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128 Baby Items Starting with A to Z

As soon as you get past your first trimester, it’s time to begin baby shopping!

This can be overwhelming because babies need a lot of things, but this comprehensive list of everything that you need in alphabetical order will help you both get organized, and tell you what you need for your little one!

Baby stuff a-z

There are a few extras that are included to cover things that you might need in the first year of life. If you have the extra money in the bank, it’s always a good idea to pick things up in advance!

Baby shower games are another reason you’re going to need this list! The A-Z baby things game is common at baby showers, but some of the letters are just hard to come up with, like baby things that start with X aside from xylophone.

This article is a little extra creative to help you get your own creative juices flowing, and guarantee that the baby items A-Z game is a hit!

In this article

Baby Items That Start With A

1. Aromatherapy oils (for you, not safe for baby)

Aromatherapy oils are always a great idea! However, you should never use them around newborns, even if they’re being used in a diffuser. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t a necessity for you though!

After a long night of feedings followed by a day of changing diapers, there’s nothing more soothing than the scent of lavender or jasmine. These are also great additions to a relaxing bubble bath.

2. Activity toys

baby things that start with a

Babies learn about things through playing. This is how they develop their fine and gross motor skills, learn about colors, and more. That’s why activity toys are important for babies!

Pick up toys that hang from the sides of their crib for younger babies, and other sets of toys for older babies. Try to stay ahead of the game to make sure that you’re encouraging their development. 

3. Alphabet toys

It’s never too early to help your little one learn the alphabet! Pick up alphabet blocks, books, and baby toys that sing them their ABC’s to give them an early start on learning.

When you teach your little one to love learning early, you’re helping them build a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Baby Items That Start With B

4. Bottles

You’re going to need bottles as soon as your baby comes home. While I don’t advise anyone to pick up a year’s supply until they know their baby’s preference, you should still buy at least 3 four-ounce bottles.

Most pediatricians recommend Dr. Brown’s bottles, so these are usually a safe bet. However, if you’re searching for bottles that are glass or stainless steel bottles, those are still a great option too!

5. Bassinet

A bassinet is smaller than a crib, providing babies with the much-needed security that they crave.

When babies are born, they’re used to the snug feeling of being inside your womb. When they sleep in a smaller bed, they feel that same cuddled feeling that they had before they were born.

6. Body wash

Babies don’t need a bath very often when they’re firstborn, but as they get older they need baths more frequently. If your baby loves bubbles, you’ll probably find yourself using body wash as a substitute bubble bath too!

It’s always a good idea to pick up disposables you’ll need (things that you wind up using and then throwing away the bottle) in advance, especially baby body wash.

7. Baby bathtub

You’ll need one of these as soon as your baby is ready to take a bath in the tub. Most infants take a sponge bath after they’re born. As soon as the umbilical cord falls off, get ready for having fun with complete baths!

However, they can’t be out of their baby bathtub until they can safely sit up, so make sure to pick up one that will last for those first six months or so. 

Baby item that starts with B

8. Breastfeeding supplies

Before your little one is born, you’ll probably make the important decision of formula or breast milk. If you choose to breastfeed, make sure you’ve got everything that you need ready to go.

This includes storage bags, bottles, a pump, dishwashing soap, and spare parts. When you have everything that you need, it makes taking care of a newborn baby less stressful.

9. Blankets

Babies need plenty of blankets! When the temperature starts to drop, you can use them to keep your baby warm on the walk out to the car. They can also use them safely when they’re older.

Babies that are being supervised will enjoy being swaddled in blankets, which can be a little bit cozier when compared to a sleep sack.

Blankets can also double as a love, burp rags if you need more, and larger blankets are great for tummy time. You’ll need both larger blankets and receiving blankets.

10. Bouncer

Little ones always love their bouncers! They have vibrating bouncers, ones that play music and most of them have toys that go over the top of them to help soothe your baby and keep them entertained.

Bouncers vary in price range, so you can pick up an affordable one before your little one is born to make sure that they like it. 

11. Bottlebrush

It doesn’t matter whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, a bottle brush is a must! These brushes make getting in all the little places of breast pump parts easier.

For bottles, they get deep within the bottle where sponges simply can’t reach. Bottle brushes are also more durable than standard sponge-like brushes used for cups. Silicone ones usually last the longest.

12. Bottle rack

A bottle rack isn’t a necessity, but it’s nice to have. Keeping all of the bottle parts in one place guarantees that they stay together, which makes putting bottles together easier.

This also guarantees that they don’t come into contact with harmful bacteria that can be on counters, dishes, towels, or on plastic dish drainers.

13. Bibs

Large bibs can be used as burp cloths if you’re out of clean ones. They can also come in handy for younger babies that are teething and drooling.

(This can start before babies are old enough to eat baby food.) Last, it’s just nice to have them handy for when it’s time to make the switch to baby food.

14. Bumbo seat

A Bumbo seat will help your baby learn how to sit up properly. It provides the perfect amount of support to babies via adjustable straps to let them sit up while they still learn to balance.

Babies that are starting to develop flat head syndrome will greatly benefit from a Bumbo seat. Some seats styled like Bumbo seats provide activities to keep babies occupied while they practice sitting up.

15. Burp cloths

You can never have too many burp cloths. Make sure to pick up plenty of absorbent burp cloths to catch the spit-up.

They can also be used to wipe mouths after your baby starts to eat baby food, and you can tuck them around an older baby’s neck if they are holding their own bottle.

This will catch the little bit of formula that dribbles out of their mouth when they smile.

Items That Start With C

16. Crib

baby items that start with C

A crib is always going to be a necessity. Even if your baby starts off in a bassinet or co-sleeper, they’ll outgrow it as they get older. Then, they’ll be in a crib until they are ready for a toddler bed.

Finding a convertible crib that can easily transform into a toddler bed is ideal. 

17. Co-Sleeper

There are two different types of co-sleepers. One kind is similar to a portable bassinet. It’s approximately the same size. These safely sit on your bed next to you so that your baby can safely co-sleep.

These are wonderful for breastfeeding mothers. There’s nothing easier than simply rolling over to feed your baby!

Other co-sleepers are more like cribs or bassinets that attach to the bed. They’re missing one wall so you can easily reach your baby, but they aren’t in or on your bed.

18. Car seat

Most hospitals require babies to be in a car seat before they leave the hospital. This is the only safe way for a baby to travel in a car.

If you can’t afford or obtain a car seat, most states have programs available to provide you with the assistance that you need. Whether you’re opting for a newborn car seat or a convertible car seat, you’re still going to need one.

If you think there’s a chance you could have a preemie, make sure that the weight limit starts at four pounds as some newborn car seats do not.

19. Comb

Without a comb, those adorable baby hairs will never stay down after a bath! Most newborn kits that have a thermometer and fingernail clippers also come with a comb.

If not, you can find a comb and brush set cheap at the dollar store or on Amazon. These don’t have to be fancy. 

20. Changing table

A changing table isn’t a necessity. You can change your little one on the couch, floor, bed, or anywhere you can lay them down!

The thing that’s nice about changing tables is that it’s nice to have one place to keep all of your baby’s changing things organized. The only time these are a necessity is when you have a bad back or experience back pain.

Changing tables bring the baby up to your height so you don’t have to bend over as much.

21. Cabinet locks

It’s never too early to baby proof the house! I’m not a huge fan of baby proofing as I feel that we should teach children not to get into cabinets.

However, that isn’t a lesson that should be taught over cabinets with chemicals, medicines or other harmful things in them. If your little one can reach it and it’s harmful to them, put a cabinet lock on it.

22. Car seat cover

Car seat covers are a necessity regardless of which season your baby was born. During winter, a lightweight car seat cover can protect your baby from the harsh rays of the sun, and the sunburn that comes with it.

Car seat covers during colder months will help protect your baby from harsh winter weather. During other seasons, waterproof car seat covers will protect your little one from getting wet.

23. Car toys

Car toys are a great way to prevent fussiness in the car. Keep your baby occupied with car seat toys that hang from the car seat, making it easy for your baby to reach them.

Mirrors that use Velcro to stick to the back seat so your baby can see himself are another great idea. As a bonus, you can use these to see your baby during long car rides too!

Baby Items That Start With D

24. Diapers

You can never have too many diapers! Most people advise against buying diapers before your baby is born in case they develop an allergic reaction to a particular type of brand.

Yet, you can buy several smaller packs from different brands to make sure that you’re good to go.

25. Diaper bag

Backpack style diaper bags are becoming increasingly popular. They let you take care of your little one with both hands instead of having to juggle a giant diaper bag while carrying a car seat, purse, and everything else!

These have the same convenient pockets for bottles and everything else that other diaper bags do.

26. Diaper rash cream

Your little one will be in diapers for the next two years, at least. At some point, they’ll either get diarrhea and you’ll need to protect their bum, or they’ll get a rash. Pick up some diaper rash cream so that you have it when you need it. 

27. Digital thermometer

A digital thermometer is the easiest way to tell your baby’s temperature. Most of us can tell if our kid is sick by the way that they look, like when they have those rosy red cheeks.

We can also tell if they feel warmer than usual. However, when you call your pediatrician, they’ll want to know their actual temperature.

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Baby Items That Start With E

28. Extra nipples

The more that you sterilize nipples, the quicker they go bad. As time goes on, nipples will go bad and the formula or breastmilk will squirt out too fast, choking your baby.

It’s best to have a few extra nipples stashed away in a drawer just in case.

29. Ear thermometer

Ear thermometers make it easy to take your baby’s temperature, especially if you’re not a fan of rectal temperatures and your little one won’t hold still. Once babies are on the go, it can be hard to get an accurate reading under their arm.

30. Electric bottle warmer

baby bottle warmer

Electric bottle warmers might not be a must-have, but they’re a lot easier than heating up a bottle on the stove!

They’re also quicker, and most have a thermometer built in so that they only heat bottles up to a specific temperature. Making a bottle doesn’t get more convenient than owning an electric bottle warmer. 

Baby Items That Start With F

31. Formula

Babies will be on a specific type of formula after they are born, and usually until they are no longer drinking formula. Because of this, it’s not a good idea to stock up on a lot of formulas or different kinds.

If you’d like a particular brand or type of formula, purchase one can to take with you to the hospital. You want to make sure that your little one doesn’t have digestive issues or special needs, which would require you to switch to another formula.

32. Fingernail clippers

Sometimes, little ones are born with long, sharp nails. These call for fingernail clippers to avoid face scratches, them scratching their eyes, and other things.

They have fingernail clippers that are specially designed for use with infants. They’re easier to hold, making it less likely that you’ll accidentally cut their nail too short.

33. Footed pajamas

Footed pajamas have a place in every baby wardrobe. These are great for keeping warm and cozy. Footed pajamas are also just adorable!

34. Foam blocks

Young babies don’t have a full understanding of cause and effect. For example, they don’t know that when they smack themselves in the face with a wooden block, it will hurt.

They also don’t understand that throwing hard toys can hurt others. This is why foam blocks are a great idea for babies. Little ones can learn to throw things at six months old or younger!

35. Fluoride-free toothpaste

Babies don’t understand how to spit out toothpaste yet. Because of this, they wind up swallowing small amounts when you brush their teeth.

The toothpaste also stays on their teeth throughout the day. This is why toothpaste with fluoride isn’t good for your baby. Instead, pick up some fluoride-free toothpaste. 

Baby Items That Start With G

36. Gripe water

Gripe water is safe for newborn babies and is known to work wonders on babies that are colicky.

While you should always address the underlying cause of crying, if you know what it is, gripe water can help soothe your baby while you get to the bottom of things.

37. Gas drops

Gas drops help your baby find relief quicker than other methods. If your little one is screaming while they pull their legs up to their chest, sometimes the gas is so bad that a tummy rub just isn’t going to cut it.

Gas relief drops will give your little one faster relief. If you don’t have time to do at home remedies, like letting them lay on your lap with their butt in the air, gas relief drops can save the day. These are especially great for a long car ride!

38. Gym

A baby gym is a great toy for babies all the way up to a year old! Sometimes, they’re called activity mats.

Baby gyms have toys that are above them to encourage reaching, toys they can already reach to encourage playing, and plenty of bright colors!

39. Gate

Babies can start army crawling when they’re a few months old! As soon as they learn to roll over, it doesn’t take them long to take off.

Pick up a baby gate so you have one on stand by to make sure that your little one is safe. Most families at least pick up one for the kitchen and one for the stairs. 

40. Gowns

Gowns can be extremely convenient for those middle of the night diaper changes. They don’t have zippers like sleep sacks usually do. Instead, you simply pull them up, change a diaper, and pull them back down.

Nightgowns are made of various materials, making them great for both winter and summer!

Baby Items That Start With H

41. Hooded towels

Hooded towels aren’t a necessity, but they’re nice to have. Pick up some plush hooded towels to keep your baby’s head warm. (Babies lose most of their heat through their heads.)

These are also wonderful for keeping your little one warm when they’re still taking a sponge bath.

42. Hats

Keep in mind that babies lose most of their heat through their heads, which makes hats a necessity. This is particularly true if your little one is born during colder months. Not only do hats help your baby stay warm, they’re too cute!

43. High chair

baby on high chair

Today, babies don’t start eating baby food until they’re six months old. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to put them in a highchair.

When your little one is older, you can put them in the high chair while you do things in the kitchen. This encourages sitting up. Besides, it doesn’t take long for the expenses of diapers, wipes, and everything else to take over

44. Hamper for laundry

Baby laundry can be riddled with stains and at least a slight odor. Clothing with stains on them from the formula can also attract bugs, like roaches and ants.

This is why it’s important to have a separate hamper for baby clothing. First, it guarantees that the smell doesn’t get on other clothing. Second, the clothes can be washed immediately instead of getting lost in the hamper with another laundry.

45. Humidifier

A humidifier helps put more moisture into the air. This is especially important during the winter months. The air can get dry, which can give your little one a nose bleed.

Boogers can also clog up their nose. When there’s more moisture in the air, it’ll help the snot run out of their nose instead of stopping it up.

46. Hangers

As you get closer to your due date, you’re going to start to realize just how many clothes your little one has. Baby hangers are going to be essential to help you stay organized!

Baby Items That Start With I

47. Infant Tylenol

Although Tylenol is usually not recommended for babies, there are times that your little one will need a small dose for pain after shots or to keep a fever down.

In these situations, your doctor can tell you an appropriate dosage for your little one.

It’s always better to have some stored in the medicine cabinet for when you need it instead of having to rush to the store with a screaming baby. Infant Tylenol has a long shelf life, so you won’t have to worry about it going bad.

48. Ice pack

Ice packs might not seem like a necessity, but they’re great to have. Vaccinations can cause quite a few symptoms. One of the main symptoms is swelling or inflammation at the site of the vaccination.

A few minutes with an ice pack can instantly help keep the swelling down so your little one can be comfortable.

49. Insect repellant

Insect repellant is another thing that’s nice to have on hand. If you enjoy the outdoors, this is a must.

You don’t want to take your little one hiking and then get home to discover they are covered in mosquito bites. Instead, let them enjoy the outdoors with you with some insect repellant that is safe for babies. 

Baby Items That Start With J

50. Jumparoo

Babies that are tired of laying down can enjoy a Jumparoo before they are even able to jump! They hang from the doorway so that your little one can swing. The front is also high enough that your baby can still enjoy it even if they cannot sit up yet.

51. Jackets

baby boy wearing a jacket

Babies need jackets. As soon as they’re old enough that they don’t like to be swaddled anymore, they’ll still need to stay warm! This is when jackets come in handy.

Jackets can keep them warm on late summer nights or during chilly Fall weather. Pick up a few to make sure that your baby has a weather-appropriate jacket tucked away in the diaper bag at all times.

It’s always better to be over-prepared instead of underprepared. 

Baby Items That Start With K

52. Kangaroo carrier

A kangaroo carrier will save you as a mom! If you plan to have an attachment parenting style, you’ll need a baby carrier of some kind in order to care for your baby and get things done around the house.

The Kangaroo carrier helps you hold your baby, and still keep your hands free to do the dishes. 

53. Khakis for boys

Little boys will inevitably need a pair of khaki-colored pants. These are less casual than jeans, making them great for Sunday church or Easter dinner. They also coordinate well with any style or color shirt, making them a wardrobe essential.

54. Kitchen organization

Babies have lots of things. There are bottles, cups, baby spoons, bottle liners, extra nipples, etc. Before your baby comes along, you’re going to need a plan to organize all of the things that come with them.

Hanging a shower caddy on the wall is a great way to hang up bottles in small kitchens. Small Tupperware containers work great for extra nipples too! Maximize vertical storage options to make the most of the space that you have.

55. Keepsake boxes

Keepsake boxes are going to be used as soon as your little one comes home from the hospital. For example, you’ll need one to put the hospital bracelet in!

Make sure that you have a keepsake box put back for special things when your baby arrives.

Baby Items That Start With L

56. Lotion

Lotion is another thing that’s almost a necessity. If you don’t use lotion for dry skin, you’ll need to use something else. Consider picking up a bottle or two of baby lotion to make sure that your little one isn’t bothered by itchy, dry skin. 

57. Laundry soap

Laundry soap is another necessity. While some children can handle the wealth of ingredients and scents that are found in more popular laundry soaps, some babies cannot.

In this situation, use laundry soaps that are more natural, such as Tide natural or Dreft, a laundry soap that is specifically designed for babies.

58. Lotion designed for your nipples

This one is a necessity for you. Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, your nipples can get sore as your milk dries up.

Pick up a small, inexpensive thing of nipple cream to carry in your purse just in case it hits you in the middle of the day. Nipple cream can provide instant relief.

Baby Items That Start With M

59. Mittens

close up of baby wearing mittens

Mittens serve two purposes. First, they’re great when your baby has fingernails that grow extremely fast. If they’re wearing mittens, they’re instantly protected from long nails.

Second, they can help keep tiny hands warm in chilly weather. Mittens are made from both thin and thick fabrics so you can always find weather-appropriate ones. 

60. Monitor

We invested in a video baby monitor for the grandbaby, and it was a wonderful idea! It would let you know how loud the baby was crying so you know if you need to ignore fussing.

It also told you the temperature to tell if your baby was too cold or too hot, and you can always see what your little one is doing, which is definitely helpful. This is the baby monitor that wound up in the grandson’s nursery. 

61. Mobile

There are a lot of different mobiles on the market so you can always find one to match your nursery decor and personal preference. Some mobiles are battery-operated. Other’s are wind up and then there are the remote-controlled ones.

I’m a huge fan of remote-controlled ones so you don’t have to disturb the baby by walking into the nursery. If they’re almost asleep, you can rest assured they’ll jerk back away and cry at the sight of you!

Mobiles also provide visual stimulation for little ones, which is something that babies need.

62. Mirror toys

Mirror toys are always fun! Your baby will like being able to see themselves. Before they learn that they’re the baby in the mirror, they’ll spend hours trying to figure out how it works.

I used tummy time mirror toys for the kids, and they helped them enjoy tummy time more!

63. Montessori toys

Montessori toys

Montessori toys coincide perfectly with Montessori methods of parenting and teaching. Montessori toys often don’t have music and lights as other baby toys do.

This helps children learn to live with less stimulation, which lays a good foundation for parents to have a calmer child later on.

Parents that plan to enroll their children in Montessori school will help prepare their little one for education later on down the road. 

64. Music player

Children that fall asleep better to music will appreciate having their own music. This can also be used to drown out background noise, such as adults in the next room or other children so that your baby is less likely to fight their sleep. 

Baby Items That Start With N

65. Nasal aspirator

A nasal aspirator is also called a nasal syringe. This is the little blue thing with the bulb on the end of it that is used to suction out a baby’s nose.

Babies don’t know how to breathe out of their mouth until months after they’re born, making it necessary to have one of these to help keep their nose clear.

66. Nightlight

A nightlight serves two purposes. First, it helps your baby feel safe in a darker room. Second, it guarantees that you can see what you’re doing in the middle of the night without having to turn on the overhead light, which can bother babies.

67. Nail file

Sometimes, it can seem impossible to cut a baby’s nails without creating a sharp edge at the end. Instead of risking cutting them too short, grab a nail file to file down that tiny sharp edge.

Some parents opt for filing a baby’s nails instead of cutting them, which is another great option! These are cheap to pick up, and most come in an S shape to make filing their tiny nails a little bit easier. 

68. Nursery water

Depending on the area that you live in, it might not be safe to use the water that you have at home. If this is your situation, pick up plenty of nursery water before the little one is born.

A gallon of water doesn’t go very far when it comes to making bottles, so you can rest assured that none of it will go to waste if you stock up. 

Baby Items That Start With O

69. Outlet covers

I watched my 7-month-old grandchild try to stick something in an outlet. He can’t even crawl yet! He can army crawl though, and has proven to be rather clever.

It’s a great thing that there were outlet covers already in place. It really never is too early to start childproofing. If you’re not planning on moving, you can do this as early as you want to.

70. Oil

baby oil and baby

Baby oil can work wonders on cradle crap, dry skin and it lasts longer than lotion does. In serious cases of dry skin, you’ll need to use baby oil.

These are inexpensive, and a little bit goes a long way. Pick up one bottle before your baby gets here just in case. 

71. Onesies

Onesies are a go-to outfit during summer months. They work wonderfully for layering in cold months. They’re also pretty affordable!

It’s always a great idea to stock up on them before the baby is porn. Go with neutral colors that can be paired with pants and any color booties in the beginning.

Baby Items That Start With P

72. Pacifiers

Babies have preferences regarding pacifiers just like they do bottles, so don’t overstock the nursery with pacifiers.

Instead, pick up a few of the same ones that they use in the hospital. Then, set some money back in case your little one has another preference. 

73. Portable bottle warmer

A portable bottle warmer is a necessity if you plan on taking your baby somewhere with you.

They have convenient bottle warmers that plug into the cigarette lighter in your car and are capable of warming a bottle rather quickly. This is the most effective way to warm bottles on the go. 

74. Playmat

Playmats serve a variety of purposes. A water mat can make tummy time fun for little ones that aren’t a fan of being on their stomach.

Playmats can encourage the movement of all the limbs, teach babies to stretch, and help stimulate babies. These vary in price range, so you can trust that you can find something within your budget.

75. Pail for diapers

Diapers are smelly. Even leaving one in the kitchen for a few hours until you take out the trash can result in the entire room smelling.

If you don’t want to take every diaper out to the dumpster, pick up a diaper pail. These can help mask the odor almost instantly. 

76. Playpen

Playpens are always a great thing. Having a playpen set up in the living room gives your little one a self place to entertain themselves, and helps teach them that beds are for sleeping, not playing.

This can also give you some free time without the baby on your hip to get things done around the house.

77. Portable changing pad

There are plenty of restaurants that don’t have changing tables available in restaurants.

Although there are plenty of single dads out there, or guys spending the weekend with their little one, guy’s bathrooms are still getting caught up on including changing tables for involved dads.

In these situations, laying your child on a dirty bathroom floor is not ideal. This is where a portable changing pad comes in. They fold up to easily fit in the diaper bag.

78. Picture frames

This is for all of those adorable photos of your new bundle of joy!

79. Pillows like boppy pillows

Boppy pillows, or pillows that are shaped in a similar manner, are great for a wide array of things. They instantly make breastfeeding more comfortable.

Babies can use them for tummy time. They even work as a makeshift Bumbo seat! You can’t go wrong with picking up one of these.

80. Projection toy

A projection toy will give your little one soothing images on the ceiling to enjoy while they slowly drift off to sleep. Planets, galaxies, and stars are common themes that you’ll come across.

Baby Items That Start With Q

81. Quilt

baby lying on a quilt

A quilt can work as a car seat cover during windy weather. Larger quilts will keep the draft off the baby while they enjoy playing on the floor.

Last, if you know how to make quilts, you can have a lot of fun making one out of your baby’s old clothing!

82. Q-tips

They make Q-tips specifically for babies that are significantly larger than the small cotton swabs that we’re used to. You’ll need both.

Little cotton swabs can be used to retrieve snot out of those tiny nostrils, and it’s easy to make sure that you don’t accidentally stick them too deep in their nose.

The larger ones can be used for their ears. These are larger because you’re not supposed to stick them in the baby’s ear. Instead, you use them to get the ear wax out of their outer ear.

83. Quilted books

Quilted books are great for babies! They’re made of soft fabric that helps them learn about new textures, and they’re always safe for babies to play with. Most importantly, they are washable!

Baby Items That Start With R

84. Rocking chair

Every baby loves to be rocked. This can wear you out if you don’t have a rocking chair! Pick up a large rocking chair or glider to soothe your little one without having to put forth the work of rocking without one.

85. Rug

A rug will work as a play rug for your baby. These stay in place better than blankets during tummy time and can help protect your baby from drafts that go hand in hand with time spent on the floor.

86. Rattles

baby rattle

Rattles have a place in every baby’s toy box! These help little hands learn how to grab things, shake them to make noise (which teaches cause and effect) and they’re full of bright, fun colors for added visual stimulation.

Rattles might not seem as interesting as other baby toys, but you can trust that they still have a place in your nursery. 

87. Rubber tipped spoons

Your baby will definitely need these by the time that they’re six months old. When you feed them baby food, feeding them with a metal spoon can hurt their gums.

This is why you need rubber-tipped spoons. Thankfully, these are one of the least expensive baby items you’ll need!

88. Room thermometer

If your baby monitor isn’t able to tell you what temperature it is in the nursery, a room thermometer can come in handy. This can help you make sure that the nursery is at the optimal temperature to help your baby sleep nice and soundly.

89. Robe

A robe isn’t a necessity, but there are quite a few benefits to picking up a baby bathrobe. Typically, these are softer and warmer than hooded towels, making them a better option for winter. Also, they’re absorbent so they can double as a towel!

Baby Items That Start With S

90. Swing

Swings are always nice. These can be used to entertain your baby. Portable, battery-powered swings are great for camping trips!

Some come with lights and music for visual stimulation, and others come with small plushies hanging down to encourage them to reach and grab things. Newborn swings are often designed to simply rock to help soothe fussy babies. 

91. Socks

Infant socks are adorable! A pair of white socks will perfectly coordinate with any outfit. In addition to that, they help keep those tiny toes warm during the winter.

Babies lose heat from their extremities before anywhere else, so it’s important to make sure that they are warm.

92. Swaddle

Picking up a swaddle or two is always a great idea. These are larger than receiving blankets and work better for swaddling than large blankets, such as quilts.

Usually, parents use these over top of clothing. There are some adorable swaddled available today, like ones that are designed to make your baby look like a burrito. 

93. Saline nose drops

Saline nose drop can be used if your little one is stuffy. They work by providing instant moisture to the inside of those tiny nostrils, making it easier for congestion to work its way out of the nose.

94. Sterilizer

There are two primary ways to sterilize things. You can use boiling water, or a sterilizer. Using a sterilizer is much easier, and safer. Instead of taking a chance with boiling water, you simply push a button and wait until things are done.

95. Stroller

A stroller is great for going for a walk, hiking, or even running inside the grocery store. If they’re out of carts, you don’t want to have to carry a car seat throughout a large grocery store. Always having a stroller in the back of the car is ideal. 

96. Sleepsack

A sleepsack is similar to a nightgown, but these usually have a zipper on the bottom. This helps them keep your little one warm when things get chilly at night.

Some sleep sacks double as a swaddle! They have additional straps of fabric that wrap around your baby and Velcro into place to make them feel secure, just like they do when they are being swaddled.

97. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for long days outside or in the car. The sun’s rays can cause sunburn regardless of the season.

Even if your little one doesn’t suffer from a sunburn, they can still suffer from skin damage due to how sensitive their skin is. This is why it’s important to make sure that you always have sunscreen available.

98. Sheets

You’ll need bassinet sheets and crib sheets. Fortunately, if you have a washer and dryer, you’ll only need a few of each.

When one is dirty, throw it in the wash and put on another one. Make sure that these coordinate nicely with your current nursery theme!

99. Shelves

Babies do acquire quite a few things, both before they’re born and after they’re born.

Shelves can help keep things nicely organized throughout the house. Picking out low shelves is also necessary for a Montessori styled nursery or play area.

100. Seat for the bathtub

Once your baby outgrows their baby bathtub, it’s time for a suction seat in the bathtub.

These seats stick safely to the bottom of the bath so that your little one can sit up while they take a bath, and you’ll never have to worry about then face planting into the water. Babies fall over too easily to take chances.

101. Sippy cups

baby girl drinking from a cup

Babies can begin drinking out of sippy cups at a few months, or you can wait until your little one begins eating baby food at six months.

Those milestones creep up on you fast, so it’s nice to have a sippy cup stored away in a tote to make sure that you have one. 

Baby Items That Start With T

102. Teething gel/toys

Babies start teething at different ages. Whereas some babies might not start until they’re seven months old, some little ones will start teething at 3-4 months old!

Pick up one pack of baby Orajel and some teething toys so you’re ready for those fussy days.

103. Talc-free baby powder

Talc powder can be dangerous for babies if they inhale the powder! This is why having talc-free baby powder or a baby powder alternative is a necessity.

You don’t want to rush out to buy baby powder only to discover that the only thing on the shelf has a talcum powder base.

104. Toothbrush

Those little teeth will need to be brushed when they come in! Pick up a finger brush or tiny baby toothbrush to make sure that you start healthy brushing habits early in life.

105. Toys

baby toys

Babies need toys of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Pick up toys for development, music, and to encourage a deeper understanding of things.

The more your baby plays, the more they develop. This makes it essential that they have plenty of things to keep them occupied. 

106. Toybox

With all of the toys that your little one is going to have, you’re going to need somewhere to put them all! Having a toy box is a great idea!

If you’re shopping on a budget, consider picking up a cheap laundry basket or a rubber storage tote. Both of these will work just fine!

Baby Items That Start With U

107. Undershirts

Undershirts go underneath regular clothing. Onesies are technically undershirts! A-frame styled shirts are another great option.

108. Utensils

Your little one will be trying to feed themselves before you know it, making it ideal to go ahead and pick them up now.

You can get your little one started early by feeding them baby food with toddler spoons too! These are perfect for little hands that want to help hold the spoon.

109. Umbrella stroller

An umbrella stroller is a wonderful thing to have. They might not have the giant wheels that you need for hiking, but they’re perfect for trips to the zoo and such.

Umbrella strollers are known for being lightweight and easy to maneuver, guaranteeing that they are always a favorite.

Baby Items That Start With V

110. Vaseline

Vaseline can be safely used for a variety of things. It works amazingly well for chapped lips.

When you’re out of diaper rash cream and need some skin protectant, Vaseline will work! It can also be used for dry skin! It’s cheap and never hurts to have some put back just in case you need it.

111. Vaporizer

A vaporizer is often right next to the humidifiers, but these two work in two separate ways. A vaporizer adds steam and moisture to the air, but it also heats the water first.

This can make it warm instead of cool, which can help some babies deal with congestion a little bit better.

112. Van plushie

Van plushies are just too cute! There’s no reason not to put one in a car or vehicle themed nursery!

113. Vibrating pad

A vibrating pad is a cost-effective way to transform your bassinet or crib into a soothing, vibrating paradise for your little one.

These pads turn on with the push of a button, and can easily slide underneath a mattress to help your baby enjoy the benefits of vibration without paying the high cost of a vibrating bassinet.

Baby Items That Start With W

114. Wipes

Just like diapers, you can never have too many wipes!

Pick up various brands to make sure that you’ve still got a nice stockpile going in case your baby has a reaction to a specific brand. You can pick up wipes by the case, or by the individual pack.

115. Washcloths

Baby washcloths are so small that they’re a waste of money, aside from being cute. Larger washcloths are great for washing your baby with, though.

If you don’t have any, pick some up for the bathroom. You can also grab a few bath mitts! These were easier to use on my kids than any type of washcloth.

116. Walker

Walkers remain a topic of controversy. They can be dangerous if areas aren’t safely gated off, such as the stairs. Pediatricians also do not recommend them because they do not actually help a child learn how to walk.

I think they’re fine in moderation. Leave your child in a walker for hours, and it can delay their walking.

Let them scoot around the house for an hour every so often, and it won’t help or hurt them provided safety cautions are taken. If you’re a fan of walkers, add this one to the list.

117. White noise machine

sleeping baby

A white noise machine can make sure that your little one has some extra noise to help them fall asleep at night. White noise machines produce various noises.

However, if you already have a music player, fan, or mobile that you’re using a white noise machine might not be necessary. 

118. Wrap

If you’re not going for a Kangaroo wrap, consider other types of wraps that will work for your lifestyle.

There are a plethora of wraps available on the market so that you can have your hands free to get things done around the house while your little one sleeps snugly up against your chest.

119. Wall decor

What is a nursery without wall decor?!?! Pick up some glow in the dark stars and a moon for a cloud themed nursery. Invest in paintings or paint a couple of pictures of your own! Either way, include wall decor on the list for your baby. 

120. Waterproof bibs

Waterproof bibs will come in handy if your little one spits up a lot (you can burp them facing away from you so the vomit goes into the pouch at the bottom.) These can also be handy with baby food!

They can easily be washed in the sink instead of having to throw them in the washer like cloth bibs. Even if you’re not a huge fan, having one as a backup in case you miss laundry day can be nice.

Baby Items That Start With X

121. Xylophones

baby things that start with x

As soon as babies are learning to hit things, they can enjoy these toys. They will learn how to reach forward to grab things, cause, and effect, and how to make music! 

122. X-large boxes of diapers

You can never have too many diapers! Pick up a few extra-large boxes of diapers designed for sensitive skin.

Your little one is less likely to develop an allergic reaction to these, so you can trust that they more than likely won’t have to be re-sold or go to waste.

Baby Items That Start With Y

123. Yellow ducks for the bath

Babies that can hold things can begin to play with rubber ducks in the bathtub! Give your baby a few rubber ducks to hold to entertain them while you bathe them.

Then, when they can sit up in the bathtub, they’ll enjoy them squirting water out of the bottom! Walmart has the cutest ducks available for just a dollar or two.

124. Yarn play toys

It’s important that babies are exposed to different textures as they grow and learn. Yarn can provide them another one of those textures. Because it’s smaller than swatches of fabric, it encourages babies to develop fine motor skills. 

125. Yellow clothing

Yellow clothing is awesome because it’s gender-neutral, and it’s the same color as spit-up. That instantly makes it less noticeable if you are out of clothes to change your baby into while you’re out!

Baby Items That Start With Z

126. Zebra print

When babies are first born, they cannot see colors. Because of this, they appreciate the black and white that some baby toys come in, and zebra print! Pick up some zebra print toys for your little one.

127. Zoo animal plushies

Zoo animal plushies have a place in animal-themed nurseries. Jungle themed nurseries definitely need zoo animal plushies! These can be fun for babies to chew on, grab, shake, hit, and climb on as they get older.

128. Zip up footies

These footed pajamas, also called footies, are easier than ones that snap. In the middle of the night, you want things as easy as possible until you can sleep through the night again!

In Conclusion

Babies need a lot of stuff! Most of this will be used within the first year of life! However, there’s plenty that is a personal choice.

While some moms will stick strictly with sleep sacks that swaddle, other moms will opt for zip-up pajamas. It’s always important that you make a choice that is right for you, your baby, and your household.