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12 Best Postpartum Girdles and Belly Wraps – 2024 Buying Guide

Let’s face it, you came here to find the best Postpartum Girdle or Belly Wrap right? Our pick for the best Postpartum girdle is the BRABIC Seamless Postpartum Belly Band. We’re looking to save you time, so feel free to take our recommendation or continue to read the reviews below!

When I had my babies, I had significant problems getting back to my desired shape, which is why I wanted to create this guide to help you through this transitional stage.

When you’ve just had your baby, the basic form of your body will have changed. For some women, this sudden alteration can lead to the condition of postpartum depression.

Fortunately, this is where postpartum shapewear can help. These are many options to help regain the look you want and improve your confidence at the same time. I’ll breakdown what you should know about postpartum girdles and then we’ll dig into the reviews.

In a Hurry? Here are our Top Picks:

What are the Advantages of a Good Postpartum Girdle or Belly Wrap?

Postpartum girdles are belly wraps designed to provide you with several benefits. Here are some to take note of:

  • Support weak muscles and ligaments: In the initial postpartum period, it’s important to note that the muscles and ligaments of your body will have weakened significantly over time as a result of the pregnancy. This is primarily because the muscles will have stretched to accommodate the baby. By using a girdle, these weakened muscles are supported with pressure so that they may strengthen.
  • Boost self-esteem: Your self-image is very important to your mental health. For this reason, one of these girdles can make you feel almost fully recovered. Unfortunately, many new moms don’t feel quite as attractive as they did before the pregnancy, which is why a product like this can help make you feel like your old self again.
  • Hold any incisions intact: If you’ve had a C-section, then you know that the recovery process can be long and challenging. Incisions from the surgery face the risk of coming undone. For this reason, a girdle can come in handy because it will keep the incision tightly bound so that the wound will heal correctly and not reopen.
  • Helps with back pain: This is one of the primary advantages of having one of a girdle. Pregnancy often leads to back pain because of weight gain, changes in posture and different sleeping positions. Having to lift a baby many times a day can add to the strain. Just like a brace, a postpartum girdle or belly wrap can provide your back the support that it needs to heal more quickly.

What are Some Features to Consider?

These type of products are designed to speed up the recovery process after having your child. Still, there are some features that can make wearing these a much more comfortable experience. In this part of the guide, I’m going to show you five elements that you can consider when you’re shopping for the best belly wraps or postpartum girdles.

  • Back Support: When it comes to the level of strain on your back, you’ll seldom have more than during and after pregnancy. As a result, the muscles in the back suffer the consequences. For this reason, a good girdle or postpartum belly wrap can help you recover and may even prevent and heal conditions like radiculitis, scoliosis, or other back injuries.
  • Tummy Flattening: As you might expect, pregnancy can leave loose skin, excess flab, and stretch marks to name just a few. Fortunately, some of the girdle and belly wrap features on the market are designed specifically to help flatten your tummy after you’ve had your baby. Additionally, these products can sometimes give the appearance of a full recovery.
  • Durability: Since you’ll be wearing one of these products every day, it’s a good idea to purchase one that will last. You certainly don’t want to wear one of these girdles and have it lose its shape or break down on you. I’ve had this happen and it sucks to have pay to replace it! You always want your girdle to stay snug so it doesn’t become less effective.
  • All-Day Comfort: Imagine wearing one of these products and having it pinch your belly or ride up, it would ruin your day. It’s important to pick a girdle that has material that’s very soft on the skin and it should never loosen throughout the day. This will increase the chances you’ll wear it often and heal faster.
  • The Material: In addition to the comfort level and durability, another thing you might consider is how your skin reacts to the material. Some people have allergies, and materials like latex might cause you to break out. When you’re in the market for one of these products, always find out what materials the girdle or belly wrap is made of.

What Kinds of Postpartum Girdle Styles are there on the Market?

Fortunately, when it comes to the style, you’ll have several to choose from. It’s important to note that not every form of postpartum girdle or belly wrap is for everyone, but I’ll bet there’s at least one that’ll fit your particular style. Here are the most common styles:

  • Pull-up-Style: These postpartum girdles don’t have a latching system; in fact, you simply pull them up over your belly. Effectively, these almost feel like underwear, and they’re very simple to use. It’s important to know what you can use this type of girdle within the first two weeks after delivery because of their abdominal restricting nature.
  • Wrap-Style: These can be very comfortable because it is virtually wrapped around your stomach. In most cases, these latch in the back section and make it easy to decide how tight they are around your belly.
  • Zipper-Style: When it comes to the zipper-style girdles, the zipper placement can vary in position. For example, While the two instances of zipper-style girdles in the guide have zippers in the front, girdles from brands like Zarate feature zippers in different sections of the sash.
  • Corset-Style: Similar to traditional girdles, the corset style girdle typically has an attachment system that snaps securely into place. Some of the products of this type are made of medical-grade material, which is perfect for those that have allergies.

Reviews for the Best Postpartum Girdles and Belly Wraps


#1. FOMANSH 3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Wrap

The first product in our guide has a three-tiered system that can help you get through the postpartum stages. The first tier starts at the belly belt. This segment of the girdle is designed to shrink the size of your stomach so that you look slimmer. The second portion of this product also aids in flattening the belly. In addition to this purpose, the waist belt also provides the right amount of support strained muscles around the waist. Finally, the pelvis belt will help you restore your sense of posture and will help reduce postpartum sagging.Pros

  • This is a very breathable product.
  • The elastic is very flexible.
  • It’s designed to never roll up throughout your day.
  • Provides a lot of adjustability via velcro straps.


  • It can take some time to get all three straps secured.
  • Since this is a Velcro product, lint can sometimes work its way into the material.

#2. Moolida Postpartum Belly Wrap

For those with allergies, a product that’s made of medical-grade cotton is a great option when you’re on the market for a postpartum girdle. This product, which is manufactured by Moolida, is designed to be very comfortable to wear. It is a singular belly band that secures the girdle around your waist. With this system, your belly is at once supported and flattened. This is even a good option for those that have undergone a C-section. For back support, this girdle includes two soft steel ribs that provide posture-healing effects.Pros

  • The recovery band is specially designed for women who’ve undergone a C-section.
  • The design will also prevent development of stretch marks.
  • Moolida has designed this to provide some excellent back support.
  • It’s designed to be very breathable.


  • These aren’t designed with standard American sizes in mind.
  • Sometimes the binder can wrinkle and roll up.

#3. BRABIC Postpartum Girdle

In my opinion, one of the best features of this Brabic product is the fact that it’s made to almost look like lingerie. It’s designed to incorporate bra like hooks, and there are even steel “bones” inside that provide a good layer of support. In addition to its aesthetic design, this Girdle does an excellent job of slimming and making the belly appear very flat. When it’s time to go to the bathroom, the hooks at the crotch level will make the process simple. In addition to the belly-flattening features, the girdle works well as a compression support product and will even help tighten the butt area and lift it so that you can experience a higher level of self-esteem.Pros

  • When it comes to comfort, this product has no uncomfortable seams.
  • The hooks make it easy to adjust the fit the girdle.
  • It’s designed to lift the butt.
  • This is a great product for those women who’ve just undergone C-sections.


  • These aren’t designed for smaller women.
  • Love handles can still be visible with this product.

#4. Nebility Women Waist Trainer

The fact that the next product in this guide is breathable, it still has a double layer of support that not only flattens and relieves the stress from the back muscles but also pushes up the bustline. One of the first things I noticed about this product is a fact that it has a zipper and hooks system. This type of design makes it easy for you to just relax the girdle by unzipping it without having to undo it fully. It’s also a very attractive product; it will provide most women with an hourglass shaping, which is great for the postpartum period.Pros

  • The girdle lifts the bustline.
  • The nylon/spandex material is very breathable and soft.
  • The waist cincher does a great job reducing postpartum swelling.
  • This is one of the few girdles with shoulder straps.


  • This can run a size smaller than you might expect.
  • The underwire can dig into the skin sometimes.

#5. ChongErfei Postpartum Belly Wrap

While ChongErfei isn’t the most widely known brand of postpartum girdles, it does do a good job inviting a reasonably inexpensive option for women looking to gain a little support and a lot of confidence. When it comes to the overall design, this girdle had a similar three-tiered functionality of our first product. This is to say that there is a topmost band, which is designed compress and flatten the stomach; a middle band, which provides support and also flattens; and a lowermost band, which is intended to promote abdominal contraction and pelvic support.

The product also comes in two color variants, and each is designed to be very easily adjusted to your waist size.Pros

  • This postpartum belly wrap provides good support due to internal “bones.”
  • The three-tier design provides a plethora of advantages.
  • The fabric is very breathable and soft.


  • You may struggle to position the product correctly

#6. DICOOL 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Girdle

For those looking for a good level of support, this product, which is from DiCool, has several structural features that will help your muscles and ligaments heal in the postpartum period. This is also a three-in-one product, so you’ll have the three-tiered flattening and structure-providing performance of some of the other products in the guide. For me, the feature that stood out for me the most is the fabric. Not only is the material very breathable, but it is also very soft, comfortable, and has a good degree of stretchiness.Pros

  • The three in one design of this product is great for flattening and support.
  • The material is very comfortable.
  • There’s a reasonably all-inclusive sizing range.
  • This girdle is designed for women reasonably fresh off of a C-section.


  • This is a product that tends to lose shape after extended use.

#7. Gepoetry Postpartum Girdle

This Gepoetry girdle is designed specifically to provide a wide range of support across your abdomen. Like some of the other products that we have featured in our guide, this product has three closures that are designed specifically to both flatten the belly and provide healthy muscle and ligament support. The girdle also does a good job when it comes to compression. If you’re starting to feel fat accumulation or loose skin in this area, then the tight fit of this girdle will promote healing in the skin and underlying structures. The base color for this product is pink, but there is a white variation for those that prefer a more neutral color.Pros

  • The bands are very adjustable.
  • This girdle has five ribs in the back to promote back support.
  • The straps are perforated to promote breathability.
  • Those that have recently undergone a C-section, this girdle promotes healing.


  • The torso area may be a little bit too short for some women.
  • Some may find this to be a bit too bulky.

#8. Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer

The next product in our guide is not only designed to help you during the postpartum recovery, but it’s also designed to provide you with waist training. You’ll also notice that like a previous product in our guide that this girdle has a very lingerie-like design. Outside of the aesthetics, the corset has a three-layer design, which will help you flatten your stomach using compression and provide a good level of support for your back. The top of this girdle is also engineered to push up the bustline, which can help restore your shape.Pros

  • The crotch is adjustable and easy to open when you have to go to the bathroom.
  • Despite the three layers, the shapewear is very breathable.
  • This can help postpartum mothers return to that natural hourglass shape.
  • The straps are fully adjustable.


  • This girdle doesn’t work that well under fitted clothing.
  • The product tends to run somewhat small.

#9. ChongErfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Another ChongErfei product, this postpartum wrap can be worn in multiple ways. Are you wearing something that requires a bare midriff? You can just to wear the lower wrap, which will support the pelvis. Similarly to this, you can use the midriff wrap or all components of the shapewear based off of your wardrobe or support needs. As a result of these unique features, this is one of the more versatile options in this guide. On top of all of this, you’ll also have a lot of options for adjustment.Pros

  • You don’t have to wear every component of the shapewear to feel the benefits.
  • It comes into unique sizes.
  • It does a good job of keeping you in the correct pelvic position.
  • The wrap has a good level of air permeability so that you won’t feel hot.


  • Using this can be confusing, and ChongErfei didn’t provide stellar instructions.
  • When using all the components, it can feel a bit bulky.

#10. BRABIC Seamless Postpartum Belly Band

This postpartum girdle stands out from many of the other products on the guide because it is very invisible when worn under clothes. This is due to the fact that this Brabic product has no seams, so even if you wearing tight fitting clothes, it’ll just look like you underneath. For this reason, I really like this product, and I think it would work well for women that are just coming back to work from maternity leave. Fortunately, this postpartum shapewear also provides good support; it has four steel bones in the rear that’ll keep your posture correct.Pros

  • This is a product that will be almost invisible under clothes.
  • The material is very soft.
  • It has a nice and tight fit.
  • This postpartum shapewear supports well, even outside of the postnatal stages.


  • Some women may struggle with the flexible boning in the back; it can be hard to line up.
  • It can lose its shape over time.

#11. Gepoetry 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Like some of the other products in our guide, this Gepoetry product includes a waist belt, a pelvis belt, and a belly belt. Utilities are very versatile because they can be worn separately or together, which will help provide you with several wearing options that range in the level of support. This added versatility is also perfect accessorizing with various styles of clothes.

This product comes in a beige coloration, which is a classic style that many women enjoy. There are also two different sizing options available, and just about every size of woman is accommodated.Pros

  • There are sizing options for women with waist sizes that range from 26 to 46 inches.
  • A product like this is a lot of versatility.
  • There are four different ways to wear this.
  • The fabric rests very close to the skin.


  • The ends tend to roll up.
  • It can be uncomfortable when sitting.

#12. TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

The final product in the guide is one of my favorites due to the fact, and it has a high level of breathability and a quality design. In addition, this is shapewear that provides a good range of options for just about any size of woman. For example, at its smallest size, smaller women with waists as little as 26 inches can find support. On the other hand, the largest sizing option will accommodate women with 46-inch waists. Some products that are sold in a market suffer from poor Velcro design, but this one doesn’t; the Velcro is very adjustable, and it won’t pick up extra lint from your clothes.Pros

  • This is a very breathable product.
  • It is very lightweight and comfortable.
  • It’s got a three in one design.
  • This shapewear will fit a wide array of waistlines.


  • When using all of the components together, it can be a bit bulky.

Final Thoughts

All of the products that I reviewed in this guide do a great job helping you get past the postpartum stage. Each not only flattens the belly but will also provide you with the level of support you need to recover. Still, when it comes to quality, I feel that one stands out in front of the pack. For my money, the BRABIC Seamless Postpartum Belly Band has the most utility.

Why? Well, to start, this product just looks best under clothes, so you won’t feel self-conscious wearing it in public. Additionally, it still manages to incorporate good support in the back area, which is an area that will need it. Finally, it’s also very comfortable; in fact, I think it might just be the best product when returning to work after extended maternity leave.