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90 Funny & Cute Nicknames For Nicole Worth Sharing

Do you have a friend or relative called Nicole that you want to find a nickname for? But you may want to stay away from some of the more traditional nicknames and look for something more unique.

In this article, we have put together some of our favorite nicknames for Nicole. Most are uncommon and probably have come about from personal experience rather than from being traditional.

But first of all, let’s take a quick look at where the name Nicole comes from and its meaning.

The Meaning Of Nicole

Nicole is the feminine version of Nicolas, which originates from the Greek name Nikolaos. The name is made up of different compounds, nike which means victory, and laos means the people.

These elements give the meaning of victory to the people. Nicole is a variation that arose during the middle ages in France to honor St. Nicholas.

Nicole featured in the top 10 US names from 1978 to 1988 and also climbed as high as number 6 in 1982.

However, in recent years, its popularity has decreased significantly so much so that it fell out of the top 10 in 1989 and then the top 100 in 2008. It currently sits around number 266.

Popular Nicknames For Nicole

  1. Nicola
  2. Nicolina
  3. Nikolai
  4. Nee-Kola
  5. Nicocole
  6. Nicol
  7. Nikoala
  8. Cole
  9. Nic

Funny Nicknames For Nicole

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  1. Coli Bear
  2. Coley-Cozy
  3. Cocolicko
  4. Nicky Mouse
  5. Nico-late
  6. Nicollet
  7. Nicologne
  8. Zinger
  9. Niki Triki
  10. Nicholl
  11. Colina
  12. Nicoletta
  13. Snickers
  14. Nicolsita
  15. Nikki Bella
  16. Nickle Pickle
  17. ColeNik
  18. Tricky nikki
  19. Nicolette
  20. Nicolita
  21. Nikoletta
  22. Co-Lita
  23. Nicki Minaj
  24. Nicoury
  25. Nicolo
  26. Cocole
  27. Nickye
  28. Nichiis
  29. Nicolex
  30. Snooky
  31. Nickolaza
  32. Nik Naks
  33. Nichole
  34. Nic-nac
  35. Nicanora
  36. Nicolini
  37. Nikolaos
  38. Snooki

Cute Nicknames For Nicole

Some of the best nicknames are short, sweet, and to the point. As Nicole has two syllables you are probably going to be looking for a nickname with one syllable.

grinning little girl under sheets

Our list is a mix of both one and two-syllable nicknames for you to consider.

  1. Niko
  2. Nini
  3. Nika
  4. Nikks
  5. CoCo
  6. Lolita
  7. Nikki
  8. Kiki
  9. NaNa
  10. Nicki
  11. Nic
  12. Ni-Mono
  13. Co-lita
  14. Nizzy
  15. Nikita
  16. Lulu
  17. Lina
  18. Nikki-G
  19. Nix
  20. Cole
  21. Nicci
  22. Colie
  23. Noel
  24. Nana
  25. Nico
  26. Lilo
  27. CoCo
  28. Nica
  29. Naiki
  30. Nikoll
  31. Niki
  32. Chloe
  33. Nickie
  34. Nikky
  35. Coley
  36. Nate
  37. Nixter
  38. Nikol
  39. Nani
  40. Nike

Creative Nicknames For Nicole

Here are some more unique and clever nicknames for Nicole.

  1. Atlanna – From the name of Aquaman’s mother in the Sci-fi movie. The character is played by Australian actress Nicole Kidman.
  2. Nickelodeon – For those Nicole’s that enjoy cartoons.
  3. Nicoury – The name means people of victory, making the perfect name for a courageous person.
  4. No-el – A mix of the letters from Nicole and also a perfect option for a Christmas lover.

In this article, we are going to find and research seven great high chair alternatives that you may find fits your spec of 'perfect.' We will take the hard work out of it for you by looking at the pros and cons of each one.

Famous People Named Nicole

Nicole along with its many variations are some of the most popular girl’s names. So it is no surprise that there are many famous women with that name.

Here are some of our favorite famous women called Nicole:

  • Nicole Kidman – Famous Australian actress who has starred in many movies and TV shows such as Moulin Rouge, Days of Thunder, and Batman Forever.
  • Nicole Scherzinger – American singer and songwriter.
  • Nicole Richie – Daughter of famous singer and songwriter Lionel Richie. She is also one half of the famous duo from Simple Life along with her former best friend Paris Hilton.
  • Nicole Snooki Polizzi – Another reality TV star from the show Jersey Shore.
  • Nikki Reed – An American actress best known for her appearances in Thirteen and The Twilight Saga.
  • Nicky Hilton – Sister of Paris Hilton and whose full name is Nicholai Olivia.

International Variations Of Nicole

There are variations of Nicole used all over the globe. Nicola is the most well-known of these variations but here are some of our favorite variations of Nicole in other languages worldwide.

These international variations can also be used as an alternative to a nickname.

  1. Colette – French
  2. Nicolette – French
  3. Nika – Russian
  4. Nicola – Italian and Greek
  5. Nicolina – Greek.

The Final Thought

There are some great options for nicknames for Nicole. They range from super cute, to traditional, to the more unique. But nicknames do tend to have a personal element to them and are usually the result of a funny story or event.

Nicknames often reflect the depth of your friendship or relationship with that person.

This means that you may have a Nicole in your life with a completely unique nickname that has very little to do with their name. But in fact, stems from a personal experience with that person.

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