parent’s house while they aren’t home, or there are plans for them to join you at your home – a hanging banner will be a fun way to announce your pregnancy.

This banner says’s “Let the adventure begin” with a few hot air balloon decals. The idea is that you can invite your parents over for dinner, or find some time to hang this to surprise them.

Make your pregnancy announcement a big deal, this is a special time in everyone’s lives.

The colors on this banner are nice and gentle which helps your parents take in the news with ease, but mostly grandparents’ reactions to their new grandbaby are epic, and you might want to record it.

Our greatest adventure begins baby bootie pregnancy announcement

Adorable white baby booties with a little note that say’s “our greatest adventure begins surprise baby announcement”

As you get ready to celebrate the new life in your life, add these adorable baby booties to your list when searching for ways to surprise grandma and grandpa to be.

Your parents will be shocked that there is a surprise waiting for them in this box, but also in your belly! White baby booties are unique, and this gift truly offers a keepsake gift for your parents well after the surprise is over.

Your mom would probably love to keep these baby booties on the mantel or hung on the wall as a memento of her grandbaby.

Write a small note with it that provides your parents with the details of your pregnancy. Tell them how much it means to you to tell them personally about your new baby.

Blue or Pink what do you think backdrop video pregnancy announcement

One way to announce your pregnancy is by hanging up a backdrop and creating a video with your partner for your parents. Ask your parents to guess what they think your baby will be!

A boy or a girl? Or, if you’re waiting to tell the new grandparents about their grandbaby after you already know the gender – you can reveal the gender at the end of the video.

Somewhere in your video tell them to pause the video and write down the gender they’re guessing your baby will be or is. Then presume the video and have them call you afterward.

This is one surprise announcement that works well if your parents don’t live nearby. Video chats are becoming more popular amongst families, so this is one way to reveal your pregnancy to your parents in a smooth way.

Once your parents find out, they’re having a baby they will be extra thankful

These comfortable cotton t-shirts tell-all with an adorable baby footprint on the front with the phrase “Extra thankful this year”.

Your parents will know exactly what they have to be thankful for this year once you tell them the surprise officially – their new grandbaby!

Choose any of the three colors that best suit your parents and your partner’s parents too if necessary; pink, turquoise, or burgundy.

Feel free to get the whole family matching shirts for the new grandbabies’ arrival. Good shirts stay comfortable for days, and this is one of those t’s that will last for many years after your baby has arrived.

Ask your parents to help paint the nursery

When my mom found out that I was pregnant, all she wanted to do was help me set up the nursery.

I was having twins, and I distinctly recall her buying matching crib sets for the nursery and a few pictures for each baby to hang on the walls.

Buy a bucket of paint and head over to your parent’s house – leave the bucket of paint and a ‘help with the nursery’ note attached to it.

You can also send your parents an invitation in the mail asking if they will help you with their grandbaby nursery.

I’m pregnant coffee mug gifted to your parents

I know this is not going to be the last mug on this list and they keep getting better every time! But who doesn’t love mugs? Grandparents sure love mugs – so what better gift to offer with your pregnancy announcement than a mug.

This all-white mug says “I’m pregnant” at the bottom of it. So after your parents get done drinking their tea or coffee that you’ve given them – see if they see what’s written in the bottom on their own.

If they aren’t catching on, try to trick them into looking in their mug by bringing the pot over to them and asking if they’d like a refill.

Taco bout a baby pregnancy banner on your parents front porch

Mom and dad are just getting off work, and you’ve just hung up a banner on their front porch that reveals their grandbaby. Can you imagine it?

If you can envision revealing your pregnancy this way, then you can probably make it happen successfully – especially if your parents have a covered front porch.

It doesn’t have to be on grandma and grandpa’s front porch though, you can invite them over for tacos at your place – hang this banner at the kitchen doorway so everyone can talk about your baby over tacos.

Nothing is more fun than a taco party, and this is a cute quirky way to reveal your pregnancy to your parents.

A little birdie told me…made especially for grandparents

If your parents love to watch out the windows for birds in their yard, then surprise them with this little birdie told me pregnancy announcement.

An adorably decorated little fuzzy bird with a customized message from you directly to your parents. On it, it can say “ A little birdie told me you’re going to be grandparents”.

This quaint little kit can sit on their mantle or nightstand – allowing thoughts of their very special grandbaby throughout the day.

The neat part about this gift is that it’s easy to bring to work or to groups and show off to their friends. I can just imagine the most excited grandma or grandpa to be taking this little bird and note to work to tell their friends.

A baby is an awesome surprise in itself, and to have a tangible gift to show others about the surprise is something not many grandparents get to experience.

Email or text an audio clip of when you first hear your baby’s heartbeat

This one works even better if you don’t live very close to your parents, but it can work just as well if you visit them often too.

Email or text message your parents an audio clip of their grandbaby’s heartbeat. They will get to experience the event firsthand this way. It will surely be the sweetest thing your parents have heard all week.

It’s usually pretty quiet when your obstetrician first uses that doppler to hear your baby’s heartbeat – so make sure the entire room knows you’re trying to catch this on audio.

Sometimes they do it quite quickly, ask them to take their time so you can get a good long recording.

Email is usually the best way to send long audio clips, but Facebook messenger can also support longer audio file cases.

Baby arrival Christmas Ornament for your parents

If Christmas is right around the corner, this beautiful Christmas ornament might be the best way to announce your pregnancy to your parents.

This doesn’t have to be just for Christmas themed announcements many people gift ornaments that can later be hung on the Christmas tree.

The ornament itself is three inches in diameter and made from high-quality ceramic. With a nice matte look to it, topped with white paint.

In other words, it’s one that your parents can keep for many years…the best ornaments stay on the family tree for generations.

You’ll be able to put what year they can expect their grandbaby to arrive on the ornament itself.

Natural wood-engraved picture frame for grandma and grandpa

If your parents love the all-natural look, this picture frame will suit them in every way.

KATE POSH offers a special wooden picture frame that’s engraved with “Little miracles” not etched with ink, but actually engraved into the wood.

The picture frame can hold an image of you and your pregnant belly, or an ultrasound picture inside the glass plated picture slot.

Grandma and grandpa will be so thankful to have the very first picture of their new grandbaby. The beautiful wood will remind your parents of the beach(if they’re fond of the beach), or the wood will be overall soothing to their eye.

It’s a 7 1/2” x 6” sized frame and will hold a 3 ½ x 5” photo inside of it. The edges are beveled, while the backside is fully equipped with two options; the wall mount or a sturdy stand on the backside to place the picture right on grandma and grandpa’s nightstand.

Promote your parents to grandparents through a beloved picture frame

Maybe your parents need to hear they were the best parents in the world, and that’s why they’ve been promoted to grandparents. This sanded wooden picture frame would be the best way to give your parents that message.

There is one space for a picture or ultrasound, and on the other side there is an engraved message that says “Only the best parents get promoted to grandparents”.

Different from the last picture frame on our list is the style of this wooden frame – this wood has more lines in it.

The easel display of this picture frame makes it perfect to stand beside your parent’s bedside for a surprise. Made from high-quality solid wood.

Cupcake surprise you’re going to be grandparents

Everyone loves cupcakes, even your parents! So what better way to introduce mom and dad to their new grandbaby, than with a cupcake arrangement that says: “Surprise you’re going to be grandparents”

With this surprise, you’ll have to bake the cupcakes at home yourself and utilize a black frosting ‘pen’ to write the letters on each cupcake.

Fill in one letter onto each cupcake individually to spell out your message. Set some baby items on the tray of cupcakes too so they get the message even sooner.

After you give a tray of cupcakes to the new grandparents to be, they will need a few people to enjoy them with of course.

You, your baby, and your spouse can enjoy a fun treat together while celebrating the news of your new baby.

This sweet something frame is a beautiful pregnancy announcement gift

If your parents are into keepsakes, which most of them are, you’ll want to consider this sweet something picture frame as a way of announcing your pregnancy to them.

It’s not the biggest picture frame in the world, but it does hold the most meaningful message inside of it. The frame closes like a book, one side offers a sweet poem while the other side is for an ultrasound picture.

The poem is called Little Grandbaby, and it’s actually quite long to read. So it’s not a simple poem – by the end of it you’re mom and dad will have envisioned their tiny grandbaby in your womb with love.

The gift that brings fuzziness and warmth to your parent’s hearts forever. Long after the surprise, they can keep the poem and picture as a reminder of when their grandbaby was first discovered by them.

Your baby, once of toddler age, will love to hold this frame and read it after they’ve grown too. The colors are subtle yet inviting in green, turquoise, and pink hues – they are fitted to a newborn baby in every way.

All of this frame is topped with a thick ribbon bow, it’s truly an adorable gift along with a pregnancy surprise.

A bun in the oven, homemade baked buns in the oven anyone?

Make homemade(or store-bought) buns for your parents to open the oven too. Turn on the oven and warm up the fresh buns, then ask your parents to open up the oven.

When your mom asks what’s going on, you can ask her why there is a bun in the oven. While you’re trying not to giggle from excitement your mom and dad will have a moment of realization that there is actually a bun in your oven.

After your parents figure out that you’re pregnant, enjoy devouring the warm buns together. No one can resist a delicious bun.

You’re going to be a grandma and grandpa grey newborn onesie

If your parents are already grandparents, this is a great option for you to tell them about their newest grandbaby.

Some grandparents have already been through the surprise of having their first grandbaby, but it’s always an incredible surprise to have an additional grandbaby.

Have your parents open this as a surprise reveal of your pregnancy whenever you’d like them to know about your pregnancy – then later on they can take pictures with their grandbaby wearing this onesie.

The grey is unique for baby onesies, and stand out from those that are all white. This onesie is fitted to a baby 0-3 months-old so be prepared to get some use out of it once your baby has arrived.

Made with %100 cotton and quality button snaps, and lastly, a high-quality print job that doesn’t fade down the road.

If your dad loves to go fishing give him this cute fish hook as a way to reveal your new baby

One thing I remember well as a kid is going fishing with my grandpa, often. It was the cold summer mornings and the smell of my grandpa’s coffee that gave me the best memories of our fishing trips.

This little hook is one way to tell a grandpa that his new little fishing partner is on the way. It is a real hook so be careful when he pulls out the hook to read it.

Since fishing is probably your dad’s sweet spot, this will take him over the moon finding out he has a new grandbaby on the way to tag along on those fishing trips.

The heart-shaped hook reads; “Grandpas new fishing partner coming soon”

It’s made from high-quality silver that won’t lose it’s shine early on, it’s built to last long after your pregnancy has been revealed.

If your dad doesn’t want to use this hook out on fishing trips, you can put it inside a box frame in his warehouse to always remind him of the time he was told of his special grandbaby.

You don’t have to wrap it or anything because it’s conveniently packaged in an O.RIYA gift box. Have it delivered to grandpa’s house if you don’t live near him, or, bring it to him yourself to open up the surprise together.

Grandma and grandpa I can’t wait to meet you! ‘Coming soon’ baby onesie

This onesie is designed to be unique, bold, and clearly says we have a baby on the way! It even has a little bit of red on it with the message – coming soon.

The entire message on this baby onesie reads “Grandma and Grandpa I can’t wait to meet you! Coming soon.”

Behind the ‘coming soon’ part is a red banner. The little bit of color is different from the other black inked onesies on this list. So if you’re looking for a little bit of variety this onesie is a great option for you.

This pregnancy-reveal onesie will fit a baby around 0-3 months of age, it does run small so beware.

It doesn’t come in a gift box or pretty bag, so you will need to find a gift bag or box to wrap it in before gifting it.

Homemade everything a grandparent might need a box

You can give your mom and dad a box filled with things grandparents must have to reveal your pregnancy to them. A fun box is a great way to help them get their heads wrapped around their visits with their new grandbaby.

In your grandparent’s box don’t forget to include thing’s like:

  • Wipes and diapers
  • Baby lotion
  • Shampoo
  • Bath toys and a foam pad
  • Disney movies
  • A baby silverware set
  • Read along with book for baby
  • Naptime blanket for grandparent’s house
  • Baby monitor

Which items you put into your box for your parents and baby to enjoy together will depend on how close you are with your parents.

Back when I had my twins, my mom was ready to change them the first night I brought them home from the hospital – think about what you’re personally comfortable with.

You can always make a box with toddler toys and accessories for when your child is a bit older too!

This is one ornament that belongs on the tree of any good grandparent to be before their grandbaby arrives.

The ornament is made out of high-quality porcelain and has a cute message in it to tell your parents they are going to be grandparents for the first time.

The message on this adorable ornament says “Congratulations you’ve been promoted from dog grandparent to human grandparent.”

Even though this ornament belongs on a tree, it’s modern-looking enough to hang on the wall if you don’t choose to put it away for Christmas.

The clean look of the ornament doesn’t look like a Christmas styled ornament. Included is a gift box(for free) and a small golden string that you can hang it with.

The gold string isn’t the prettiest string, it will do the job though – if you want to invest in some ribbon it’ll be a little nicer looking when you gift it.

Baby love at first sight glass picture frame for an ultrasound photo

Another picture frame for the family mantel? Except this one means so much more to your parents, this one holds an ultrasound picture of your new baby.

One way to reveal your pregnancy to the grandparents to wrap this cute picture frame up and have them open it up like a birthday gift.

In fact, if one of your parents has a birthday coming up soon you can give this as a special birthday present.

This frame feels different than the others, this one has beachy vibes to it. The white and sandy tan tones are appealing to the eye. But the greatest part to look at will be the first ultrasound of your baby for grandma and grandpa to be.

Pink and grey marble grandparent promotion mugs

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You can give your parents an all-white frame that has a ‘first grandchild’ poem included on one side of the frame. It’s slightly different from our ‘something sweet’ framed poem on this list.

This poem aims toward describing the attributes of the very first grandchild, how special the first one will always be.

The end of this poem includes a proverbs quote from the bible. Which is suitable for Christians who are due to have their first grandchild.

This frame is elegant in every way, and written with the ultimate meaning…wrap it in blue or white wrapping paper to match the colors it is.

At the end of the full poem, it reads “Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers. Proverbs 17:6” In italicized writing.

This message leaves a lasting imprint in your parent’s minds, of just how special grandparents are in this world. Heping them feel included, and important in your pregnancy.

Most ultrasound photos are 4”x6” or smaller, which is conveniently what this frame holds – pop an ultrasound in it or have grandma and grandpa wait until they have the perfect picture of their new grandbaby once he or she is born.

If you know the gender of your baby reveal your pregnancy to a grandma with this keychain

If you’re waiting until you know the gender of your baby to reveal your pregnancy to your parents, this keychain will make a great pregnancy reveal gift.

One key chain is customized to having a boy, and it says – “The love between a grandmother and a grandson is forever.”

Or you can choose the keychain that contains a message geared toward having a granddaughter that say’s “The love between a grandmother and a granddaughter is forever”

This gift is just for the lovely grandmas-to-be out there, because they deserve nothing but the best. Your mother deserves a beautiful silver lined engraved keychain gift like this one to represent her new grandbaby.

This gift will symbolize the relationship between your mother and your baby – which is something that all mothers wish will be possible when they become pregnant.

It’s like you start needing family around you more when you go through the transformation of having a child.

Create a painting on your belly and do a photoshoot or in-person pregnancy reveal to grandma and grandpa

Depending on how pregnant you are, and how much your belly is revealing your pregnancy – you can paint the percentage of how pregnant you are on your belly.

So if you’re newly pregnant, and not showing at all yet you can paint “Loaded %10” and other designs or a color that you choose.

If you’re farther along, or already know the sex of your baby, it would be more suitable to paint “Loaded %40” and use the color blue or pink as a background for the painting.

If you’re having a girl paint your belly pink, and if you’re having a boy paint your entire belly blue.

The best way to do this is to get a set of waterproof crayons, and a set of watercolor paints. These are usually non-toxic, spread over the belly easily, and you can write letters clearly with the crayons.

A pregnancy-reveal message in a ring box for mom and dad

Your parents love receiving rings too, but there’s one catch with the pregnancy reveal ring box – there’s no ring in the box.

It really isn’t a catch at all though, this ring box will contain a very special message about the baby growing in your womb.

Look up what size your baby is roughly, and glue a small object like a bead or miniature bear inside of the ring box to reveal the size of your baby to the new grandparents to be.

A ring box surprise is a great way to show your parents in a tangible way the size of their grandbaby at the time of the surprise.

Plus, it’s an adorable thing for their grown child to gift them a ring box – something you might have done as a child is to give your parents adorable gifts around Valentine’s day or other special times.

You can’t outgrow the love of sharing physical gifts in your family that is homemade. Make your ring box extra glammed out if you’d like to by adding gemstones, sequence, or a personalized note inside of it.

On your note, you can write about how excited you are to have them be the grandparents to your child.

Ask your parents to help you babyproof your home or theirs

When babies arrive they need a safe environment to grow into, especially when they begin crawling.

A home with sealed off electrical circuits and baby gates is one way to ensure the safety of your new baby, who will one day be a roaming toddler.

Toddlers love to touch, pull, poke, and pry – it’s a part of their innate nature to learn about their surroundings. This stage will last quite a long time but between 6-18-months-old you will notice the most obvious leaps in developmental stages.

Ask your parents to assist you in baby proofing your home as the ultimate way to reveal you are officially pregnant. New grandparents usually love to help out, and this is one way to get them actively involved in your pregnancy.

Baby Proofing is a lot of fun, it turns out there are start kits to baby proof the home, instructions included. You can use the kit listed below to get a foot in the door of a baby-safe home this year.

Message in a bottle for your parents store it away as a keepsake

Your message in a bottle to the newly found grandparents awaits…after you purchase it and write the tiny note that will sit inside of course.

Buy a tiny glass bottle with a cork top, and write a tiny note to fit inside of it. You have to maneuver it just perfectly inside so that your parents can read it from the outside.

It’s usually pretty tricky to get the paper to come out smoothly, so it’s better to write “I’m pregnant!” in big enough letters to read from the outside.

Then you can get a full-sized card to go with your message in a bottle for your parents to fully read.

Within your full-sized card, you can write about how happy you are to have them as grandparents for your baby and display your due date.

This tiny message in a bottle becomes an adorable decoration for years to come at grandma and grandpa’s house if they’d like it to.

Older grandchild expiration date pregnancy reveal

This is your own personally designed picture frame, it’s meant to hold the surprise reveal of your pregnancy for the grandparents to be. It’s simple really, all you have to do is type up an expiration date for your older child – in the example – [older child’s name expires: your due date]

All-in-all the blank paper will simply state when your older child expires being an only child, once the new baby is born.

Have your child bring the picture to your mom or dad, to surprise them with your pregnancy. Having the due date as the expiration date is important because then your parents will know when to expect your little one.

The donut box surprise for mom and dad

You can purchase a dozen of your parent’s favorite donuts, and write a cute note with the box that says “Eat up grandma and grandpa, I can’t be the only one with a belly!”

One morning when you plan on having breakfast with your parents bring this over as a way to tell them about your pregnancy.

Who doesn’t love a box of donuts – who doesn’t love a brand new baby.

Toolbox for the new grandparents

This is sort of like the idea for the fun box for grandma and grandpa, but all of the adorable baby items will go in a toolbox for your parents.

Everything your parents might possibly need when assisting you with your baby. This can be things like diapers and wipes, baby proofing gear for the house, or the instructions to a homemade rocking horse.

Refer to the list within; Homemade everything a grandparent might need box or idea.

The list is presented within #54 on this list and includes a few good idea’s of supplies to include in your toolbox.

This works especially well if your parents enjoy working around the house. Now they’ll get the point that their house will be changing quite soon, a new baby is on the way!

Add a tiny pair of baby shoes to their shoe bin

If your parents have a designated spot for the house shoes – add a pair of baby shoes and wait for them to ask who’s they are.

Leave them there for a week if you have to, and if your mom asks while your dad isn’t around tell her you want to surprise dad too.

Grandparents love seeing their grandbaby’s tiny shoes – this is one way to make their hearts melt over their new grandbaby.

In Conclusion

Finding a suitable way to tell your baby’s grandparents to be is important, your parents birthed you and are probably going to be more than excited to help you with your baby.

Not every parent gets to become a grandparent, this is a very special time in any parent’s life. You can even present them with a few of these gifts to make the time that much more complete.

When you tell grandma and grandpa that they’re grandparents, be sure to snap a photo if you can. The look on their faces will be epic and unforgettable.