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Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with Jha

Finding a unique name for a new baby can be more difficult than you think. You might think you have found the perfect unique baby name and then you find out it is the exact same name your cousin has given to their new baby.

Or on your child’s first day of school, you learn they share their name with three other kids in their class. It can be tricky to find a unique baby name but it is not impossible. 

Do you like names that start with J? There are hundreds of baby boy names that start with the letter J, some popular – James, Jasper, Jacob, and others more obscure – Jakari and JuJu, for example.

If you like the J sound for your son’s name but want a name that is a bit more interesting and unique, finding a boy name starting with Jha may help you to discover the boy name you have been searching for. 

Boys’ names that begin with Jha are often derived from South Asian cultures and religions. Many boy’s names that start with Jha originate from Hinduism, Sikhism, and Indian culture.

Lots of these boys’ names have powerful meanings, often referring to the Gods, nature, and family. If you are looking for a unique baby boy name starting with Jha, we have compiled this list to inspire and help you find the perfect name for your baby. 

Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with Jha

Long Boy Names Starting With Jha 

Some parents prefer short names and others like names that are longer and more interesting to say. Here is a list of long baby boy names that start with Jha with their meanings and origins.

Jhalandhar – Hindu – This boy’s name has two meanings, one from nature – water bearer – and one from Hinduism – Lord Shiva. 

Jhanagan – Indian origin – A name for a future hard worker, means hardworking and trustworthy.

Jhangimal – Hindu – A boy’s name meaning son of a prawn

Jharapta – Hindu – This name has meanings based in the natural world and means removed leaves on the ground.

Jhareshwar – Indian origin – This another baby boy name that means Lord Shiva.

Jhashakeatan– Indian origin – A name for your little charmer, Jhashakeatan means charming

Short Boy Names Starting With Jha

Shorter names are proving popular amongst modern parents. We have compiled a list of boy names starting with Jha that are less well known than short boys names that only start with J.

Jha – Hindu – This baby boy’s name means disciplined, teacher, and tractable.

Jhanak – Hindu – This boy’s name is one for music lovers, Jhanak means melody

Jhankar – Hindu – A good choice of name for believers in Lord Ganesh, Jhankar means both Lord Ganesh and humming of bees.

Jhanish – Hindu – This is another name starting with Jha that has its origins in nature, Jhanish means butterfly.

Unique Boy Names Starting With Jha

Some names beginning with Jha are more well-known than others. Here is a list of the more unique boys’ names that start with Jha. You can find names here from Sikhism, Hinduism, and Indian culture.

These names have really interesting meanings and are a great choice if you are looking for a more unusual baby name.

Jhamak – Sikh – This unique baby boy name has a beautiful meaning, Jhamak means shimmer.

Jhagan – Sikh – This is another baby boy name referring to the elements, it means cross over water.

Jhagar – Sikh – This name is derived from Sikhism and means passed through worldly cares

Jhanda – Indian origin – A unique baby boy name that means flag

Jhallu – Sikh – A baby boy name from Sikhism meaning defender. 

Jhanish – Indian origin – A divine baby boy name for families with strong faith, Jhanish means God is Gracious.

Popular Boys Names Beginning With Jha.

If you are set on a boy’s name starting with Jha but haven’t found ‘The One’ in the lists you have just read, perhaps you will find one you love in this list of more popular names.

We know you want a unique name for your baby but even these more well-known names beginning with Jha are not overly popular, especially if you are going to bringing your child up in a Western country.

Jhabar – Indian origin – The perfect name for your clever little baby, Jhabar means clever and smart.

Jhalmal – Indian origin – This is another but more popular boy name than Jhashakeatan which means charming.

Jhawar – Indian origin –  A popular name for you brilliant baby boy, Jhawar means someone who is brilliant. 

Jhaswin – Indian origin – Another baby boy that celebrates life in all of its glory. Jhaswin means beauty of life. 

The Final Thought 

Choosing a name for your baby is a big responsibility and finding the perfect name is a challenge for every parent.

If you want to honor your Indian culture, pay homage to your religious beliefs, or just want a name with an interesting or beautiful meaning, we hope you have found the inspiration you have been looking for.

This list consists of several unique baby boy names that start with Jha, we hope you have found ‘The One’ for your baby boy. But if you are still looking for a unique name then take a look at our list of unique names that mean colorful or Fantasy boy names.