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101+ Best Girl and Boy Elf On The Shelf Names

My favorite season of them all must be Winter! The cold weather snuggles under the blanket, hot cocoa in the dark early evenings but most importantly… CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is a time when we are usually rushed off our feet with endless preparations. From decorations to gifts from the big guy in red, we can honestly say that as parents our job of keeping this magic alive is of the utmost importance.

It is usually around this time where we may have a visitor from Santa’s workshop, a little character who can be mischievous, adorable, and sweet all in one night – Welcome to Elf On The Shelf.

What Is Elf On The Shelf?

Now many homes have welcomed their own elf over the holiday period as it seems it is becoming a popular tradition. Sometimes the elf is naughty and other times the elf can be good. It truly depends on how creative you want to be!

Nowadays there are many variations, you can get different genders, skin tones, clothes, and accessories for your elves.

The important aspect we parents have to remember is to ensure they play a trick or do something sweet for our little ones every night in the run-up to Christmas. 

Now I know what you are thinking. I have all this responsibility during the holidays why am I adding to the chaos?

The simple answer to this question would be to keep the magic alive! It is guaranteed that your little one’s face will light up with excitement when they look to see what their elf has got up to during the evening. 

Let Me Introduce Our Elves

The Elf on the Shelf Girl Light, Red and White

To take some of the hard work out of it for you guys, we have compiled an extensive list of names for you to choose from. You could also check out our baby names to increase holiday cheer for further ideas.

Naming Your Elf

Now picking a name for your Elf may seem easy, but after all, you are going to be hearing their name said a lot over the next month so you must make sure that it is a name your little ones can pronounce and remember.

You may want their name to reflect their personality or be named after a character in your favorite Christmas film. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to put some thought into it!

Female Names For Your Elf On The Shelf

  1. Noel
  2. Belle
  3. Dancer
  4. Holly
  5. Bella 
  6. Carol
  7. Buttercup
  8. Cinnamon
  9. Gingersnap
  10. Candy cane
  11. Cocoa
  12. Merry
  13. Joy
  14. Cindy Lou (Grinch who stole Christmas)
  15. Candy
  16. Vixen
  17. Elsa (Frozen)
  18. Anna (Frozen)
  19. Snow
  20. Snowflake
  21. Angela ( Angela’s Christmas)
  22. Cherry
  23. Twinkle
  24. Buttons
  25. Cupcake
  26. Faith
  27. Hope
  28. Glitter bug
  29. Jolly
  30. Martha May ( Grinch who stole Christmas)
  31. Nut Meg
  32. Sparkle
  33. Stardust 
  34. Mistletoe 
  35. Bells
  36. Tinsel
  37. Vixen
  38. Cupid
  39. Dolly
  40. Sally
  41. Patty
  42. Mary
  43. Star
  44. Sugarplum
  45. Honey
  46. Angel
  47. Tiny
  48. Merry
  49. Harmony
  50. Cookie
  51. Swirl

Male Names For Your Elf On The Shelf

  1. Buddy (Elf)
  2. Maxx (Grinch who stole Christmas)
  3. Frosty (The Snowman)
  4. Sleigh
  5. Pudding
  6. Wonder
  7. Flash
  8. Bolt (Bolt)
  9. Waffles
  10. Snicker Doodle
  11. Chestnut
  12. Bling
  13. Blizzard
  14. Rudy
  15. Mittens
  16. Twitchell
  17. Joseph
  18. Blitzen
  19. Gimbel (Elf)
  20. Snoopy
  21. Comet
  22. Donner
  23. Elfy
  24. Dasher 
  25. Jack (Jack Frost)
  26. Ice
  27. Jingle
  28. Kris
  29. Kevin (Home Alone)
  30. Wreck-it R’elf (Wreck it Ralph)
  31. Peanut
  32. Comet
  33. Arthur (Arthur Christmas)
  34. Chip
  35. Kermit (Muppets)
  36. Emerald
  37. Lucky
  38. Scooter
  39. Trouble
  40. Bogey
  41. Sneaky
  42. Buzz (Toy Story)
  43. Woody (Toy Story)
  44. Ninja
  45. Scrooge (Christmas Carole)
  46. Ebenezer (Christmas Carole) 
  47. Charlie (Santa Clause)
  48. Mixer
  49. Elfis
  50. Rudy
  51. Pickles

If you fancy a gender-neutral name then why don’t you think about something that is close to you and your family? 

  1. Name of a pet.
  2. Favorite color.
  3. Name of the street where you live.
  4. Incorporate your surname.
  5. Favorite animal.

The lists are really endless but providing you and your little one are happy with the name choice then you can let the magic begin. 

How Do We Choose?

Now there are over 100 name choices in this article, and I agree sometimes siblings will squabble over the best name that they think is perfect.

To make this an easier task you could choose a name yourself and leave them in a visible area on December 1st. Or you could try another way of making the name choosing fair yet fun. 

  • Pick a name out of a hat – Shortlist the ones you all like and leave it up to chance.
  • Torn between two? – Toss a coin. The winning name will either be heads or tails.
  • Leave it up to the elf – The elf could choose a name during the night, two birds one stone there as that’s the first night’s antics complete as well. 

The Final Thought

It is important that you enjoy the holidays. It is a stressful time juggling more tasks and ideas. But the main focus of The Elf On the Shelf is to include your kids in the build-up to the holiday and just like the tooth fairy and Easter bunny it enhances the magic of the season.

You could even use it to help with behavior because we all know that the elf can report back to Santa, right?!