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15 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Gift Ideas For Mom and Baby

The loss of a child can be devastating for a parent. We’re simply not designed to deal with this kind of loss at any time in our lives.

But the loss of a baby can often be harder to deal with as this kind of loss is often brushed under the carpet and parents are not allowed to grieve openly.

So when the news of a rainbow baby comes to light many parents feel that they should simply forget the child they lost and just be thankful for what they have!

But honoring the memory of a lost child and celebrating the hope that a new baby brings is so important to parents like me.

It gives us the opportunities to connect with our feelings of loss and not feel that we should be hiding them away or be ashamed of them.

It gives us the chance to talk to people about it, connect with other parents going through the same trauma but most importantly it gives us the chance to heal our broken hearts while still not forgetting the child we lost!

What Is A Rainbow Baby?

A rainbow baby is a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, or infant loss.

The name comes from the idea that a rainbow often appears in the sky after a storm and that rainbows often signify new beginnings. A rainbow baby gives parents hope of a new life after suffering such a terrible and unthinkable loss.

Should You Give A Rainbow Baby Gift – If So When?

The decision to give a rainbow baby gift or not will very much depend on the personal circumstances of the parents involved.

If they have been open about their loss and how it has affected them, they will more than likely be perfectly fine with accepting rainbow baby gifts.

gift giving

But if they have decided to keep their loss private and have only shared it with you as you are a close friend or relative then maybe it would be best not to go down the path of rainbow baby gifts. 

The best advice would be to see how it goes and take a look at the idea closer to birth. If you do decide to go ahead with a rainbow baby gift then when should you present it to the parents will be your next question.

At The Baby Shower

Again, if they have been open about their loss and have shared it with most people and have actually decided to go ahead with a baby shower then there is no reason that you can not give the gift at the baby shower.

After The Baby Is Born

But many parents who are expecting a rainbow baby choose not to have a baby shower and if this is the case for your friends or relatives then the best time to give them the rainbow baby gift would probably be after the baby is born.

1. Rainbow Outfit

This beautiful rainbow baby set would be a lovely gift for the new parents and baby.

It offers them a way to celebrate the birth of their rainbow baby while still being able to acknowledge the loss of their other baby. Available in sizes 0-6, 6-12, 12-18, and 18-24 months.

2. ART HEARTS – Rainbow Baby

This is a gorgeous ornament that would not look out of place in any nursery. It also comes with great sentiment.

3. SEIRAA Rainbow Baby Bracelet

A subtle gift that mom can wear to remember the baby that they lost and to celebrate their beautiful rainbow baby.

4. Bump and Beyond Clothing

5. Angel Wing Suncatcher

This is the perfect subtle gift for any parent of a rainbow baby. If they want to be a little more private about their loss and the status of their new arrival, this gift is perfect for allowing them to do just that while still remembering their loss.

6. Lucy Darling Security Blanket

7. Spread Love Milestone blanket

Another fantastic gift to celebrate a rainbow baby. But this company also donates 10% of its profits to nonprofits that support families going through loss.

8. Little Rainbow Memory Book

Another gift that helps parents to remember their loss while still celebrating their beautiful new baby and all the firsts that they will achieve.

9. Rainbow Monthly Milestone Blanket

The monthly milestone blanket is a great way to get all those wonderful photos to keep as a reminder of baby’s progress.

10. Mommy of Rainbow Baby Gift Keychain

This gift not only acknowledges mom’s mixed emotions but also dads, which is very often forgotten at these times.

11. Blessed Mama Coffee Cup

An amazing gift that allows moms to take time and reflect on their feelings while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

12. Baby Teether Rainbow Toy

A beautiful and practical gift for the rainbow baby. 

13. Our Rainbow After The Storm T-Shirt

I love this gift, it is simple, adorable and so practical. 

14. Hospital Receiving Blanket

A great practical gift that is multifunctional.

15. After Every Storm…Cuff Bangle

Things You Can Do For A Mom With A Rainbow Baby

After the birth of a rainbow baby moms feel a whole host of emotions some rational others not so much. But as a friend, there are a few things that you can do to help her work through this tough time.

1. The gift of time with their baby

After giving birth to a rainbow baby most moms just want some time with their baby to get to know them and enjoy every single minute. They have traveled a long and often hard path to get to where they are today. 

Many moms do not feel up to visitors in the first few weeks or even months after giving birth. Respect their decision for privacy.

You can still be a supportive friend by dropping a quick text every few days just to check in on them, see if they need anything, and just to remind them that you are still there for them – this means a lot in those first few weeks!

2. A rainbow baby photoshoot

Baby photoshoots are a big thing at the moment and most photographers can and will accommodate a theme of your choice. So why not book a themed rainbow baby shoot for your friend’s new baby.

3. Plan a rainbow-themed shower

Many moms of rainbow baby’s, choose not to have a baby shower as they fear that celebrating when there is no technical guarantee their baby will be born may in some way influence the outcome.

Other moms who may have a pregnancy of high risk could end up on bed rest for most of the pregnancy so a baby shower may not be the best option.

But whatever the circumstances there are plenty of ways that you can help your friend to celebrate their rainbow baby while still respecting their wishes. 

girl friends talking

4. Allow her to talk

Moms go through a lot of mental stress when they give birth and it is often left unprocessed as they feel that they do not want to burden friends and family with it.

Or they feel that they should simply be grateful for the healthy baby that they have. Ask the question – How are YOU feeling? Are YOU ok? and then let them talk.

This simple question will allow them to see that you care about them, that you are there and open to letting them just talk and process whatever feelings they have – take my word for it this kind of help is so important!

5. Watch what you say – be sensitive

As a race, we are often very thoughtless especially around people who have suffered a loss – we never quite know what to say and so we often say the wrong thing!

Don’t say things like “I am so excited for you to finally have a baby!” 

Don’t immediately ask if they plan to have any more children. Pregnancy can be stressful and even more so if it is a high risk one.


What does a rainbow baby mean?

A rainbow baby is a baby that has been born after the loss of a baby due to infant loss, stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death.

It comes from the idea that a rainbow appears in the sky after a storm, or after a dark time and that rainbows often signify new beginnings.

How long after a miscarriage is it considered a rainbow baby?

There is no timescale on this and a baby born after infant loss or miscarriage is called a rainbow baby whether it be two years after or 10 years after.

Why should I buy a rainbow baby gift?

Rainbow baby gifts are bought to honor the loss of a child but also to celebrate the new beginnings and hope that a new baby brings.

How do I know if it is appropriate to buy a rainbow baby gift?

Personally, I would go on the premise that if the parents have been open and honest about their loss then it is appropriate for you to buy a gift to honor and celebrate with them at this time.

When should a rainbow baby gift be given?

This will very much depend on if your friend is having a baby shower and they have been open about their loss –  if they have then the gift can be given then. Otherwise, it may be better to hold on to the gift until after the baby is born.

The Final Thought

Honoring the loss of a child and celebrating the birth of another as a rainbow baby gives parents the opportunity to have their grief acknowledged.

It helps them to see that people are aware that even though birth is a time to celebrate that they may be dealing with many other emotions and that they are there to support them.

I hope our list has helped you to find the perfect gift for your rainbow baby parents!