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35 Cute Coming Home Outfits for Baby (Winter and Summer)

Your baby’s coming home outfit can be important. You’re bound to take pictures of your little one before you depart from the hospital. Most parents will also share them on social media with friends and family.

I did not put as much thought into my first daughter’s coming home outfit because I didn’t realize how important it would be later. I wish I would have. With my son, I carefully planned his coming home outfit to perfection. 

Whether you do or don’t put a lot of thought into the coming home outfit only affects the pictures, not the memory.

No matter what your little one is wearing, you’ll never forget the feeling of leaving the hospital with them. Taking your baby home will be etched into your memory for the rest of your life.

Because of this, some parents don’t put as much thought into that first outfit. That’s okay, though.

This is a personal decision. However, there are quite a few practical tips that parents need to keep in mind when choosing an outfit for their little one. 

Practical Advice For Choosing A Coming Home Outfit

Even if you’re not big on social media, and have no plans to take several pictures of your little one, you still need to keep practical things in mind. For example, the weather.

You’ll also need to make sure that your little one is dressed to fit in their car seat properly. Keeping this advice in mind will guarantee that you don’t have problems with your coming home outfit. 

Dress Them For The Weather

If it’s hot outside, tights and a long sleeve dress are going to make your little one miserable on the way home. Likewise, you don’t want them to be too cold either.

Instead, make sure to dress them appropriately for the weather. If you’re concerned that they might get too warm, underdress them and bring along a blanket.

You can always cover them up in the car. However, if they are too hot, you have to pull over and get them out to take a layer of clothing off. 

Mother holding her son

Consider Convenience If You’re Not Headed Straight Home

With my son, we left the hospital once we hit the 24-hour mark and were allowed to take him home. I don’t like hospitals and already had the paperwork signed and bags packed so all we had to do was walk out the door. 

This meant that a lot of people did not make it to the hospital to meet the new baby.

The afternoon that we left was spent going from one house to another to introduce our little one to the rest of the family. I’m glad that I picked an outfit that was easy to take on and off for frequent diaper changes. 

Don’t Forget About Car Seat Rules

The nurse in the NICU recommended that we not dress my grandson in anything too fluffy, even though he was a preemie and going home in the middle of winter.

She said that when babies move, they can accidentally slip their arms out of the sleeves. Then, they can fall out of the car seat, which can be especially dangerous in a car accident.

Because of this, it’s best to avoid snowsuits and thick coats. Instead, bring a thick blanket for warmth. 

Prepare Several Different Outfits

Babies are all shapes and sizes. One outfit might fit perfectly, but if your baby has a large head they might not be able to wear newborn hats. Larger babies might not fit into newborn clothes.

Bring a few different hats to match pre-planned outfits. Also, make sure to bring a few different outfits of various sizes to ensure that your baby will be wearing something that fits them well. 

35 Adorable Coming Home Outfits

These awesome coming outfits are guaranteed to look amazing in pictures years from now.  You’ll love getting compliments on your little one being so well dressed.

Plus, you can enjoy ordering them online. There’s something for every situation to help you find the perfect coming home outfit for your little one. 


There’s nothing easy about shopping for a preemie baby. The clothing section at most department stores, like Walmart, can be a bit limited. My daughter was not a preemie, but she was so small she was in preemie clothing.

My grandson was a preemie, and was quite unexpected. With both, I had time to shop for preemie clothes, which was a blessing. Not everyone has that same experience, though.

If there’s a chance that you could give birth early, it’s a good idea to pick up a preemie coming home outfit just in case. 


If your baby is going to be born during the hot summer months, you want to make sure that the coming home outfit is a cool one. Forget leggings or tights under dresses.

Consider a cute onesie and lightweight hat combination for boys. A tutu will make a great addition to an onesie for a girl! It’s also important to remember that babies cannot control their temperature yet.

If you enjoy air conditioning in the car or there is a breeze, there’s nothing wrong with putting your little one in pants and a long sleeve shirt even though it’s summer. 


During winter months, it can be tempting to bundle your little one up in a snowsuit but don’t forget to remember car seat rules. Instead, opt for a long-sleeved outfit with pants and socks or booties.

Footed pajamas are another great idea!


I think one of the funniest things about getting twins dressed is when you can pick out coordinating outfits.

Once they get older, they’ll want to wear what they like, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it for their coming home outfits! Everyone will love them, including you and your spouse!

Gender Neutral Coming Home Outfits

Some children are not assigned a gender at birth. That controversial topic is up to the parents that take the baby home. If you’re not going to assign your baby gender, you’ll need a gender-neutral outfit to take them home in.

Parents that choose not to know the sex of their baby will also need to pick up a gender-neutral outfit. Last, if you just hate the way people pick pink for girls and blue for boys, you can go with a gender-neutral coming home outfit. 

For A Boy

There are so many cute outfits for little boys! You can go with trucks or dinosaurs. Make a statement with an adorable graphic onesie. Dress them in your favorite sports team.

My son wore all Ohio State for his hospital pictures, and that’s what he came home in. Boys don’t have all the lace and frills that girls do, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less adorable. 

For A Girl

Girls can be donned in gender-neutral coming home outfits or adorable dresses, complete with tights!

Don’t forget the convenience factor if you’re not headed straight home though. (It can be a pain to take tights on and off for every diaper change all afternoon.) 

Sibling Outfits

Siblings can dress in coordinating outfits for the big day! If a big brother or sister isn’t on board with the idea, you can still pick up an adorable little brother or sister outfit for the new bundle of joy. 

Coordinating Mommy And Me Outfits

Mommy-and-me outfits made a splash in the industry years ago, and they’ve never gone out of style! Not only are they cute, but they also look amazing in pictures.

Simply matching with your new mini-me is the perfect photo op, and a picture you’re going to love years from now. 

In Conclusion

When you’re picking out the perfect coming home outfit for your baby, it’s important to consider convenience, practicality, and the weather before anything. Next, make sure your little one looks adorable with one of these amazing coming home outfits.