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The 7 Best Outdoor Baby Swings in 2024

Just want to know the best outdoor baby swing? If you don’t want to read through our entire review, I’ll go ahead and tell you that we chose the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow With Me Swing as the best outside swing for babies.  

Planning to spend some quality time with your baby? With the help of the best outdoor baby swing, you and your little one are in for some great fun in the fresh air. Your baby will enjoy the best soothing and rocking motion in a fresh and healthy outdoor environment, while you can feel content that your kid is happy and safe.

Just like all the products you pick for your children, you want to make sure that you’ve picked the best baby swing that your precious child can enjoy for years. In this article, we’ll answer a few questions that might cross your mind while shopping for the best outdoor swing. We’ll also suggest some good options on the market.

In a Hurry? Here are our Top Picks

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Review of the Best Outdoor Baby Swings

All children love to swing back and forth as they enjoy the ability to feel free and reach to the skies. With your help, they can do that safely once you buy a suitable outdoor swing that allows them to spend more time in the sun.

Luckily, there are several outdoor baby swings that are designed for infants and toddlers so you can pick the best swing that your children will love. These swings have safe yet comfortable chairs that your kid won’t mind sitting in one for as much as you both want to enjoy your time together.

Now it’s your job to purchase the most appropriate swing. Check out our top picks from

1.      Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow With Me Swing

On a tight budget? Don’t worry. You can still buy your baby a safe and great outdoor swing that they will enjoy for a very long time. This one features an easy-in hinged T-bar for fast access. Just rotate it around and your baby will sit comfortably getting ready for some real fun.There are high-quality adjustable shoulder straps that will secure your baby in the best position which is the most important thing you care about because safety comes first. Since you can easily adjust the straps, you know that your baby will be comfortable as they won’t dig into their bodies even if they stay in the outdoor swing for a long time.

Once your child has grown enough, you can ditch the T-bar and shoulder straps for more freedom. The straps can be stored conveniently without affecting the performance of the best baby swing. This is a perfect infant to toddler swing in 1 and can accommodate a maximum weight of 50 pounds so it will last for years.

Carrying this secure swing for some great time in the park is easy because it weighs 3 lbs. so it’s one of the best models for a camping trip with the family. There’s no way you can change the angle of the swing seat which might be a bit problematic if your children still need some neck support.

We recommended that you store it away from the sun because the UV rays will affect the hanging ropes. However, you can always have them replaced later on.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and affordable outdoor swing.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for security.
  • T-bar for easy access.
  • Stay-put shoulder straps and T-bar can be removed when the baby is older.

What We Don’t Like

  • The angle of the swing seat can’t be adjusted.
  • The hanging ropes are prone to damage when kept in the sun.
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2.      Wooden Horse Baby Swing for Outdoor Porch or Patio

Are you concerned about minimizing your carbon footprint? This outdoor child’s swing is made of chemical-free and all-natural materials with zero plastic so it’s the best choice for eco-friendly parents. It suits children who are allergic to chemicals because it’s made of untreated birch wood and wear-resistant cotton. It comes in a reusable bag that you can later use for storage or shopping.The wood is smoothed and varnished so you can rest assured that your baby is safe and will not get in contact with any harsh objects. This swing has been tested for compliance with the U.S. Children’s Product Certification guidelines.

Featuring a bucket seat design, this outdoor swing allows your child to sit comfortably with enough leg room so they can wiggle and have fun. It’s like a rocking horse with double the fun because the child can swing in the air to enjoy the fresh breeze.

All the corners of the swing have been rounded and sanded so you know that your child is safe. There are three shapes available; a horse, a giraffe, and a unicorn, so you can pick your child’s favorite animal. It can be hanged in a patio, porch, tree or from an existing swing set.

Thanks to the non-toxic varnish, you know that the swing will last for long as it’s designed to withstand the elements. Unlike other toddler swings, the rope measures 78 inches so it’s one of the best swings for any outdoor or indoor setup. The swing is quite easy to assemble so your children can start having a great time at once.

If you don’t mind paying the high price, this might be the best outdoor swing for your baby. It has a weight limit of 44 pounds which is a bit less than what you find in other swings. Some of the bolts don’t line up so you might need to do some extra work to put it together.

What We Like

  • Swing is made of chemical-free wood with cotton ropes.
  • Bucket seat available in animal shapes.
  • Weather-resistant finish.
  • The edges are rounded and sanded.
  • Long rope for multiple setup options.

What We Don’t Like

  • The weight limit is less than other outdoor baby swings.
  • This swing is a bit expensive.
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3.      Squirrel Products High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat

Infants and toddlers as young as 4 months old can enjoy their time on this outdoor swing. It’s designed to accommodate your child until they’re 4 years old so it’s good value for money. There are four colors available so you can pick your baby’s favorite one and can support a maximum weight of 40 lbs.Due to its simple design, this is the best choice for an infant and toddler, allowing them to engage their core muscles to build physical strength without any strain to keep your children safe. The high back provides the needed support so you can use it in the jungle gym or any suitable outdoor area. Moreover, the coating protects your baby’s sensitive skin from pinching.

Without ropes, this outdoor swing features 66 inches of sturdy galvanized chain so it can be set at the most suitable height. 30 inches of the chain is covered with a protective plastic coating that protects your baby’s little hand and allows for a better grip.

You can easily shorten the chain, depending on your needs, giving you several options while looking for the right spot for the swing. You shouldn’t worry about the chain breaking off because it has a maximum weight limit of 150 lbs. in case someone accidentally pulls on the chain. It’s also rust-resistant so you can keep it outside without any issues.

Getting your baby’s legs to fit inside the holes might be a little difficult, especially as they grow older. You might want to use a protective finish on the chain to prevent mold from growing.

What We Like

  • Simple bucket design.
  • Coating to prevent pinching.
  • High chair to support the back.
  • Long and sturdy chain that can be adjusted.
  • Protective plastic coating on the chain.

What We Don’t Like

  • Your child might struggle to fit their legs into the leg holes.
  • A protective finish can be used to prevent the growth of mold.
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4.      Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing

Even a very young infant will enjoy spending time in this outdoor swing thanks to its back support. The adjustable seat belt and the molded center guarantee that your children will be comfortable while having fun in the fresh air.It features a wide swing seat in addition to a durable rope for maximum security. The rope is weather-resistant so it doesn’t get affected with the elements if you choose to leave the swing outside. If you already have an existing swing set, you can easily attach this one to your current setup which saves you a lot of time and effort.

Thanks to the wide openings and the comfortable swing seat, your little one will not struggle to get into and out of the swing. This is an affordable model with a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds so it will last for long. It’s good value for money as it can accommodate your children until they grow older.

Weighing 2.8 pounds, it’s very lightweight compared to other outdoor baby swings so you can easily carry it around. It’s the best outdoor baby swing for a family who likes to spend a lot of time in the park. You might need to replace the ropes because they’re rather short. This can make your job a lot harder when you’re trying to load your baby into the swing.

What We Like

  • Affordable and lightweight swing.
  • Comfortable seat with back support and a seat belt.
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant ropes.
  • Wide leg holes for more comfort.

What We Don’t Like

  • The ropes are too short.
  • You should carry your baby up high to fit into the swing.

5.      Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

You can easily load your toddler into this outdoor swing thanks to its user-friendly design. When your toddler is months old, he or she can fit snugly without feeling any discomfort so you know that they can swing for hours.It features a restraining system that keeps an active child in place without making them feel like they’re trapped. This is a big plus, especially if your child is enthusiastic and likes to move around a lot. The weight limit is 50 pounds so it can withstand some pulling.

Supported by weather-resistant ropes, this swing is designed to withstand everyday use. This is the best baby swing that can fit most outdoor backyard swing sets so you can easily install it so your little one can start having a great time.

Due to the design of the swing, your infant will have their back and neck supported so they can lean back instead of leaning forward. A 3 to 6 months baby can safely use this swing. The design of this infant to toddler swing allows you to attach it to a gazebo roof or any other setup that you have in your backyard.

To guarantee the safety of your child, you can easily wipe it clean with a sanitizer after every use. It’s made of weather-resistant material so it will also look good even if you leave it outside.

The safety features are a little challenging to master. This means that your child can’t figure out how to unlock the mechanism on his own, but you’ll also struggle to load him into and out of the swing. Some people might find that the rope is too short.

What We Like

  • User-friendly design for easy loading.
  • High back to support the neck.
  • A restraining system to keep your baby safe.
  • Weather-resistant ropes.
  • Suitable for an enthusiastic infant.

What We Don’t Like

  • The rope might be too short.
  • The safety system is a bit difficult to master.
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6.      Sportspower My First Toddler Swing

You can install this swing anywhere in your backyard. It’s made of powder-coated steel so it’s durable and can last for years. Starting from the age of 9 months to 3 years, your little one will be able to use this swing and enjoy themselves for hours in the fresh air.Thanks to the folding design, this outdoor swing can be easily set up wherever you like. It’s also portable so you can take it to the park for quality time with the family. The folding design also allows for easy and convenient storage when it’s time to go home.

Because safety comes first, this outdoor swing complies with the ASTM standards so you can rest assured that your little one is safe. There’s a special safety harness that will keep your toddler in place to eliminate the risk of any annoying accidents.

This swing can handle a maximum weight of 55 pounds so it will support your baby’s weight as he or she grows up. You don’t have to look for a swing set or a tree to install this swing because it stands on its own.

If you have a small area in your backyard, this swing might not work. It needs enough space to be set up so your little one can start having fun. It comes with a manual but is a bit difficult to assemble due to all the metal parts that have to be put together.

What We Like

  • Durable swing made of powder-coated steel.
  • Folding design.
  • Can be set up in any open outdoor area.
  • Safety harness to keep your child safe.
  • No need for a swing set up or a tree.

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not work if you have limited space in your backyard.
  • Assembly is a bit challenging.
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7.      Secure Canvas Hanging Swing Seat

This is another environmentally-friendly option for parents who want to use less plastic while shopping for the best outdoor baby swings. This secure swing combines high-quality canvas with wood for a comfortable and great experience for your little one. There are 4 different colors available so you can choose your baby’s favorite color.Unlike other outdoor swing models, you don’t have to look for an extension for the rope. The rope is elastic so it can extend from 49 inches to 57 inches depending on your preferred setup. There’s a detachable cushion that provides your little one with more comfort so he or she can swing for as long as they want to. This is the best choice for children between the ages of 6 months to 3 years old.

If you like to spend a lot of quality time with your baby in the park or the backyard, you will love how lightweight this outdoor swing is. It’s easy to carry and assemble so you won’t struggle to set it up. It weighs 3.30 pounds and has a weight capacity of 150 pounds so your child can pull on it safely.

The soft canvas won’t dig into your baby’s delicate skin, unlike wood and plastic. This provides your child with more comfort and freedom as they can wiggle and move.

At the same time, the wood harness will keep your toddler in place. The canvas is easy to clean to keep your baby safe from bacterial infections.

It’s recommended that you don’t leave the swing outside because it’s subject to mildew growth. The cushion doesn’t stay in place so you’ll have to adjust it, especially if your child is sitting in the swing for a long time.

What We Like

  • Swing made of environmentally-friendly canvas and wood.
  • Elastic rope for multiple setup options.
  • Removable cushion for more comfort.
  • Soft canvas that doesn’t hurt the skin of your little baby.
  • Canvas is easy to clean.

What We Don’t Like

  • The swing is subject to mildew growth.
  • The cushion doesn’t stay in place.
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At What Age Can a Baby Swing?

There’s no doubt that all children like to swing. However, you as a parent are probably wondering about the most appropriate time for this fun activity.

Doctors and experts suggest that once your children are able to support themselves, they can start swinging in a bucket-style swing. These toddler swings are designed for infants and toddlers so they will keep your little one comfortable and safe.

Babies Swinging

The recommended age for your baby to start swinging happily is 6 months. Nevertheless, there are several swings on the market that are designed to accommodate 3-months children. However, most children will start to enjoy swinging when they’re a little older, between 9 months and 1 year of age. Here are some tips to guarantee that your child is safe in the best outdoor baby swings.

  • The first time your baby tries the swing, pay attention to their reaction. If they start to cry or don’t seem to enjoy it, try it on another day.
  • Get your baby acquainted with the swinging motion by sitting in an adult’s swing and holding your infant in your lap. This will give them a sense of safety so they will not feel traumatized when they’re on their own.
  • Keep eye contact with your baby so they feel safe while they’re moving back and forth. Your smile and gentle touch will encourage them to let go.
  • Always use gentle and slow movement while pushing your toddler in the swing. You shouldn’t push your kid too hard to keep them safe by avoiding injuries to the neck.
  • Make sure that the swing suits your baby’s age and size. This will guarantee that your child can fit snugly for maximum safety.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Baby Swing?

With hundreds of good swings on, finding the right one for your baby can be a challenging task. Here are some features to think about when you’re shopping for the best outdoor baby swings.


Most affordable outdoor swings are made of plastic. It’s lightweight, budget-friendly, and quite durable. If you’re interested in an environmentally-friendly option, you can find sturdy swings made of wood. This is the best choice for parents who want to stay away from chemicals.

Some outdoor swings are made of steel. They’re quite sturdy but they will be difficult to move around. Having a swing made of canvas means that it will be lightweight and easy to clean. It might not be as durable as other models.

Support System

Your baby outdoor swing will either have ropes or chains to attach it to a tree or gazebo. Most of the best outdoor baby swing models are designed to allow for multiple setup options. You’ll be free to set up the swing wherever you like so your baby can enjoy the fresh air.

The swing will feature ropes or chains so you can connect them to a tree or patio. The rope might be made of plastic that features a protective finish to withstand the elements. Ropes could be adjustable and you might have to extend them to reach the perfect height. Some swings feature environmentally-friendly cotton ropes.

Outdoor baby swings might have chains that are either made of steel or plastic. Chains are easier to adjust or extend because you can simply add or remove links.

Safety Features

Your child’s safety is your main concern when you’re shopping for the best outdoor baby swings. This is why you should make sure that the swing is safe to use.

Most outdoor baby swings come with a safety harness or a locking mechanism to keep your child in place. It’s crucial that your kid won’t be able to unlock the safety harness on their own so they’re always safe.

Some models will have a steering wheel that your kid can hold. While this steering wheel doesn’t change anything about the performance of the swing, it just gives them a sense of security.

Weight Limit

This helps you decide if the swing is suitable for your baby. Some swings are designed to accommodate children as young as 3 months while others are meant for older children.

You should also pay attention to the recommended age of the swing. It will specify the maximum age it can handle before it becomes unsafe to use so you must make sure that the swing you choose is sturdy enough.


When you’re buying an outdoor baby swing, you should think about where to set it up. You can either set it up in your own backyard, porch, patio, a swing set or even a park. If the weather gets a little too windy, you might think about bringing it inside.

You should think about a swing that is easy to carry around. Some models have a foldable design so you can easily set it up wherever you like. Others will need some work so you can attach your swing to a tree or a porch.


1.      What’s the Weight Limit for a Baby Swing?

This depends on the design of the swing and what it’s made of. Most swings are designed to accommodate a maximum weight of 50 pounds so your child is safe if they weigh less. This is probably the weight your baby will reach when they’re 4 years old. There are other models that can accommodate a heavier weight so your child can use them for years.

2.      What is the Weight Limit on Fisher-Price Swing?

Fisher-Price swings are suitable for younger infants so they will have a maximum weight limit of approximately 25 pounds. They might be suitable for your baby if they’re 1 year or younger but might not be suitable for them as they grow older. If you’re looking for the best outdoor baby to toddler swing, you’ll find more suitable options.

Wrap Up

Outdoor baby swings have different features from the ones designed for indoor use. Children should be able to sit up on their own before you can safely leave them on a swing. No matter how secure your outdoor swing is, you should always keep an eye on your child, especially when they start to grow older and become more active and enthusiastic.

We chose the Wooden Horse Baby Swing for Outdoor Porch or Patio as the best outdoor baby swing because it’s made of environmentally-friendly materials and is free from all toxic chemicals. At the same time, it comes in three different shapes that your baby will love.

If you think that this swing is too expensive for you, we recommend that you take a look at the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow With Me Swing. This affordable garden swing for baby will suit your toddler and you can remove the T-bar safety feature and the ropes when your baby is old enough to swing without them.

With these suggestions, you now have an idea about how to pick the best outdoor baby swing, in addition to some high-quality products to choose from. Now all you have to do is to make a purchase and start building long-lasting memories with your baby that you’ll both cherish forever.