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101 Nerdy Boy Names You’ll Geek Out Over

It’s time to find the perfect name for your perfect little prince but you are completely lost for ideas? How about a nerdy boy name? 

To help you out and to provide you with some much-needed inspiration, we have put together some of our favorite nerdy boy’s names to see what tickles your taste buds.

Nerdy Boy Names You’ll Love

Adrian – A name of Latin origin and means sea or water. It is derived from two Latin names, Hadrianus and Adrianus.

Aldous – From the Old English nickname for names that began with eald. Aldous Huxley wrote the book Brave New World, eleven years before George Orwell wrote 1984. The name is also inspired by the novels of H.G. Wells in 1932.

Alex – Of Greek origin and means warrior or defender. It is the shortened form of Alexander.

Alexander – Latinized version with Greek origin and means the protector of man.

Alfonso – Means war ready and is of Spanish and Italian origin.

Alfred – A name of English origin and means wise counselor. It was also the name of Batman’s butler.

Alistair – Anglicized version of the Scottish name Alasdair, that comes from the Greek Alexandros that means defending man.

Alyx – Of Greek origin and means defender. It is also the name of a character in the video game Half Life.

Anakin – Means warrior and is of American origin. The name was specifically created for the cult film Star Wars.

Andrew – Greek in origin and means and is the English version of the Greek name Andreas which means manly, masculine.

Arthur – A name of Celtic origin and means bear and king. It is also possible that it is from the Roman family name Artourius that has no known meaning.

Aston – There are two possible origins of this name. Either from the Old English name Aedelstan meaning noble stone or from the surname that means east town.

Bennett – Of Latin origin and means blessed. It could make a great alternative to Benedict.

Bijou – French in origin and is pronounced Bee-zhoo.

Blaise – Means lisping and is derived from the Roman name Blasius.

Buran – A name of Russian origin and means snowstorm. It is also the name of both a Russian space shuttle and a shuttle program.

Calem – Of Latin origin and comes from the name Columba which means dove.

Caspian – English in origin and is the name of both a place and character in The Chronicles of Narnia movie.

Cassian – Derived from the Roman family name Cassianus meaning empty and vain.

Calvin – A name of Latin origin and means bald.

Cecil – Comes from the Welsh name Seisyll which in turn came from the Roman name Sextus which means sixth in Latin.

Chadwick – An Old English surname that means settlement belonging to Chad. The name has found favor with those Marvel fans as the actor Chadwick Boseman played Black Panther. 

Chauncey – Latin in origin and means chancellor.

Chester – Of Latin origin and means fortress or camp. The name became popular in the nineteenth century.

Christian – Refers to the faith where Jesus Christ is worshipped.

Clarence – Means bright and was the name of the nerdy angel in It’s A Wonderful Life.

Damon – Of Greek origin and is a Latin word that means gentle. The name was made popular by the use in The Vampire Diaries.

Deckard – An Old German name that means roofer. For the geeks amongst us, the name was used in Blade Runner.

Desmond – Gaelic word that has been anglicized – Deasmhumhain. It means South Munster and is often used for people from that area of Ireland.

Dewey – Welsh in origin and is an English derivative of the Welsh name Dewi, which means beloved.

Dexter – Old English occupational surname meaning one who dyes and it is a Latin word that means right-handed and skilled. The name was brought to life by the fictional serial killer who only kills murderers. 

Dmitriy – Russian, masculine form of the Greek name Demeter. He was the goddess of agriculture and his ane meant mother earth.

Dominic – Variation of Dominicus and means belonging to God. It is of Latin origin.

Edgar – A name of English origin and means a wealthy spearman.

Emilio – Of Latin origin and means excellent. It is also a variation of the Latin name Emiliano.

Ender – Turkish in origin and means very rare.

Erasmus – Means beloved and is from the late Greek Erasmios.

Erwin – Evolution of the Ancient Germanic name Hariwini which means army, friend.

Euler – An occupational surname from Middle High German and means potter.

Fabiano – Of Latin origin and means bean.

Felix – Latin in origin and means happy it also means fortunate or lucky.

Ferdinand – Means bold voyager and is also a character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It is commonly used in Spain’s royal family.

Finnick – A created name for The Hunger Games series.

Galen – Modern version of the Greek name Galenos which means calm.

Ganon – Of Anglo-Saxon origin and means fierce. Inspired the fairy tale writers The Grimm Brothers.

Genji – In Chinese, the meaning is gold while in Japanese the meaning is two beginnings

Hank – Of Dutch origin and means ruler of the home. Another favorite in the Marvel Universe of both the original Ant-Man and X-Men’s beast

Hedwig – German in origin and means fighter. Made famous as the name of Harry Potters’s owl in the Harry Potter series.

Herman – Means warrior or soldier and is of German origin.

Hogarth – A progression of Hoggard which is an Old English surname for a pig herder. 

Hudson – Of Anglo-Saxon origin and means mind or spirit.

Idris – This name has both Arabic and Welsh meanings. In Arabic, it means interpreter while in Welsh it means enthusiastic lord.

Irving – Means friend from the sea or handsome friend and is of Scottish origin.

Issac – Comes from the Hebrew name Yitzchaq and means he will rejoice.

Jareth – A name that was created especially for the movie Labyrinth. He is the powerful king of the goblins and played by the fantastic David Bowie.

Jean-Luc – French forms of both John and Luke which mean God is gracious.

Jesse – From a Hebrew name Yishai, which means gift.

Jorah – Derived from the Ancient Hebrew name Yorah which means rain or he teaches. A great name for any Game of Thrones fan.

Joss – Short for Jocelyn which comes from the Germanic Gauzlin and means the Goths.

Kaidan – A modern English name that was developed during the recent craze of names ending in den or dan.

Kenobi – Of Japanese origin and ken means sword and obi means belt. 

Kent – English in origin and is a reminder of Superman’s nerdy alter ego.

Killian – Means church or war strife and is of Irish origin. It is a Gaelic surname often used by Irish saints.

Langdon – A name of English origin and means long hill.

Leonard – German in origin and means brave lion.

Leopold – Of German origin and means brave people.

Linus – From Greek mythology, the musician and poet who taught Hercules music was known as Linus.

Logan – Means little hollow and comes from a Scottish Gaelic surname.

Lucas – A name of Latin origin and means bright. Originally it was used to describe a person from the Lucania region.

Magnus – Latin in origin and means great.

Maurits – This name developed from the Latin name Maurus that means dark-skinned Moorish.

Maxon – Of Latin origin and means the greatest.

Miles – Means gracious and comes from the Germanic name Milo.

Montgomery – A name of Norman origins and means man power. It is also an Anglo-Scottish surname that is derived from the ancient French castle, Saint Foi de Montgomery.

Nero – Of Roman origin and means energetic and strong. It was also the name of a Roman emperor.

Noble – Latin in origin and is a term that refers to someone with high morals.

Oberon – Means elf ruler and comes from the Ancient Germanic Alberich.

Oliver – A name that has evolved from the Old Norse name Alefir and means ancestor’s descendant.

Pax – Of Latin origin and means peace. It was the name associated with the Goddess of peace in Roman mythology.

Peregrine – Comes from the Late Latin name Peregrinus and means traveler.

Quill – Means eagle and comes from the Ancient Roman Aquila.

Raiden – A regional variation of Raijin who is the Japanese god of thunder and storms.

Rey – Of Spanish origin and means king.

Rhodes – Old English surname that means the cleared lands in the woods.

Silvano – Refers to the mythological Greek God of trees and is of Latin origin.

Steve – A modern version of the Greek name Stephanos which means wreath and crown.

Terrence – Of Latin origin and means smooth. This is the English version of the Latin name Terentius.

Thackeray – English in origin and means a place with thatching. It may be a good alternative to Zachary.

Theo – A short form of the Greek name Theodore that means gift of god or f the ancient Germanic name Theobald meaning bold people.

Tobias – Greek form of the Hebrew name Toviyyah which means God is good.

Tormund – Modern form of an Ancient Scandinavian name meaning thunder and protection.

Valentine – Variation of the Latin word Valens which means health and strength.

Valerio – Means to be healthy and strong and is a variation of the Latin word Valere.

Victor – A name of Roman origin and means victor, conqueror.

Vince – Of Latin origin and means to conquer.

Wade – This is a name that does not have clear origins. it is believed the Wade is Old English and comes from either the word wada which means to go or waed meaning a ford.

Westley – Old English for a place that was of the west meadow.

Winston – An Anglo-Saxon name made from the words for joy and stone.

Xavier – The name is taken from the Basque place name Etxeberria which means the new house. Famously associated with the X-Men Professor X.

Zack – Of Hebrew origin and means the lord recalled or laughter.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our nerdy boy’s name. Maybe you have found the perfect name for your little man.

But if not, maybe you are still looking for inspiration then why not check out 250 Amazing Boy Names that start with the letter Q or 101 baby boy names starting with Che.