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Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper Review for 2024

Are you pregnant or a new parent and thinking about co-sleeping with your baby?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) both advise sleeping in the same room as your baby for the first 6-12 months but also state the dangers of co-sleeping with your baby and suggest avoiding bed-sharing with your baby.

If you want all the benefits of co-sleeping without putting your baby at risk during the night, you can buy a bedside sleeper specifically designed with safe co-sleeping in mind.

To help you to decide whether the Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper is the right bedside crib for you, we have put together this detailed review for 2024. 

Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper Review 

What Is The Mika Micky?

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper is a crib that attaches to the parent’s bed for safe co-sleeping with the baby. The Mika Micky is unlike its competitors as it is much bigger, meaning your baby can sleep in it for longer and you can enjoy the benefits of safe co-sleeping for longer. 

Key Features Of The Mika Micky

2 Side breathable mesh

The two long sides of the Mika Micky are made from 2-sided breathable mesh. The mesh sides ensure maximum breathability for your baby and also allow parents to easily see their baby at all times.

Bedside sleeper function

It is very simple to attach the Mika Micky bassinet to the bed. The side panel simply folds down and you hook the crib to the bed, allowing parents to have the baby next to them all night but in a safe and protected space.

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Bedside Crib Easy Folding Portable Crib,Grey

Standalone bassinet

All four sides of the Mika Micky can be kept up and it can be used as a standalone bassinet when it is not attached to the bed.


The Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper is easy to move around and to pack up to take away with you if you are heading off on a family trip. The wheels on the base make moving the bassinet from one room to another totally hassle-free.

There are brakes so you can park your napping baby up safely in any room of the house. The Mika Micky collapses and folds down flat for when you want to take it in the car or store it.

7 adjustable heights

Beds are not all the same height and the Mika Micky Bassinet has seven height adjustments, meaning you can attach it to beds ranging from 18″ to 26″ in height. 

Larger size

Compared to its competitors, the Mika Micky is a bedside crib that will accommodate babies for longer. Babies can sleep in the Mika Micky Bassinet until they are 5months old or weigh 33lbs

Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper Specifications

Before we carry on telling you all about the Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper, here are the product specifications so you can get a better look at all the important specs of this bedside crib.

Dimensions L:36 x W:24.5 x H:(24.5 to 32.7) inches
Materials Metal frame/Breathable mesh side panels/Fabric cover/Fiber-fill mattress
Item weight 2olbs
Maximum use age/weight 5 months or 33lbs 
CPSIA certified for quality and safety  Yes
Adjustable height Yes –  7 positions
Wheels and brakes  Yes
Portable  Yes 

When purchasing products for your baby, it is always worthwhile taking the time to consider the pros and cons. There are many different bedside cribs available on the market in 2021, here is a list of pros and cons to help you decide if the Mika Micky is the one for you.

Pros of the Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

  • Easy to attach to bed 
  • Breathable mesh side panels
  • Easy fold down side panel
  • Wheels and brakes for easy transport 
  • Folds down flat
  • 7 adjustable heights 
  • Suitable for babies weighing up to 33lbs
  • Carry case included 

Cons of the Mika Micky Bedside

  • Heavy/bulky 
  • Only 2 of the 4 sides are mesh 
  • Initial assembly can take time to get right 

Reasons to love the Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper

It has long been argued by bed-sharing advocates that sleeping next to your baby leads to a better night’s sleep for parents and babies alike.

Babies like to know that their caregiver is close by and will sleep more soundly when they can hear your breathing and feel your presence. How many times has your baby been asleep in your arms, only to wake the second you put them down?

Sleeping with your baby in your arms, either in bed or on the couch, is not safe.

The risk of SIDS increases when you sleep in the same space as your baby and although there are guidelines you can follow for safer bed-sharing, the safest option is to always sleep in a separate space for your baby.  

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper makes it possible to be close to your baby at night whilst keeping them as safe as possible.

Thanks to the folding side panel, parents can easily soothe their baby during the night: you can reach across and stroke their cheek, and breastfeeding moms can easily nurse their baby without having to move them from the bedside crib.

How to Get a Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet

If you don’t like to nurse in the side-lying position, the folding side means you can easily pick your baby up to breastfeed in bed with you and it makes putting them back down easier, as you don’t have to try and lower your sleeping babe down over the edge of a crib.

We all know how terrifying it feels trying to get your baby from the dizzying heights of your arms down to their crib mattress without waking them up.

 The Mika Micky is a great choice for a bedside sleeper because once you have assembled the crib, it can be securely fastened to your bed in minutes.

Parents are busy people and don’t have the time (or energy, most likely) to spend fiddling about with lots of hooks and screws and fiddly fastenings.

The Mika Micky attaches to the parent’s bed by unfolding the side panel and attaching the ‘L’ hooks to the opposite side of the bed and passing the straps underneath the mattress and then attaching them to the hooks.

When the installation instructions from the user manual are followed precisely, your Mika Micky will be securely and tightly fastened to your bed. 

Here is a list of the top reasons to love the Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper:

Ideal for C-section/birth recovery

Moving around and lifting your baby up can be difficult and painful in the days and weeks following your baby’s birth.

Lifting a baby from a crib can be particularly challenging for moms recovering from a C-section, by using a bedside crib they can reduce their risk of pain and discomfort. 

Perfect for breastfeeding at night

All babies wake in the night but it is well known that nursing babies take a little longer to start sleeping for long periods at night. If your baby nurses frequently at night, you can easily feed them in the side-lying position whilst they stay in their bedside sleeper.

The folding side also makes it easy to bring your baby in and out of your bed for feeds throughout the night.

Makes soothing baby easy

Sometimes all your baby wants is to feel your touch. You don’t have to rush to feed your baby every single time they wake during the night, a stroke of the cheek or a gentle reassuring pat may be all they need to drop back off to sleep.

With the Mika Micky, it is simple to reach across to your baby without even having to get out of bed. 

baby asleep

Safe co-sleeping

The Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper is the perfect place for your baby to sleep soundly and safely next to you at night. Bed-sharing is not recommended but when done safely with a bedside crib, co-sleeping can be an absolute Godsend to exhausted parents and their babies. 

All-day use

You can use the Mika Micky for all of your baby’s sleeping time. You can use this crib throughout the night attached to your bed in the co-sleeping mode, or you can fold up the side and use it as a stand-alone bassinet for naptimes in any room of the house.

Easy to clean

Babies have a habit of getting bodily fluid on pretty much everything, don’t they? Spit up, poop, milk, dribble – babies do it all and are not bothered about doing it in their cozy bed either!

You don’t want your baby’s sleeping space to be difficult to clean and we are pleased to report that cleaning the Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper is a breeze. The fabric sides can easily be wiped down and the cover comes off if your baby has made a big mess that only a trip through the washer will fix.

The Mika Micky bedside crib should only be used with correctly fitting Mika Micky bassinet sheets and it may be worth buying a few so you can have spares readily available if you’ve had to put the others in the laundry. 

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Safety Tips

Whilst the Mike Micky Bedside Sleeper is a much safer option for co-sleeping than sharing your own bed with your baby, there are still important safety measures that need to be followed.

To ensure parents are using their bedside bassinet in the safest possible way, Mika Micky has set out the following safety tips:

  • To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their back to sleep unless otherwise advised by your physician.
  • To prevent death from entrapment, the bedside sleeper must be properly secured to the adult bed using the attachment system.
  • There must be NO more than 1/2 in. (13 mm) gap between bedside sleeper and adult bed.
  • Check tightness before each use by pulling the bedside sleeper in a direction away from the adult bed.
  • If the gap exceeds 1/2 in. (13 mm), DO NOT use the product. Do not fill the gap with pillows, blankets, or other items that are suffocation hazards.
  • Always read and follow assembly instructions for each product use mode (bedside sleeper, bassinet).
  • Always use ALL required parts for each use mode. Check the instruction manual for a list of required parts. Periodically check the product for loose, damaged, or missing parts.
  • The ‘L’ hooks and straps assembly must always be used in bedside sleeper mode.
  • Never use this product if there are any loose or missing fasteners, loose joints, broken parts, or torn mesh/fabric. Check before assembly and periodically during use. Contact Mika Micky Customer Service for replacement parts. Never substitute parts.
  • To avoid death from the infant’s neck being caught on the lower locking bar on the side that is next to the adult bed, the lower locking bar must be NO HIGHER than the adult bed mattress.
  • Never permit bedding from the adult bed to extend into the bedside sleeper.
  • Never leave the child unattended in the Mika Micky bedside bassinet.
  • Strings can cause strangulation! Never place items with a string around a child’s neck such as hood strings or pacifier cords. Never suspend strings over the product or attach strings to toys.
  • Never leave the infant in the product without the UPPER LOCKING BAR installed in the uppermost position, unless securely attached to the adult bed.
  • Always check to be sure that the upper locking bar and the lower locking bar are in their “locked position” before placing the infant in the Mika Micky bedside bassinet.
  • Never use plastic shipping bags or other plastic films as mattress covers not sold and intended for that purpose. They can cause suffocation.
  • Make sure all straps are secured and tight when used in the co-sleeping position. Tighten straps periodically.
  • Strangulation/suffocation hazard: The top edge of the lower locking bar must be level with or below the top of the adult mattress when the bedside bassinet is used as co-sleeping mode. The level of the bedside bassinet mattress must be a minimum of 4 inches below the top edge of the lowering bar. NEVER raise the level of the Mika Micky bedside bassinet mattress.
  • Never use the Mika Micky bedside bassinet in a co-sleeping position without the “L” hooks attached and locked as shown. Failure to use this hooking system could result in serious injury or death to the infant. Make sure all straps are secured and tight. Check straps before each use.
  • Failure to use this securing system will allow the bedside bassinet to move away from the adult bed and could result in the infant falling out of the bedside bassinet.
  • Strangulation hazard: When ‘L’ hooks and straps assembly are not in use, store in a safe place not accessible to children.
  • Do not place the product near a window where cords from blinds or drapes may strangle a child.
  • Never place the product near a window where cords from blinds or drapes can strangle a child.
  • Keep the bassinet away from stoves, heaters, campfires, and other hazards.
  • Do not allow children to climb or play on or under the unit in any configuration.
  • Fall hazard: Remove infant from the Mika Micky bedside bassinet before starting any conversions.
  • Always make sure all top and bottom rails are securely locked, in all configurations, before putting an infant/child into the unit.
  • Do not remove warning labels.


The Final Thought

The Mika Micky is an excellent choice for a bedside co-sleeping crib. The bigger size means you are getting more for your money as your baby can sleep in it for longer.

The easy fold-down side makes co-sleeping easier and safer than ever and the standalone bassinet function means the Mika Micky can be used any time of day in any room of the house.

The Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper has been designed with mom and baby in mind and gives parents the confidence to co-sleep and get the rest they need.

The Mika Micky is the best way to safely co-sleep with your baby for as long as it can accommodate babies weighing up to 33lbs. If you are considering co-sleeping using a bedside crib, we hope this review has helped you to decide if the Mika Micky Bassinet Sleeper is for you. 

If you are looking for further information on how to get your baby to sleep why not check out our guide here.