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Solly Baby Wrap Review – Is It The Best Baby Wrap in 2024?

Babywearing has been practiced for centuries in many countries worldwide, but it was never considered the “cool” thing to do. In recent decades, it became popular due to the increase in the practice of attachment parenting in the western world.

It has then been brought into the spotlight by many celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and George Clooney, who have been photographed babywearing their children.

This review looks at the Solly Baby Wrap. Let’s see what sets it apart from all the other baby wrapping products in the market.

When Can You Start Using the Solly Baby Wrap?

This baby wrap is suitable from birth as it provides the most womb-like environment for your newborn. You can start using it straight away as many babywearing practitioners recommend that your baby needs to be at least seven pounds before you can use wraps like Solly Baby.

The Solly Baby wrap is recommended for babies from any weight as you can get a custom fit each time you use it. Although if your baby is under eight pounds, you will need to take special care to ensure that you keep their airways clear.

The Solly Baby wrap is ideal for children up to 25 pounds. You should be able to use this wrap until your little one is around 9-12 months. Of course, this does depend on the size of your baby.

Once your baby reaches the 25-pound limit, it is not recommended to continue using this wrap.

If you have any doubts about babywearing or if your baby has any special circumstances, we would advise you to seek advice and guidance from a medical professional.

They offer several color and pattern options. However, the current favorites are Camel, Oat Dot, and Solstice.

solly baby favorites

The Fabric

Their fabric is what makes Solly Baby wraps unique. They are made from 100% Lenzing Modal. This sustainable knit material is made from the Austrian beechwood trees and is manufactured in LA.

This will appeal to environmentally conscious parents, mainly as Solly Baby uses ecologically friendly dyes in their dying process.

This material is super soft and luxuriously silky against your baby’s skin. It is lightweight, making it ideal for use through the warmer months or in a hot climate. It is also cool to the touch, ensuring that you and your baby enjoy a comfortable, fresh, baby-wearing experience.

The material wicks away moisture from you and your baby’s skin, which means you both stay fresh, dry, and cool throughout your use. The Lenzing Modal is said to be up to 50% more absorbent than cotton, meaning that materials will never feel sweaty and sticky!

This type of material is also designed to be shrink and fade resistant, meaning that your baby wrap should not lose its color or pattern through use. A huge plus for this wrap is that it is machine washable and can even be tumble dried on low heat.

Carrying Positions & Safety

One of the essential features of any baby wrap is that it meets the healthy hip standards of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and the Solly Baby wrap does.

This means that the wrap allows you to position your baby in the most ergonomic position to support proper hip development.

This ideal position is called the “frog position.” Your baby’s legs are in the M-shape and that their knees are higher than their bum. In this position, your baby’s are fully supported from hip to knee ensuring proper hip development.

The Solly Baby wrap only has one carrying position, which is the facing in position. This is ideal for newborns but can be used for children up to 25 pounds. You do need to ensure that your baby is in the correct position at all times while in the baby wrap.

They should be facing into your body with their head on your chest, their legs should be in the M-shape that we discussed above, and their spines should be C-shaped. This C-shape will ensure the healthy development of your baby’s spine as it is naturally curved when born.

How Easy Is It To Tie?

As with any baby wrap of this type, it takes some practice to get the wrap right. Solly has lots of useful videos and tutorials on their website to ensure that you get the right fit every time.


As the Solly Baby wrap is one long piece of continuous fabric that you tie, it means that you can get the perfect fit for you and your baby every time you use it. The fabric is approximately 16 feet long, allowing you options to find the best fit for you.

The Solly wrap should be comfortable for anybody to wear regardless of their size or gender. You just need to find the right fit for you. The wrap’s design ensures that the weight of your baby is distributed naturally and evenly across your body.

Adjustments can always be made so as not to put any added strain on your shoulders or neck.

Solly Baby also offers the option that if you are having trouble with the fit of your wrap, you can email their support team for further assistance.


Most baby wraps come with their bag. They are bulky and become just another bag you have to carry around with you. Let’s be honest; you; you already have enough stuff to carry.

The Solly Baby wrap is different. It has a unique pocket at the end of the wrap itself, which all the material can be tucked into. This means that it is not a bag you can lose and that it should be small enough to fit in most diaper bags.

parents babywrapping their baby

Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing has huge benefits.

  • Strengthens the bond between parent and baby
  • Aids in baby’s development, both physically and emotionally
  • Decreases the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS
  • Lets moms discreetly breastfeed on the go
  • Boosts breast milk production
  • Allows parents to be hands-free to get stuff done

Benefits of Solly Baby Wrap use

The Solly Baby wrap encourages and supports all the benefits listed above. Due to its unique lightweight material, you can wear this wrap at any time of the year, no matter what the weather is like and wherever you live.

Solly Baby can be used from birth, meaning that you can get that all-important skin to skin contact that newborns need and crave. This type of contact helps the parent and child bond.

In some cases, it may help reduce the risk of postpartum depression and promote breastfeeding.

Colors and Patterns Available

Babywearing has become very fashionable over the last few years, with many celebrities joining the trend. Because of this, it has made the baby wrap a fashion accessory. And why should parents not want to look nice and stylish while still being functional and practical?

The Solly Baby wrap seems to understand this need from parents and has produced a fantastic array of colors and patterns. You have choices of over 20 different colors and patterns, so there should be something to suit almost everyone’s taste and style.

There’s Basil, Heather Grey, Spelt, French Ticking, Orion, Cottage Rose, and many more. Personally, I love the plain colors as they go with almost everything. My favorite is the Solstice. Its vibrant color is fantastic and will go with nearly everything I wear.

What Do Parents Say?

The reviews on the Solly Baby website seem, for the most part, to be totally positive. Everyone loves the wrap and has nothing but good things to say about it.

According to those reviews, the best thing about the wrap is that it can be worn even when the weather is hot.

Parents love that it offers them hands-free time to get things done around the house while still being able to comfort and support their little ones. This could mean it gives you the chance to get some cleaning, cooking, playing with your other children, or even to use the time to relax.

Many parents also said that it has helped when their babies have been fussy due to colic or illness. This is because they are kept close to your body, which helps them to regulate their body temperature and heart rate.

Baby’s feel safe and calm when they are in direct contact with their carers and will often fall asleep for hours at a time.

There have been some reviews stating that after hours of daily wear, the wrap material is starting to show signs of wear, but these are very few. On the whole, the Solly Baby wrap gets five stars from its parents.

mother with child

Keep In Mind

You need to keep in mind that, even though Solly Baby recommends that you can use this wrap until your baby is around 12 months, you need to consider the weight limit of 25 pounds.

How quickly your baby reaches this limit will be different for every parent. My son is nearly two years old and would still be well under the weight limit for this wrap, but he is tiny.

Just be aware that it is not recommended above their upper weight limit of 25 pounds.

FAQ – The Solly Baby Wrap Review

What are Solly Baby Wraps made of?

Their baby wraps are made from a silky soft material that is sourced from Austrian beechwood trees. This makes it very lightweight, cool to the touch, and it even gets softer with each wash.

Yet it is strong enough to hold your growing baby and to be tumble dried on a low heat without causing any damage to the fabric.

Will a Solly Baby Wrap fit in my diaper bag?

Solly baby wraps fold into themselves and can be stored into a small pouch at one end of the fabric. They are small enough to fit in a diaper bag without taking up huge amounts of space in there.

Can I wear my baby facing forward or on my back?

The simple answer is no. Solly does not recommend using their wraps for forward-facing or back carrying. The reasons that they give are that it puts too much pressure on the baby’s spine and joints.

It can also increase the risk of your baby falling out of the wrap. Forward-facing also puts extra pressure on the wearer’s back from the angle of the baby’s body.

They do not recommend using their wrap for back carrying as even though there is no stretch in their fabric, and it is still considered a ‘stretchy’ wrap.

I feel like my baby is not secure?

There are a few things that you can try to make sure that your baby is totally secure in the wrap.

  1. Tie the wrap tighter. Their advice is ‘after you have tied the wrap, you think to yourself how is a baby going to fit in there,’ then you are doing it right.
  2. Make sure that the straps stay flat and untwisted at all times.
  3. If your baby is bigger; you can adjust the crossed straps at the back so that the ‘x’ shape that they make is higher up. This will then make your baby sit higher on your chest, making it feel more secure.

How do I wash my Solly Baby Wrap?

Solly recommend that their wraps are washed on their own, as any clothes containing snaps, buttons, or zippers could lead to holes in the Solly baby wrap.

Wash in cold water using a delicate cycle and then a very low heat on the tumble dryer. If your washer has an agitator, they recommend that you use a delicate bag to wash your baby wrap.

They also advise not to clip anything to the wrap, such as a pacifier clip. For long term storage, your baby wrap should be in an airtight container.

mother wearing solly wrap with another child

The Final Verdict

Personally, I love baby wraps. They offer parents so many versatile options. They are great for keeping your baby close but still being able to get on and get things done, especially if you have other children to care for at the same time.

The Solly Baby wrap does offer the best options for the summer months or if you live in a country with a hot climate, due to its lightweight and breathable material.

It won’t make either you or your baby overheat and wicks away the moisture, so you are both always dry and comfortable. It is hip healthy certified, which is a very important point.

Many parents said that the fabric makes this wrap much easier to put on than any other stretchy wrap, which is always a plus for a busy parent. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it not only practical but fashionable too.

Overall I think that the Solly Baby wrap is a fantastic buy that will not disappoint you! If you want to see their full range of colors and patterns, it is best to go direct to the Solly Baby Official Website.